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  1. I did another meme box order. And I'm not ashamed of it. I didn't even tell you about the one in October but I'm not going there. I got the that time of the month kit. Came with 5 sheet masks, cat ear headband and chocolate for $12. And the wacky wonders bag. which is a foot peel, mint tea tree toner, collagen jelly pack, jelly body wash, blackhead strip, snowflake whipping cleanser with whip maker tool for $30 but after a coupon and using my points I paid $.80 for the entire order!!! Merry Christmas to me.
  2. I'm baaaaaack! I haven't gotten a box since 2014 due to having too much product and no extra funds. Nothing has changed! But I got this box anyway! I tricked myself into getting it half off by saying I'd gift some items but I think I'm keeping most of it. I can't wait to get it. Probably canceling after this month though. First impressions: Tray & dish: I like it. Hair clips: cute. I have thick hair. If this holds it it will be a miracle. Cookie mix: love. I love when they send treats that are also an activity. Wish it was a gingerbread house though. Lipstick: I CANT WAIT. Most excited for this. I'm always for fancy packaged lipsticks. Hair serum: I love hair serums for health & shine. Hope it's a good one. Necklace: least excited for this. Not my style or anyone's I know. I have to see it in person but I'm probably gifting it.
  3. I love K beauty! I almost got the Sephora play! box when they took me off the wait list but then I realized I would rather spend my money on K beauty so I placed a MeMebox order! Yay! I got the summer essentials box and a baby feet peeling mask. I'm a little nervous about my skin randomly peeling but it should be worth it. They also had a free lotus sheet mask that I added to my cart. I've never tried a lotus one.
  4. I called Allure today since I gave up on them either sending me a box, even a June box, or a refund without me having to ask?!?! In what world does a business ignore purchases? Allure's world apparently. He was nice enough. I explained that I bought the May box in April and when I never received a box I cancelled my sub and I would like a refund. He said "oh yes the May box was very popular, I've put the refund through, you will have it in 1 or 2 billing cycles". Does that mean I might get my $10 back in 1-2 months?! Bizarre.
  5. So. I am in the didn't get a May box boat. I discontinued my subscription mid-may through the mobile site when I saw that they over sold and I still didn't have a box. I got no emails except the rub your face in it "look inside your May box" email that has ensured allure never gets another dollar from me. What I want to know is that I will be getting a June box since they did not refund my money and I still have no product. I can't find any beauty box contact info on their mobile site. It is a total mess. I am so bummed I didn't get a May box and the lack of communication is really making me pissy. I don't think I even got an email when I discontinued the sub. They have been around long enough and they are a big enough company that this should not be happening.
  6. Thank you @@Reija I just got an email from allure asking how I liked the fragrance I got in the allure box???? ::crickets::
  7. Man... I really wanted this box. I stopped my no buy for this one. I haven't gotten a shipping email or any kind of notice email. I had to come on here like everyone else and find out from you that I likely won't get the box I paid for. I just signed into my account and it says shipping in 50 days! I'm going to cancel obviously. And i think I will ask for my money back if the June spoilers are bad. This is my birthday month
  8. I had to put a hold on my subs this year but popsugar was my favorite when I could afford it. This allure box broke my subscription no buy because it was too good to pass up. I'm going to be really upset if I don't get what was promised.
  9. I also went ahead and cancelled. I kept putting it off for one more month and I really don't need any more beauty products. Every little bit helps when you are trying to save. Also, the day after I posted about the ebook sub they changed their policy. In mid March they are limited to 3 books and 1 audiobook per month and some unlimited titles. Of course as soon as I joined they changed it! At least it is unlimited for my 2 week trial. I've been reading about 15 books a month lately so I thought I found heaven without a line. Heaven remains in the library.
  10. I might stay on another month because I have 57 points still in my account. I'm looking at it like The 50 points from the next box will make the box a free extra with me spending $10 on something I want in the shop.
  11. Off topic but for those other readers out there: It is called Scribd. I have a 2 week trial with them right now and it's been awesome so far. Definitely staying with it for at least a month. The whole mortal instruments series is on there. Plus you get 1 audiobook credit each month and unlimited books. Only downside is I have to read on my phone through their app because they don't support my basic kindle. Only supports kindle fire or other devices that can use Apps. Still a great deal since the one book I already finished is 9.99 as an ebook to buy.
  12. It's like they want me to cancel. Shampoo... Really. I admit the featured box looks ok. I am curious about that milk lipstick. I just wouldn't pay $10 for that box in the store so I have to be honest. I think I'm just sampled out. This is my last sub box left. I found an ebook subscription that is like Netflix for books and I'm very tempted to give them my money instead. Hours of fun for 8.99, plus no clutter!
  13. I will use every thing but this box feels really sparse and not worth $10. After I see what sample choice is and unless the choice is worth $10 to me I'm taking a break. I'm happy with the lip balm. I'm also excited to try the cleanser and the hair mask. I wish the perfume sample was a spray!!! I also wish the color of the polish was different. I have so many reds from boxes.
  14. I couldn't hold out and had to peek. My day was too boring. Unfortunately my box is pretty boring. 5 item box and 1 is a perfume blech! In order of interest: Arrow balm (PYS) Argan hair mask: I wanted a hair mask, so this is good. I have hair to my waist but I still hope it's more than 1 use. Borghese cleanser: I like some things from this brand so I might like this. Color club polish: I have a red polish I like already so I won't get use out of this. Perfume: This is always a toss up. Perfumes should be extras unless it's a mini rollerball.
  15. If the pick your sample choices aren't great for March I'm taking a birch box break so I'm going to try to avoid spoilers and be surprised. I hope it's a good one. Ideal last box: (this will never happen) arrow Balm, beauty blender lol, chauo chocolate, sheet mask, beauty protector hair mask, nail wrap/ decal

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