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  1. I have now forgotten on which account I picked the eye makeup remover because I am getting it on both accounts for which I did not choose the RTR box. Account 3 (gift sub to myself, expires after this month): Juice Beauty blemish clearing cleanser (will use) Eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner (um, I have EIGHT of these already...seriously, though not from Birchbox) Bee Kind body lotion (will use eventually) Marcelle eye makeup remover (will use) Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal (I tend to like their perfumes so this is OK) Account 2 (may let this one go in a month or two and resub to Glossybox): Amika nourishing mask (will use) Sumita Color Contrast eyeliner (I don't have an overabundance of these, though I do hope it's some color I don't already have, truthfully, am not thrilled with pencils in general) Benefit ultra plus lip gloss (I have too many glosses but OK) Juice Beauty Green Apple cleansing gel (I'm sure I've tried this before from somewhere but I don't remember what I think of it) Marcelle eye makeup remover Account 1: RTR box
  2. Still doing well other than the 6 Lip Smackers I bought from Target (under $10 and since the factory closed, I figure that's justified). Not using up as many products lately as I am getting into full-size items and all the 90% empty bottles from my shower are almost gone.
  3. Yeah, this is why if I'm paying with points, I order something that's like $1 or $2 more than my number of points. So I have to pay a little out of pocket but I usually have at least a few points left over that way and I don't lose any.
  4. I won't get this, I'm pretty sure I've had the Catherine Malandrino perfume on every account. But that's OK because I actually don't like Posiebalm very much (there is something really weird to me about flower flavors in lip products). Also I have a rather large Posiebalm deluxe sample that is almost completely untouched, so I don't need another.
  5. Honestly, I always thought Birchbox was one of the more transparent subs as far as that goes. It says "monthly" when you sign up. It doesn't say "single month." "Monthly" implies recurring. Plus there are FAQs on the site. Plus, it is super easy to cancel -- online, without contacting CS. And when you log into your account, it says "cancel subscription." Again, "subscription" implies recurring. I really don't know how much more they could do to make it clear.
  6. I already did. Only $9 and some change for the last 6 they had. (I don't feel too bad. It is not an expensive item and these last forever.) I may check Walgreens tomorrow.
  7. So I am contemplating fudging on the no-buy just a little bit. I read today that they closed the Lip Smackers factory down. So, like, I won't be able to get these anymore. I have been addicted to the Dr. Pepper ones for more than two decades. And if I wait another 70 days, Target probably won't have any more. So I am planning to go to Target in a few minutes and buy out all they have left, and I am thinking this is OK because I will literally never be able to get these again. I didn't set up this condition in my original list because it never occurred to me that it would be an issue. (I need to stop beginning sentences with "so...")
  8. I find it SO difficult to use any kind of tracking (computer program, app, or even a paper food diary) for any weight loss purposes. I start out great and maybe even last a week or so and then I usually quit. So here's hoping you will be much more successful than I ever was!
  9. I understand this feeling completely. I went into a Sephora store exactly once. I had ordered (online) one of those mascara kits online that comes with a voucher for a free full-sized mascara. They'd just put a Sephora in the mall near me so I used the voucher as an excuse to go in. I found it kind of intimidating in a way that Ulta just isn't (but I've been getting my hair dyed at Ulta for more than 8 years so it's familiar territory). I still buy stuff from Sephora (when I'm not on a no-buy) but usually just their website. I do like all the value kits because I'll never use up much full-sized stuff, I'm learning as I do this no-buy. But I got enough of them last year that I need to use some of that stuff before I ever think about getting more. Went to Ulta, by the way, for a hair appointment today, and bought nothing (just paid for the hair appointment and left!). Went to TJ Maxx to use some gift cards and spent then on clothes of exactly the type I intended to get before I went in (no makeup or anything). So I'm feeling pretty good.
  10. I usually just get irritated when that happens (I'm 37 and yeah, it still happens -- I haven't been out in the sun for any significant length of time for about 25 years, though).
  11. I tried some Schmidt's natural deodorant and it did the same thing after less than one day. Also it didn't really work. Natural deodorant is not for me, either. (I can only use Dove. Secret of any kind gives me a rash, too.)
  12. I don't usually set goals for these. I just keep trying to use up products, wear eyeshadow to work everyday, etc. I did buy something today. But it was on my "allowed" list, because I don't have any equivalent replacements in my stash, and it's something I think is important. I got a full-sized CoTZ SPF for face. I try to wear facial sunscreen every day, but I can only use mineral sunscreens on my face (sensitive skin). This past 10 days, I finished off a sample of this product and was pleased with the results. Plus, it's cheaper than the Coola equivalent. I was good, though. I bought it from Birchbox (free shipping with no minimum because I'm an Ace) and I waited until payday so I could use money from my checking account (i.e., money that I actually have). Plus I resisted the temptation to add more crap to my cart to get GWPs or use codes. So, I don't think this is a failure. I thought about the purchase for several days, too, I didn't just rush out like I would've in the past. I'm still pleased with how I'm doing.
  13. I have an anti-aging serum and eye cream to start using pretty soon. I'm supposed to stop using serum and eye cream today. I'm a little peeved because I'm SO CLOSE to finishing off a full-sized eye cream. But, I want to follow their rules so I will do what they say. Which means no eye cream or serum until Monday when the study begins.

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