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  1. Just seen your question Rebecca - take a look at their website karminhairtools.com it will have prices listed (.karminhairtools.com/karmin-g3-salon-pro.html) I think it is on special now around $50 or thereabouts, but double check yourself. Well worth it.
  2. 100% correct. I found my upper arms starting to look a little "loose" so I joined a keep fit club down in the village hall and after my exercise session & shower I rubbed my Pro-naturals argan oil onto my upper arms - arms are now good and I will keep exercising to make sure they stay firm.
  3. I used to use Pro-naturals products but they are currently out of stock so I have moved to Karmin 4 Step Hair Repair & Smoothing System both these brands contain argan oil which I have found to be beneficial in keeping my grey hair in tip top condition, I hope it does the same for you.
  4. Have sent the above to daughter. Both my daughter & granddaughter have curly hair but my husband & I have dead straight hair, genes must come from another generation, wish I had curly hair!
  5. Thank you I've passed on your comment to my daughter, she also thanks you & wants me to tell you that she is combing her hair when wet after applying the Pro-naturals Moroccan argan oil (her leave in treatment), & then leaving it to air dry. She confirms the shampoo is sulfate free (also Pro-naturals) and her hair is defintely looking much better than it did a year ago.
  6. My daughter is the one with shoulder length curly hair and I will send her the link to this page so she can read it for herself. What has worked for her so far is not vigorously drying her hair with a towel, just patting it to remove excess water then using Karmin Heat Protection & Shining Spray applied mainly to the ends & partway up the hair length then leaving her hair to air dry she only combs through her hair when it is 100% dry using a wide tooth comb
  7. When my skin gets dry it starts itching. I only suffer from this during the winter and I have put it down to the central heating drying the atmosphere in the house. I use Monsia Skincare and I follow my normal cleansing routine but after applying the day & night moisturisers I applied vit E oil. This solved my dryness problem, be interesting to know if it helps you.
  8. I soak my cleansing sponge in hot water after washing it thoroughly after each use and I leave it to air dry. I am very "old school" and think that leaving it damp encourages nasties, I may be completely wrong so I will watch this thread.
  9. Thank you, will get castor oil to see if I can get rid of one remaining age spot!
  10. Terrie, my skin is normal but elderly. Early in 2016 I purchased the Monsia Sonic 3 facial cleansing brush and used a homemade scrub made from aloe vera gel mixed with rice flour. I tried the mixture on my arm first to make sure it wasn't too "rough", it worked well. I am sure your honey mix scrub will be OK but I'd test it on your inner arm first. If it is good do share the recipe with me please as I like trying new natural scrubs.
  11. Never heard of this before - thanks for sharing. My hair is grey/white with a few black hairs and what I use is Pro-naturals Moroccan argan oil hair repair mask, have been using this since 2014 every 2 weeks and it has kept my hair smooth, very shiny and healthy.
  12. Thanks for the reminder - sunscreen is def a MUST
  13. When my daughter had acne I suggested she first spoke to a dermatologist which she did and his response was that she would grow out of it because it was due to hormones! Not a good answer for her. We went into Holland & Barrett and with the input from the sales person we got Tea Tree Oil and Tea Tree ointment. MD then followed a very simple regime - bought Clarins cleansing milk w/Gentian (her skin is combination - oily) used evening & morning; mixed 2 teaspoons of Tea Tree oil with 2 mugs of cool water and drenched a clean facecloth in the liquid & held it over her face & kept doing this until all the liquid had been used. Dried face with clean towel and applied Tea Tree cream with a clean bud (for each acne spot). It took approx. 1 month to lose the "redness" of the acne and another month to see a real improvement. She kept using the Tea Tree oil rinses and the Tea Tree cream for around 6 months in total and has not looked back. I hope this helps you just a little. Remember always use clean face cloths, clean buds, clean hands.
  14. I restored my badly damaged hair (dried & broken ends) my hairdresser had to cut 2" off hair length and she told me to get Pro Naturals Moroccan argan oil hair repair system. It took me about 5 months following their regime but it is worth it. I still use it today but only for 1 hair wash in every 6 (for the other 6 I use Optima Tea Tree shampoo & conditioner).
  15. Don't know if this will work but it is worth a try http://www.wikihow.com/Straighten-Your-Hair-Without-Chemicals

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