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  1. I found this diamond polish too its diamond dust infused nail polish a lil bit different but pretty shades too real diamond dust infused.
  2. but the mally airbrush is a foundation .
  3. that reminds me I need to update my music playlist anyone know any really good dance / electro songs ? I need a reallly good party playlist type a thing.
  4. https://twitter.com/blognailedit/status/360410051535568897 this statement from the nail polish brand should clear up the confusion.
  5. If you go to azature.com they will show you all the nail colors and if you click on a nail polish color it says the things about one diamond in every bottle and whether its a black diamond one or the white diamond one but you can tell that from the price ranges on the website too.
  6. One real diamond is within every single nail polish. It is usually a black diamond but they do sell a white diamond nail polish that is 30 dollars instead of the regular 25.00 black diamond ones.Each diamond is worth 25 to 30 dollars so they are priced as their value amount.They call it the only real diamond nail polish because it is the colors are not diamond inspired they have many more colors but I only showed the ones I really liked above in the pics here.The colors are pretty though all the reviews I looked at for this product were good and yes its real diamonds and affordable too.
  7. even the cheapest eyeshadow goes a long way when you apply a base to your eyelids beforehand.The colors will look much better if you just buy a base for it.
  8. Without a base no eyeshadow really shows up / the color is not as visible / vibrant and bright as it looks in the palette.I use too faced shadow insurance in the blue tube it works really well you just apply that to your eye lids first then apply your eyeshadow and problem solved vibrant eyeshadow colors like shown above because you applied a base.
  9. Try Mally she just came out with airbrush makeup and it looks good quality I will be buying it.
  10. Only 25.00 dollars each and real diamond nail polish now that I would buy.
  11. This would be a goood gift from a boyfriend too lol.I will probably get one for my birthday I like the natural pink shade of the blush flowers.
  12. My one friend recently had a similar situation happen to her she would go out with this one guy for years and apparently he always knew that she liked him but he never told her that he didnt like her he just kept hanging out with her and talking to her all the time for hours it made no sense to me.So apparently he brought the issue up while they were on the phone talking and hes like I dont like you / have feelings for you and she said that she liked him and how she had feelings for him but he said that he doesnt wanna date her .I felt so freaking bad for her to be crushed like that by some a -hole guy apparently he just sees her as a friend yet he always says to her that hes attracted to her and makes comments about her looks.Now she doesnt even talk to him anymore she basically told him that they cant hangout / talk anymore and last conversation they had he was like still talking about the issue with her and hes like what should I do ? his reasons for not liking her were apparently because she believes in marriage, she doesnt like to dance and she didnt hug him but they were friends so why would she be affectionate with him ? Like what a jerk I would of slapped him straight in his face for treating me like shit and leading me on for years full knowing that she had feelings for him he still chose to go out with her and talk to her nonstop so ridiculous but like this story some guys are a-holes plus they are afraid of commitment/ having a relationship.
  13. I have a friend who is a really bad friend and I'am always there for him it actually really irritates me when he ignores my texts / phone calls because I feel like I'am such a good friend to him and I dont get the same back in return my advice is just end the friendship already its only one sided and your never gonna get the same you give out in those type of relationships.It is very strange to me because he said oh your like my best friend but you wouldnt treat your best friend like shit and ignore them for months on end which he does all the time lol.I just feel like people like that need to be told off you need to stand up for yourself and let them know that what they are doing is not right and tell them how you feel.I told him how I felt and hes like I felt terrible and I didnt cry but I amost did its like no you didnt cry you dont care your a jerk and a bad friend thats why I'am no longer fake friends with him anymore because it takes so much out of me to be fake nice and go out of my way for people like that.I would even buy him birthday gifts and crap all the time I didnt get shit in return from him my birthday would come and go and I would be lucky to get a text message saying happy birthday.
  14. It comes in 3 different shades and looks like rose petals it is like 170 dollars though but this is a luxury item one of a kind type of thing.More pics they said its more of a sheer blush though but its like a cute collectors item / display item type a thing anyways.I would sooo buy this as a splurge item or request it as a gift.

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