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  1. Hi everybody, from some months I started to buy Jafra products (cleansers, anti-age creams, night creams, etc). What do you think about them? With some of them I had goods results even the creams are not so moisturizing. Thanks for sharing your experience and tips. Bye Bye
  2. Many thanks Lin1018 for these suggestions. I know Naissance, I already bought some item last year and I am happy to know that you are satisfied of their shea butter. I was thinking to buy it, but I was not sure. So thanks for talking me about your experience
  3. Thanks for your tips! For sure I will take a look on these products.
  4. Hi everybody! I'm 43 years old and I'm curious to know what you think on anti-aging products. What is the best for you? I know there are Retinol capsules, anti wrinkle creams, home remedies, etc.... So many things! I would like to know what you are using and what gives the best results. Thanks for your suggestions! Bye
  5. Welcome and greetings from Italy!! Bienvenida
  6. @@buffyfanify Welcome!!
  7. @@Saphirehaze Welcome! I love cats too
  8. @@spiffyandsmurfy wow Hawaii Amazing!! Greetings from Italy.
  9. @@AmourAnnette welcome back!
  10. @@R&R Experience welcome and greeting from Italy!
  11. @ welcome and greeting from Italy!
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