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  1. Hello everyone ;-) I am new to blogging and I have so many self doubts about where to go next and the product I produce. I try to give sound tips and advice but I really don't know if I am being helpful. If anyone could tell me if there is a set method to this blogger madness I would really appreciate it. My blog is listed below if any of you want to check it out and give constructive criticism. XOXOXO
  2. Hi guys I'm a little late but I'd love to network too. I haven't been blogging for very long but I would love to work with you guys in any way that I can ;-)
  3. I'd love to see a pic! That sound like a perfect combination. I just did a look on my YT channel using a purple smokey eye with nude lips. I was thinking that I should try a bold lippy next.....but idk I'm not much of a bold type of gal lol
  4. Hey everyone!!!!! I have been driving myself crazy trying to find the Amrezy Pallet by Anastasia Beverly Hills at one of my local Ultas or online at ulta.com with no luck. It is no longer available online at ulta.com and is ALWAYS sold out whenever the girls at Ulta tell me there will be a shipment. Anyway, making a long story short if any of you are looking for this pallet go to anastasiabeverlyhills.com. I did not even think to order the pallet directly from them until tonight. It is $29 with free shipping and 10% off if you are a new buyer on the site. Super excited to play with this one. Have any of you tried it out already? Or know of any other pallets that are also good and inexpensive I saw that they also have one named Maya Mia for $29 this pallet has a more springy look where as the Amrezy is darker in tone.
  5. OCC's purple does seem to be very faint. I saw a blush by MUF called Lavender that might be a little more pimented and if you don't like that one try MAC's Full of Joy (if you want a frost finish) or Rhubarb if frost isn't your thing. NYX also has a purple but I'm not sure what it's called. I agree that all trends are not meant to be followed and really it's just a fun jumping on the band wagon type of thing lol of course I will still wear whatever I want but I like to know what 'trendy' things are out there too.
  6. You guys have made me really excited to give this purple thing a try! I'm thinking a slight purple smokey eye with a nude lip is probably gonna be my first step. I'm really gonna try to come up with as many different looks that I can using purple without looking like I'm playing dress up....wish me luck lol I'm also looking forward to wearing boots and sweaters. There's just something about fall fashion.....
  7. Until around two years ago I couldn't even tell you the purpose of foundation vs powder but then I discovered the wonderful world of Youtube and became interested in makeup. Now I still don't wear makeup everyday but I know lots about it and have a respect for the art form that I never had before.
  8. Reds and golds are my go to colors for fall makeup. I'm on the fence about purple (especially lipstick) it's a bit out of the box for me but I guess I should give it more of a try. I wore some purple lipstick last Valentine's Day and my husband was not a fan lol
  9. I would love for you all to take a look and tell me what needs to be changed. Any help is highly appreciated.
  10. Hey everyone! Have any of you found items that are trending for fall that you own already? A lot of us are gonna get pulled into the whirlwind of buying the new fall makeup lines and I just wanted to list a few fall makeup trends that I've heard about so far so that you guys could see if you already own some similar items already and won't have to purchase. I know that I tend to buy items every season that are only a shade or two different than what I already have. I found a lot of trends coming out for fall that I already had on my vanity!!!!! *Purple Shimmer Eyeshadow and eyeliner *Coral/ Orange blush *Nude Lips *Metallic Nail Polish *Naturally glowing Skin (BB Creams and light coverage foundation) Here are a few of the things I found will be trends that I already own. If you have any others please share them.
  11. My favorite is the Real Techniques Stippling brush. This brush is just all around awesome for foundation, it doesn't use too much product, distributes the product evenly without streaks, gives an air brushed finish and is only about $10 from Ulta. Can't go wrong with this one. I've tried high and low end brushes and this is the best brush so far.
  12. Using lemon juice to exfoliate helps to maintain a natural skin balance. It's a natural brightener and leaves your skin with a nice glow. You will need to moisturize too and a honey mask is good for moisture.
  13. Hey guys I'm not an meme box addict but I've been thinking of trying them and I thought what better way than to ask you all if I should or shouldn't. I'm leaning waaaay toward the should category but what advice can I get from the meme box AA group before hand lol
  14. My member name is the name of my blog My Beautiful Style all one word instead of separated.....very creative right? lol
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