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  1. I didn't even understand how someone could HAVE a signature scent until I smelled Honey by Marc Jacobs. Before that I was always sort of "well it's just perfume... just pick one that smells okay"
  2. I was just wondering if there was an actual makeup heavy subscription service? I really dislike receiving skincare items in my boxes- due to my very oily skin I tend to prefer to just keep using what I am. It's doing just fine at keeping my skin clear and not-too-shiny. So when services like ipsy and birchbox keep sending out eye creams and cleansers I get bored very quickly and tend to not use the products. Does anyone have any suggestions of a sub that actually mostly sends out makeup?
  3. Now that I'm looking at it again, I think I agree with you. Something about the lettering looks off to me. That actually makes me more hopeful- maybe the real set will be a little more exciting, maybe a clock striking midnight or glass slipper motif? Although I'm with you all on the posted image being a little boring, I wouldn't be very surprised if the real collection does contain several nudes- maybe with some soft shimmer. Cinderella isn't a very made up girl, LOL.
  4. I really want to start adapting my wardrobe this year. I want to: 1) Minimize my wardrobe so instead of having dozens of replaceable pieces, I have a few well made pieces that fit me well and overall fit together well so I can create interesting outfits. I want to reduce my wasteful spending on "disposable" clothes. 2) I want to start incorporating pinup/rockabilly clothing into my wardrobe. The few pieces I have seem to fit me well and the style suits me. Does anyone have any tips for someone trying to find some good rockabilly staples that work for everyday clothing? Good brands to shop/websites? I'm about a size twelve so maybe something that includes bigger gals, but it doesn't have to be a plus size only shop. I shop modcloth a lot already, but was wondering about other (maybe less expensive) suggestions.
  5. Has anyone heard anything about the MAC Cinderella collection coming out this spring to go with the new movie? I'm really excited about it. Hoping for some pretty blues, silvers, and golds along with some pretty lipstuff. And hopefully a pretty compact! I think someone posted this image to instagram- a friend showed it to me on her phone and I found it on google.
  6. Any word on when the Valentine's Day line will debut?
  7. My big struggle is BLUSH. I can't seem to get something that is both 1) relatively natural looking 2) actually makes a difference. It's probably just due to my skintone- light/medium with an olive undertone. Everything disappears or looks clownish with no middle ground. My big holy grail is Kat Von D's everyasting liquid lipsticks. I've never liked a lip product so much.
  8. Hey y'all I've been lurking here for a while (mostly on the Ipsy forums) and thought I might as well say hi!
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