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  1. Thanks Ladies! Appreciate the input, won't have to worry about the cream going to waste now
  2. Hi Ladies, I have a question about a product that was in the Zero Cosmetics box, Nature's Friend SaeHaneul Eye & Nourishing Cream. I've noticed mine will expire this year and I'd like to try to use it up but the tube is huge and definitely won't be done with just eye use. I vaguely remember that this could possibly have been used on the rest of the face, can anyone confirm that? and did anyone use it that way? Any info would be greatly appreciated
  3. I received that email just now, my box didn't arrive until the 4th so it's been less than 10 days. I'm surprised they even sent me a box since Intl. shipping was stopping, anyway my review will be up soon and I got the impression that it was going to multiple recipients so I don't think I was really behind with my review.
  4. I reckon I'll have my points converted to cash, there just isn't anything I want on the site any more..
  5. So finally my review points went through, I now have 6 days to decide what I want to use them on. I was eyeing off some Intl. value sets but it would seem that they have removed the ones I liked so I'm guessing my 43 points will be spent of something I'm only mildly interested in. I also received what I assume will be my last ambassador review box, step by step skincare. The contents are quite nice and I'll always hold a special place in my heart for Lauren but otherwise Memebox can stick it, stick it really damn hard, where the sun don't shine.
  6. I kind of assumed that this new 'contest' is their way of searching for new Memebox Ambassadors to review boxes.. With all Intl. customers being given the ass they will be losing many reviewers who really get down to the nitty gritty of the contents. Every time I received a box I used all of the contents so I could actually give a proper review of each item (which are their Ambassador guidelines) and the contest sounds like they are looking for people who can follow those rules.
  7. Holy shit balls, Memebox Armageddon. I did a makeup and beauty inventory in Jan so have been taking a much needed break from Memebox, their decision to stop shipping to my country is almost a blessing, I guess it doesn't matter because I was less likely to purchase anything now as I feel it's not as good a deal since they changed their business model. I'm waiting on points for reviews (still, it's been a while) and have a few stashed away so I'll try to use them before the cut off date. I was looking for the Affiliate thread to see what would happen to my $3 in commission and when I realised that I couldn't find it I came here and saw that I'd missed a shit storm. If anyone could send me the how2reddit guide that would be nice, I'd likely just lurk but if I need to ask a question I'd like to have a place to go where the people will be able to give good advice.
  8. I'd like to see global bundles and bundles in general return! Perhaps they could offer a code that allows you to bundle any two or more boxes with a reduction in shipping. I'm just of the feeling that I have SO MANY Memeboxes, so if I don't feel it's an amazingly good deal I don't feel compelled to order more, it's way too easy for me to make an order of a few items that I really want on other sites that have sales or discounts so often than to risk $40AUD on a box with only 5 items in it (and I'm still a little burned from the not so great boxes I received throughout November). I want to love Memebox and I want to continue supporting them but right now I just don't feel like their new business model matches my consumer desires.
  9. None of my INTL codes are working. Why am I even slightly surprised? Could someone shed a little more light on the Fake YET products? I purchased that set and I'm not comfortable using them if they aren't real!
  10. Ok great, thank you. I might try to put in a little extra effort, I really need to stop being lazy anyway.
  11. Has anyone received an email regarding the recent lot of boxes sent out for review? I'd like to publish mine but don't really want to have to type out the full descriptions or search for the product links myself because I still have New Years Laziness Disorder.
  12. I had the DHL man come to my door today with a pink mailer. I was actually quite surprised, I think I assumed I wouldn't receive any more boxes for review since they stopped shipping to certain areas and I just assumed little old Australia would be next. When I saw the pink mailer I knew it couldn't be my global yet and I had no other boxes coming. When I opened it to find the Thanksgiving for you box I was over the moon! It has an awesome selection of goodies in it and I'm so excited to dig in!
  13. Ahh yes, yes. I suspect eventually Australia will be getting the ass end of the stick too and they probably won't ship here, I'm not really bothered either, there are plenty of places to spend money at the end of the day.

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