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  1. What will happen to Luckybox 14 to be shipped on Feb 24? I've received 50+ boxes and shop orders and never had an issue. I hope they will resume shipping to Australia in the not too distant future.
  2. I love this product! I just finished the tube and I'm sad. It was an absolute lifesaver for my dehydrated skin.
  3. What are people's thoughts on Finco products? I'm considering the value set...
  4. I have global #18 and lucky box #12 waiting for me at the post office. I'll be picking them up tomorrow. After that, I only have global #19 and lucky boxes #13-14 to look forward to. I wonder what I'll do to fill the Meme void? I've been using Theobroma products from Memeshop - so far I'm loving the mask and shower gel. The cacao mask isn't as sweet or dessert-like as the Wonderuci mask (cacao box) but it feels like a detoxifying/deep cleansing mask. The scent is more acidic - it reminds me of raw cacao. If Memeshop had more consistent shipping fees, or better free shipping deals, I would definitely spend more money there.
  5. Here are my thoughts on recent boxes: Pumpkin Pie: not a bad box but I'm mildly annoyed to see that the Insobeau mask expires in June 2015. This is the second Insobeau product that I have received that has a close expiry date (the other was the 100hr Z cream in the Beauty Splurge collaboration box). Anniversary: it's not a terrible box per se. I would've been thrilled to receive this as a global box but I expected much more from this supposed special edition. Oh My Lips: I don't mind the products in this box. I just don't need them as of yet so everything will be put away. Dirty Gal: I had my eyes on the mayo pack in Meme store so I'm thrilled to receive this. Unsure about donkey oil. Super Lucky Box #11: I quite like it! I like 5 out of the 6 products at first glance. According to the information card, I should've gotten the Cheek Room cherry clover lip balm but I got that Revecen purple powder thingy instead. I noticed most of these recent boxes contain 5 products only. Memebox is probably trying to increase the profit margin on its boxes.
  6. November is a quiet-ish month as I'm going away for 3 weeks. Nov 13 - Wine and Cheese Nov 17 - Thanksgiving 1 & 2 Nov 24 - Global #17 Nov 26 - Super Lucky Box #11 Nov 28 - Elixir And I'm still waiting for My Desserts from Oct 31. I look forward to all of your reviews... It's interesting to see that we all ordered slightly different boxes (apart from our shared love for wine/cheese/skin elixirs).
  7. I just ordered both Thanksgiving boxes. I can't wait to see what's inside.
  8. My credit card felt like a workout so I just ordered Lucky Box #12-14. VIP points plus a $5 code made it reasonable enough for me. I think the ultimate deal breaker for me would be currency fluctuations. My boxes are becoming dearer.
  9. Global Memeshop postage rates are nonsensical too. I had 4 items in my cart and it quoted $25 for registered mail. For $25 I expect DHL delivery. Postage isn't that expensive in Asia. No shipping codes = no buy from Memeshop for me.
  10. I received Foot Therapy, City Girl, and Korea's Most Wanted 2 today. I actually like KMW2 a lot! It wasn't the most photogenic box and I almost regret buying it but now that I have received it, I'd actually use every product which makes it an excellent box. Even the LadyKin lipstick looks nice. And I'm pleased with getting a peeling gel for dry/sensitive skin. Foot Therapy also get an A+, it's even better than previous foot care boxes. As for City Girl, I love the look of Migabee products and I hope I can master the art of applying pigments and liquid cheek colours. I've only ever used Nars cheek colour so this will mix up my makeup stash a bit.
  11. Some Memebox reading material - it confirms what we already know (private label product launch, Memeshop expansion plans) but still may be of interest. Meme Mask launch: http://www.24-7pressrelease.com/press-release/memebox-launches-the-meme-mask-396463.php Logistics Manager job listing on Craigslist: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/ret/4737617118.html I have ordered global #17-19. I don't want them sneaking Meme products in these boxes (there's also eye shadows and blush on Instagram). They talk up using web analytics to find out what customers want but I'm sure we've given them a lot of valuable feedback in this thread alone!
  12. My City Girl/Foot Therapy bundle is at the local DHL depot. It won't be out for delivery until Monday. I'm not holding my breath as the G20 will most likely cause delays all next week though. Road closures galore.
  13. @@biancardi I have no idea. I doubt the boxes will stop but it explains the release of Meme branded cosmetics and concentrated efforts on Meme Shop. It's looking like we are not going to get a Christmas box but I'm hoping there will be a whopper box for Korean New Year.
  14. I did read an interview a few months back where the CEO of Memebox stated that the company ultimately wanted to produce and distribute its own branded products and focus on being an online Korean cosmetics retailer. Beauty boxes were not meant to be the bread and butter of the business. Disclaimer: I'm not being an alarmist, the business is continuously evolving and I think we all agree that they are trying to adapt to a profitable business model. I would link the article but I cannot find it now. My thoughts on recent developments (or lack thereof): - I am enjoying this Meme break as less frequent box releases don't bother me - Box releases should be ready-to-ship or "ships soon" - Global Memeshop shipping needs to be more competitive - Global Memeshop needs more product range - I would like customised subscription offerings (e.g. skin type) with the option of monthly or quarterly deliveries - I am not interested in Memebox branded products
  15. I picked up a few Theobroma products with the free shipping code last month - the Cacao Pack, Chocola Sparkling Bubble Gel, and Latte Classic duo. I have a cacao addiction. Still waiting patiently for Chocolate Mania to arrive. Would love to hear your thoughts on Theobroma products!

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