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  1. Where do you see which box you will be getting? I looked through my account and didn't see it listed. I just signed up yesterday. It says my next bill date is May, so I would guess I'm going to get the April box?
  2. Meh. A lip balm and a candle? I have so many of each and I rarely use them (I'm more of a lip gloss girl). I was hoping for something a bit more special, I guess, especially because it was the first mini box. :/ After thinking about it, if this is all the mini boxes are going to be, for around the same price I could get Boxycharm and get a handful of items with a value of ~$100. It doesn't seem to add up.
  3. It would be nice if it was marked on the box packaging/info card/whatever whether a box was Classic or Trendsetter. I get both and it'd be nice if there was an easy way to tell which from which besides comparing to what everyone else got. lol
  4. I grabbed one! I was hoping for a fitbit tracker because I missed last year's, but the Jawbone looks pretty cute. That already makes the price of the box. The rest are just extra!
  5. I was sad after missing out on the Christmas ones, but I was able to grab one of each of these!
  6. I really love the sunglasses! When I saw the spoiler, I wasn't sure, but now that I see them in person, they are fantastic.
  7. Just got my shipping notice, too. I usually get it earlier in the month, but as long as it gets here. lol
  8. It looks like my package is taking the scenic route. It was supposed to be here yesterday. I live in New York. The package started in New York. Then went to New Jersey, Connecticut, and is now in Massachusetts. It now says I should receive it on Saturday. What is this. :/
  9. Aw, it was sold out when I got online. Oh, well. I still have a bunch left over from the last box. Better luck next time!
  10. I believe the age cut off is 35. I don't remember if 35 is the end of the younger box or the beginning of the older box, though. lol
  11. It sounds like a misunderstanding on both sides to me. The blogger thought Bianca was requesting a review and gave her the info for the proper way to do it. Bianca was just suggesting her box and then thought the blogger was asking for a freebie. I think both sides got a little heated (as things do online, since you can't read emotions properly in text). They both could have said things differently, but I don't think either side was especially bad. I think the worst part was the blogger posting the conversation afterwards. Yes, it was held on a public Instagram, but still. You wouldn't like someone to take one of your conversations and broadcasting it. Not cool. :/
  12. Bracelets! Necklaces and earrings seem to frequent boxes, but I haven't gotten many bracelets. I also miss different popcorn flavors. Popcorn was a thing for a while and now it seems to be replaced with snack bars. Something else I haven't gotten in a box yet is toner. It feels like I've gotten almost all other beauty items, but no toner! I love that some boxes offer customization now. Even if it's just what color you want, it feels good to have some sort of say. That would be nice with snack flavors, too. I wish there was a no t-shirt option for geek boxes. So many come with t-shirts and I do not need surprise t-shirts. If I want a shirt, I'll head over to Teefury or the other sites and pick out the one I want. Trial codes where you don't have to enter your credit card are nice, as are gift cards that are just coupons, not you have to spend so much to get so much off. Also, if any boxes would like to toss in more Turkish towels, I wouldn't say no.
  13. I just got mine today! My husband had to show my how to hookup the speaker to my iPad bluetooth, but I really like it. For some reason, I thought the pendant might be a bit bigger? My only problem is the perfume spilled a bit and everything smells like it. It's not bad, it's just all over. I miss there being snacks in the box. I don't need a whole box of snacks, but one would be nice.
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