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  1. ... Self tanners are more like "fits few" lol half the population couldn't use it because of skin color and then there's the people that could but wouldn't or don't want to. But I love all your other ideas! And there are universal brow pencils that seriously work for anyone that has brows darker than bleach blonde. Color depends on how hard you press it (IT cosmetics has one)
  2. They always say that on their eyeshadow palettes! But the maracuju oil is a strong possibility. It would be cool to get the oil blotting sheets! That would be different! Or one of their face masks! UPDATE: Something's telling me now, because of the wood grain shown, it's either gonna be their gifted mascara, a lip stick, or slim chance of maracuju oil.
  3. It's like split ends... Once it's happens, you can't just glue them back together (which some people actually have argued with me over saying you can reverse the splitting). You can't. Once the damage is done, you can only try to prevent the rest from splitting and trim it of course. Same for wrinkles and fine lines. Prevent the damage from happening by using the anti-aging and wrinkle creams now. It's dang near impossible to make a difference after you have them unless you take on surgical procedures or injections
  4. Being 19 and working in the cosmetic industry for a year and a half now, I've found out that the best time to fight wrinkles is BEFORE they happen to delay them appearing, not when they've already appeared. So theoretically.... The younger, the better when it comes to anti aging cosmetics! If you work on it now, you won't have to deal with them in the future
  5. I understand and agree! I'm sort of okay with their prices simply because I get them in sub boxes so I'm not really paying the price of the item. And I too have questioned their ingredients (mascara in ipsy in June?), but I love coastal scents and they use the same ingredients often, they are just cheaper. So it's the same quality but people seem to rave about coastal scents and bash BAB.
  6. I'm not too big of a fan of BAB, but I have to admit, people's overwhelmingly negative repsponse to BAB definitely made me jump to conclusion and further more talk negative about the brand... I soon realized that it was people just being really dramatic about the brand. It has hits and misses just like many other brands, but it's not horrible! Don't stump brands before you try them! I'm pretty excited about the lashes though!
  7. Awh! I already have one similar to that one by bare minerals and don't use it because it doesn't fit in my brush pouch :/ wahh! But I'll gift it! Still a GREAT item!
  8. I just got this email, so the wait list is officially off right now!
  9. Didn't see it until now but I already own both revealed 1 and 2.. I was actually gifting revealed 1 for Christmas! Guess I'll be gifting two of them!
  10. You're right! 25th for Aces, 26th for everyone else
  11. I sure hope!! Same here and that would just be GREAT!!!
  12. Isn't it ironic (hahah I sooo just sang that!) that BC and ipsy are both doing glitter themes this month???
  13. I don't know how people put it as a spoiler! Sorry
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