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  1. My year sub started in December. I've had BB since August. I'm over the crappy boxes I've been getting. Every time I pick a sample my box sucks. I'm not picking this time. And I don't think I'll be looking either next month. Going to keep the disappointment a suprise. Maybe they'll suptise me and not give me any more shampoos, conditioners, body washes, or perfumes.
  2. I'm getting the same box. Le sigh. At least my ipsy is fairly good this month.
  3. Just got mine today. The serum smells gross to me. No way I'm putting that on my face. I like the color of the lip cream, it feels like lipstick not gloss. Not a fan of the pencil or the primer. And the tattoos are a joke. Giving them to my 13 year old daughter.
  4. Got my birchbox a few days ago. It wasn't awesome, but none of my boxes have been. Neil George shampoo and conditioner. Used it, not anything special, nothing memorable about it to remark about. Miracle concealer or whatever that was, too dark for my skin tone. Maybe wait to use it in the summer when I'm super dark because I tan quickly and easily. The sumita eyeliner. Eh. I got a greenish color. It's pretty. But doesn't work for my skin tone. Guess that's why I stick to black. And the Hello body cream. I like the scent. If it smells anything like the perfume I may like the perfume also. I ordered my best friend a 3 month gift sub. And I got my mystery sample pack and a bar of chuao chocolate, used a code and payed 26 for everything. I got a Catherine Maladrino perfume sample. I'd already received this in a box but it was broken and I couldn't spray it. I really like the scent. Also got a number 4 conditioner. Not even going to go there. And I got a bonus of 3 types of loose leaf teas. I like tea, we drink a lot of it in our house, my husband is British. I may give it a go. So, pathetic boxes since August. And my husband signed me up for a year which only started in December. Not feeling the love birxhbox. Lucky for good point system though. Need me some more amika dry shampoo and nourishing mask.
  5. Sounds like birchbox uses a shipping carrier that reduces rates by throwing things together onto a space available type of system. Doesn't matter if your package is going one way, they all go to different places that were already paid for by someone else. Our stuff just hitches a ride until it finds another carrier going in the direction in needs to go. Reminds me of military space A travel lol. ALways know where you're going, but never know how or when you'll get there.
  6. My box arrived in my town on Friday, at least according to newgistics. Usps says it didn't arrive to my town until today. Just waiting now. :/ either way it probably won't get to me until tomorrow.
  7. January will be my 6th box, and all of them have been 5 item boxes. Except maybe the one with the chocolate in it.
  8. I'll use it. But I am a tan person already all the time. If it doesn't turn me orange I'm good.
  9. Ehh miracle skin transformer treat and conceal eye and face. Sumita brow pencil. Harvey Prince hello body cream. Neil George shampoo and conditioner. Not very happy with this.
  10. I love the revealed pallette. But like the revealed 2 better. I got a one stick. The color is pretty. But the chunky glitter is kinda gross. The shampoo smells yummy. The brush is okay. The eyelashes are huge, but they work for me. If I want to be blind and not wear my glasses. Need January spoilers soon.
  11. I picked nothing and I'm absolutely sure I'm okay with that. I just want more than just a 5 item box, lol.
  12. Not feeling Amy of the samples or curated boxes. Guess I'll just leave it up to chance.
  13. Got my gap codes today also. They don't expire until 1/14.
  14. Now my post office is holding my box hostage. It arrived yesterday, should have been delivered today. But wasn't. Hope I get it tomorrow because my second one should be here Saturday and I'd rather pretend like I only got one than try to explain why I have two. Closing the second account. Used the last points to buy me a chuao chocolate bar with potato chip pieces. Probably could have found something else but I only had $10 in points. And that chocolate is delicious.
  15. They stole one of my boxes also. The one I thought would be here first.
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