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  1. I'll admit, the spoilers did not thrill me at all. Well, the new Luna bar flavor was kind of exciting lol. But still, I like goodies getting delivered. Checked my PS account and lo and behold, I've been refunded the $81.94 I paid. No e-mail, no sorry, no nothing. Just a refund. I am so, so sick of PS's sucka$$ customer service.
  2. I was just thinking of this box this weekend and when I saw the e-mail update from MSA I checked things out. Here's the funny thing, I put one in my cart just to see if they would charge tax (they did) and got distracted by something bright and shiny and didn't hit place order. Some time later I went back to the link in the MSA e-mail and saw it was sold out and figured well, that made my decision for me. I found I still had the place order screen up so for fun and Skittles I hit the place order button. Lo and behold, it accepted the order. I was so bummed about missing last year's box. Would have loved to see a Jaw Bone3 since it has the hear rate monitor but the 2 should be fine for what I do. What I found interesting is that there are a number of Jaw Bome2 styles that are showing up as "discontinued by manufacturer" on Amazon. I see Target is pushing P90x workout gear - wonder if something in that line will be included. I did see it's getting shipped Fed Ex Smartpost (sigh) so we might see our boxes arrive by March lol
  3. I just realized I never got a code for the Bouqs thing. Oh well, too late now.
  4. I got the pink pashmina because that's such a fall color *barf*. I swear I bought a bunch of these exact pashminas for like $5 apiece several years ago - the packaging is the exact same. This box sucked imho.
  5. Trying to figure out what's up with LLB. They used to be really good about charging our cards and then shipping right out after that. I may be way off base but I think they've been burned whenever they try to make their theme too specific. Authentic Autumn is pretty damned generic - hard to not find stuff you can just toss in a box to meet that theme. I think that's what's bumming me out - the edge LLB had over other subscription boxes was their theming. But if we're just going to get a very meh "autumn" box, I'm going to seriously think about cancelling. I'm also concerned because I saw them advertising a deal on Groupon - I'm kind of surprised to see them there. Come on LLB, prove me wrong and knock this autumn box out of the park.
  6. Has everyone received their code for the canvas yet? I'm still waiting on mine.
  7. This is a big ol' box of meh to me. I know people love Kate Spade stuff but all I see is a fugly gold glitter overpriced water bottle that can't even go in the dishwasher. Maybe I wouldn't hate it as much if I got some other color besides gold glitter. I really dislike gold things - silver on the other hand I adore. The shampoo and hair masque - more meh. Adding insult to injury, I would have loved the orange scented Torocco shampoo because I am addicted to citrus. The Olivia scent does zippo for me. The sea sponge is ok, but again the price seems super inflated. I do like the canvas - wish it was a little bigger than 12x12 especially at that price point. I do like the idea of next month's theme but this will be do or die for LLB for me. I have been ok with the two boxes I've gotten but certainly not overwhelmingly excited. Seems like their theming, which was such a strong point for them in the past, has kind of gone by the wayside. I mean really - you have a theme of "here comes the sun" and we get shampoo, hair masque, and a water bottle? Come on LLB - I've got to crack down on my subscription boxes and unless you guys knock next month out of the ballpark, you'll be first on the chopping block.
  8. Same here - Monday delivery - I think I can have the self control to not look at spoilers. I just need to hold out for approximately 27 hours lol
  9. I also got the old broad box lol. I dunno ladies, how on earth can we complain about the value of the box when it came with a $5 coupon for Women's Rogaine? Also, help me understand how Lady Gaga perfume fits into this box. I will say I was excited to see the sample of Burts Bees serum - even if it was just a little foil sample. Not going to complain about it too much since it was just $5 but they've yet to wow me like that first box did
  10. Just checked my account and my box shipped yesterday from NY with an estimated delivery date of Monday 3/23.
  11. And that's enough to get me to cancel. Thanks Quarterly - it's been fun. If MSA still had a box I'd consider staying on but between the shipping charges and the fact that Quarterly is just coming across like a hot mess, I'm done with them. I'll stick with PSMH and LLB. Shipping charges just annoy me for some reason.
  12. I checked MyUSPS and it looks like my box is getting delivered on Friday - yay!
  13. Those scarves do nothing for me - bleh. That's a pretty meh first spoiler. Hopefully the rest of the box is awesome.
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