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  1. I've heard mixed reviews about the quality of Coastal Scents, but I'll look into it more, thanks! Still totally tempted to get my hands on one of the Naked Basics, they're gorgeous. Was hoping for a palette with more selection (and a gorgeous terracotta tone), but I'm sure I would be super happy with it regardless. Ooh yes, the Comfort Zone! I do own that one, so pretty!
  2. It wasn't the Jackyn Hill palette though, that's the thing. And I tried purchasing a palette only a few days ago, so I don't think the site had as much traffic since the rush had most likely died down. Saddening, because that palette looked perfect.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion! They look absolutely lovely, I'll have to give them some thought.
  4. Funny you should mention the Morphe palette. After seeing a few reviews that raved about their quality and price I was all for purchasing one, but after trying five times the site refuses to accept my credit cards. Something about AVS mismatch, even though all of the information I submitted is perfectly correct. I was super excited for the palette, it looked perfect but I haven't the slightest clue how to solve the problem.
  5. I've been on the search for a good eyeshadow palette for awhile, but I'm starting to feel that I need it now burn. Time to get on it! I'm looking for a good quality palette that preferably has more than 10 shades (upwards is even better!). I'm leaning towards neutrals with a couple splashes of contrast, and mostly mattes. I enjoy shimmers but I have a decent collection already, so mattes are on the list. I'm expecting to hear the Naked collection suggestion, its definitely on the list but I'd like to hear about any awesome contenders. Not particularly picky on the price point, but gems for a great price are always welcome (and loved!) Thanks lovelies! -D
  6. I have long fine hair, it falls to about 3/4 way down my back, and although it is fine it is plentiful. Dark red, pretty healthy, and mostly straight. I love my hair but it can be a serious PAIN to style. It hardly holds any sort of texture, and when I can manage to get a curl or wave into it, it *maybe* lasts an hour. So stubborn, that even when I slept on slightly damp hair that I threw in braids (you know, to try to get some texture in their), my strands in the morning barely had a wave to them at all. I've experimented with some mousses (mostly drugstore due to a college student budget - though I would be willing to splurge if I knew I would get results), and hair spray is an absolute must. One product I found that I love is actually Got2B's Powder'ful, that stuff is fabulous (just don't plan on running your fingers through your hair) for building a bit of volume and texture. What can I do to give my hair some life?
  7. I absolutely love the colour of Rimmel London Lasting Finish lipstick in the colour Bordeaux, its easily one of my favorite colours in my arsenal. But I'm not happy with its lasting qualities. I wore it to a rock concert last night (several compliments on the colour freshly applied), but felt like I constantly needed to reapply. It just disappeared, and I've read many other reviews saying the same (regardless of the application process - by the end of the night only my lip liner was showing). So whereas most dupes seem to be going in a more budget route, I'd like a higher quality product that has awesome lasting qualities, but the same (or as close as possible) to Bordeaux. Up for any and all suggestions! I've been dying to get my hands on my first MAC lipstick, but don't know which colour would be best!
  8. Ooh I love the idea of Waxelene, and such simple ingredients. I may have to even try to whip up my own batch!
  9. Hello folks, I've been on the search for a sort of all-purpose moisturizing salve of sorts, but with the one little fact that it has to be face-friendly. Dry skin is something I have to deal with (not too bad during the summer months, but the ridiculously cold temps that us Central Canadians deal with in the winter leaves my skin completely parched - flaky, red and painful - cute). I use virgin coconut oil for moisture after every wash and love it to pieces, but I'm looking for that travel-friendly, all-purpose-but-still-kind-to-the-finicky-skin sort of salve, or balm. I'm going to be flying overseas this winter and I'm already dreading the Sahara-dry air of the flights, so this has been fueling my search as well. In my head I imagine something thicker, more balm-like than anything. Although I'd prefer to stick to a more budget-friendly route, I'm up for all suggestions (and I'm a DIY-addict!). Show me your products lovely people! C: -D
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