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  1. Just had to say Goodbye, Memebox. Whereas other local companies want to go global, you went from global to local. But I have had my fun, thanks. Time to spread my wings and fly, lol. My guess is they ran out of prospect companies which are willing to hand out free items/items for a small price to put in boxes. Sure S.Korea probably has the biggest number of skincare companies, but it's still not unlimited.
  2. I feel a bit sad parting with Memebox as well. Although they have bad CS and intentionally bad boxes sometimes, I have had fun with some good boxes and they have shown generosity sometimes too. I was a K-Beauty virgin before Memebox, and now I'm a convert! (ok, addict) My routine before Memebox consists of 1 cleanser, 1 sunblock, and occasionally putting on night cream when I'm not tired. But now, I have 10+ steps each morning and night, and I even have multiple choice of products for each step. I really like how Koreans view their skincare activites as fun and exciting, as opposed to a chore. And their packaging designs are just enjoyable. Ultimately, no one knows the future of Memebox with their Loo's management, but I'm sure other Korean buying sites will enjoy increase in sales because of Memebox.
  3. Wonderful idea. I, too have been buying skincare stuffs that you guys have recommended here. And now that I tried some products I would like to share my favourite items as well!
  4. @@theori3 Lol. My brain was still not catching up, like "review whaa..?" and Chocolate Mania went from available to sold out in a zip. If the wording was Restocked Boxes, maybe my brain would've worked faster! I decided to grab Garden of Eden, I want to try the Rosehip essence. Nice pick, dessert was a fun box! I've enjoyed the Juice Ampoule & the Hand Cream very much!
  5. I know! I thought about it too long as well. Seems to good to be true? I'm only grabbing 1 box for fearing they might somehow dishonor the refund.
  6. So, it's officially over for me too. I just think it is very shady of them to process affiliate earnings AFTER the last order date Feb 10th. And a 9 days notice, not cool.
  7. I had just impulsively purchased the CPM4 box. Ahem. It started when I missed the Chocolate Mania restock 3 times. I crave for some wash-off masks. Though not too high value, this box looks kinda fun, and everything is usable for me (except for the BB cream). Also, had points lying around and not sure what Memebox will offer next month so, better get some while I can.
  8. Somehow that words "big box party" made me think of the Plant vs Zombies game. Hmm I noticed some of the advertised boxes are not yet restocked too. Getting nothing today, hope tomorrow they restock the cult favorites, and stock up a lot of them.
  9. My Wishlist: My Honey Box Chocolate Mania Superfood Oriental Medicine Luckybox #1-5 Korea's Most Wanted 1 Avoid like the plague: K-Style 4 Thumbs Up Blogger's Take your time: CPM2 - will still be there tomorrow
  10. In my experience, Korean foam cleansers are too drying for my skin, I still yet to find one that is not drying. I have tried the Face Shop 365 Days Foam in mungbeans which smells amazing but sadly, drying. I tried the Awesome foam cleanser from Cooling Box, also drying I have the Climax water pool cleanser, drying and have a high PH I like the DelSkin Camellia oil cleanser that I won from Memebox Review event, that one is good. Not drying and though gentle, removes makeup well. I was expecting a heavy oil consistency but it is light and bubbles when rubbed. But it is an oil cleanser (which is very rarely featured in boxes). I'm eager to try more oil cleansers!
  11. I really love my Memebox cards and although the Electronic Info Card made it easier to blog with, I still need something I can touch and read without searching through my computer. So if anyone is interested, I made a printable Info Card for the Winter Essential Masks.
  12. I weighed my 2 unopened box as a comparison, F/W Natural Makeup weighs 313 grams Luckybox #11 weighs 712 grams

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