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  1. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, caster oil, olive oil are all good oils for your hair and can be used in a hot oil treatment over night. You can mix honey in there if you want. If your looking for shampoos, conditioners and hair oils for day time use: Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo and condtioner and Miracle Moist Milk and the Deep 3 Minute Miracle Treatment by Aussie are also good. Umberto Gianni Mend My Hair Therapy oil would also recommend for dry hair. Its for damaged hair but it's so conditioning it would be good for dry hair too.
  2. Looking forward to finally finishing my course. :)

  3. Using primer beforehand helps your makeup to last longer. As a couple of members here have suggested the Benefit highlighters are good and tend to last a long time. Rimmel also do a highlighter that lasts too "Good to Glow" I believe the name is.
  4. Yes I wear makeup to work. When my skin was bad from hormonal breakouts I used a heavy coverage but now its clear and its summer and hot here, I just stick to a BB cream, which also doubles as a bronzer. I never go without eyeliner and eyepencil-eyepencil is a must for me as I have eyebrow tattoos and the colour is too light so I have to fill them in I carry them everywhere with me in my bag. My job is demanding and by the end of the day I look a mess (I work with children, need I say more? ) but I always like to make an effort and wake up earlier just so that I can. I would say that it's probably a combination of both lack of motivation and lack of knowledge as to why these women don't wear makeup. Depends on the kind of job as to why they may not wear makeup. For example I wouldn't expect people doing night shifts to be wearing makeup if they're nurses or police officers. Just my two cents.
  5. Just logged in for the first time in ages. Lots been going on but starting to settle down again and totally forgot about coming here.

  6. Definitely get a keratin treatment on a regular basis for your hair. They help with hair re-growth and help give your hair the much needed protein it desperately needs right now. After about 10 treatments you should start seeing improvements (they're only cheap) and definitely please stop dying your hair for a few months! About 9-10 weeks ago my hair was badly damaged after bleaching it so much after having very dark brown hair naturally. I made the mistake of going from a dark brunette to platinum blonde within only a year, but managed to fix it doing the above and the following. You need to stop using heat on it, yes, even stop using the hair dryer after showers. Towel dry it, if you have to use the hair dryer then use heat protection spray. Wash your hair once or twice a week, constantly use hair masks on it. John Freida, and Lush have some good makes. Leave the mask on for as long as possible and make sure you condition the ends of your hair. For your shampoo and conditioner-John Freida strengthen and repair. Use hair serums especially on the ends. Get regular trims too as this will help. The next time you dye your hair, go to a professional and don't rush the process if you are going to a very platinum blonde.
  7. Thanks everyone for all of the helpful replies. What about BB creams to help achieve that look? I don't use foundation because it clogs my skin up and I get "scales" after using it quite a lot on a regular basis. Since I've bought my BB cream I've more or less stopped using it. MaXFactor has brought a new one out, have any of you tried it? (I've forgot the name!) I will definitely try out some of the recommendations.
  8. Not sure if this is the right place to post this in but recently I've been looking for products that make my body/face glow/have a nice sheen to it. I've tried a couple of products but the ones I've tried don't really seem to have much of an effect. So far I've tried: On my face: Maybelliene Dream Fresh BB Cream Instant Fresh Faced Glow (which I've found has a very minimal effect on my face) Benefit's High Beam highlighter (I get the look I'm after only if I use a lot of it and because it's expensive I don't like to use too much in one go) On my body: Soap and Glory Glow Lotion-only seems to show up on my legs even though I apply it to my arms and chest area too Garnier Body Oil Beauty Oil-Infused Nourishing Lotion I also exfoliate my face and body a coupe of times a week. I'd be grateful if anyone here could share the products with me that they use to get a nice sheen/glow on their body and face. I have very dry skin so it would be good to get it glowing.
  9. Been a while since I've been on here, been busy.

  10. The neighbours constantly coming in and out of their apartments upstairs making too much noise. The fact that my throat and mouth still hurts even though it's been a month since the operation. That's my vent for today..
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone.
  12. Hi =) I'm new here, I signed up the other week, but have just moved into a new area and haven't had internet access for a week, hence the delay in posting. Been interested in makeup for quite a few years now and signed up here hoping to learn more. =)
  13. Finally got internet access again. :D

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