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  1. Really happy with this month's box! I thought it was a cute mix of items and well worth the $
  2. I'm so excited! Can't wait to see the t-shirt it looks like the link is still open this morning to order....so tempted to get a second box since I know I won't share my first one
  3. My box arrived today....For the cost of this box, I'm very pleased! Although I don't think it is quite as good as the one that enticed me on Abby's blog, I will use everything. I don't know how to do spoilers and I don't want to say too much but just the one big item is worth the box for me. I've looked all summer for one that fits this well
  4. I just got a shipping notice! I appreciate those of you who offered reassurance; now I am super excited!
  5. I always worry about new subs and have been burned before- I did get a welcome email and and order receipt email- my account is accessible at https://sugarbash.cratejoy.com and there is an option to suspend or cancel- it appears they do answer and post often on their facebook page It looks to me like the stuff from 2012 is related to them trying to start up a social media type page but I'm definitely not sure. The website says founded in 2014. Now, having said all that- I will monitor my credit card and pace the floor until I get my first box!! I would feel better if there was an MSA review to be honest.
  6. Quotes from "You've got Mail" and "Bridget Jones' Diary"-- what else could it be but stationery and a journal, maybe a matching set? @@Kaistone, you guessed ...."maybe a letter writing set".... I think you may be right!
  7. There is a photo of a tree of life necklace on Robyn Rhodes' facebook page that is not available on the website; could this possibly be our piece? I've never guessed anything right before; I don't have the skills some of you guys have!
  8. I caved and resubscribed. I have no willpower and the promise of a bonus gift was too much. I got the charge but no email confirmation. But then again I never once got a shipping email last year but there was never a problem, always got the packages.
  9. Thank you so much! I had been keeping a check on the site but it didn't add to the top so I would have missed it.
  10. I agree. Aside from this being my favorite box, I have this weird sense of pride in these girls. It's probably because I have a daughter close to their ages and I picture her embarking on a venture of this scale. I also totally get the sense of humor that comes through in the letters.
  11. I got this from CS in reply to my duplicate billing and inquiry regarding the makeup bag We apologize for the minor glitch in our system and have passed along your duplicate order to our accounting department to be processed. We are issuing your credit immediately. Please allow up to 5 business days for your credit to appear back on your account, depending on your bank. Some customers received a cosmetic bag as a contest for social media. Not everyone received a bag--they are all unfortunately picked at random. Please check out our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) for more details of the contest. Is it bad I was halfway hoping for a second box; this time in warm, maybe?
  12. Did anyone else get billed twice already? I was billed 3/31 and again on 4/11. I got a box already after the first billing. Just curious if anyone else had this happen. I emailed CS. And no makeup bag for me; I don't like when there are inconsistencies in subs.
  13. Hate I missed this box, but I am subscribed for the next one! Thanks for the new code, RAM10
  14. what all did you get? Everything I really wanted sold out before I checked out.
  15. Do you need a password to view the launch party? I haven't received an email
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