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  1. It has to be over 5 days from the shipping date, not 5 days from ordering. All restocks cannot be cancelled as they ship straightaway. Other boxes can as they don't ship for weeks/months.
  2. I think its maybe happened once before so not really something I would call 'old tricks' But these do seem to be expired if the date stated is correct, as they would have had to have been manufactured mid shipment
  3. The group it was posted in has over 1000 members and I would say maybe 90% are not active posters, so who knows what those 900 people are like... The code appears to have been used by multiple people as I have seen other people report super low commissions on boxes apart from CFisher. The code also only took off $30 per order so the person would have had to make 50 orders. When the code was first posted there was only the CPM box for sale. The code was definitely still active when the restocks came around a day or so later.
  4. I consider it part of the fee for getting it to me, banks charge its simple etc so I dont mind paying $3 for the ease. I have paid payroll fees before for my wages, tax, NI etc, $3 isn't gonna hurt when I'm not exactly busting my ass for this money
  5. I think its good they even part pay the fee. As far as I'm concerned thats my responsibility!
  6. I was $3 short. I am not bothered, they did send extra to cover the fees but were a little short. I'm not fussed.
  7. I am seeing people saying the card is a misprint and the cream is actually75ml, have we seen any pics of the box?
  8. I'm pretty annoyed and I dont usually get annoyed with Meme. It was confirmed on various places it was the 75ml, and now theyve put in one less than half the size? I bought two boxes to get these creams!
  9. They've released what, 5 boxes this month? (Next best, homme, TGx2 and Soothing?) Its a crazy slow month! I am still hoping they get back on schedule every week, even if its just 3 boxes once a weeek for bundle options
  10. Lauren replied to me: Hi, Sorry that you had to get the email! It is for USA residents only and the system did not filter properly. Please disregard the form. You do not need to comply with USA tax laws Regards, Lauren
  11. I got an email from.lauren about a tax form for us citizens. I've just replied saying I'm not a us citizen so I'm not sure what to do!
  12. Yeah we kind expected bits of CMP2 to pop up in different boxes, but 3 in one is too much
  13. @@biancardi its not the same brand on the lip treatment I dont think, it just looks the same!
  14. Haha I dont have anyone blocked! Argh I'm so useless lol Okay I think I matched your piccie up haha! Took me ages to figure out a few mut gires!!

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