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    Involved in the MUA scene through helping a friend optimise running her business, am now trying to build tools and write articles to help MUAs the world over
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  1. Pinterest is a tricky one to use for traffic - but it's a great way to give people a flavour of what you love. Actually wrote an article a while back on using Pinterest as an MUA I'm located here https://www.pinterest.com/careerinmakeup/
  2. Just wanted to say that I think the advice you've received so far is spot on - if you enjoy blogging, then let that be your motivation. That authenticity will shine through in your blogs, and you'll find your audience. And don't worry about people knowing everything - as you've found out yourself, there are people coming late to the party looking for advice. And have you ever had that moment where you discover something on line that you couldn't believe you didn't know about. Well that means there are literally thousands of people out there who don't know about the other bbloggers that you expect them too - so let them find you instead!!! Chris
  3. I think deciding which social media platforms to establish you brand is a really important question - not lead because it can take so much time to maintain them! Do people just try to run them all, or just do one or two really well? For example, did you know 80% of Pinterest users are female - so if you want to go where you clients are this could be a really good choice! We've written an article on how to get Pinterest working for an Makeup business - would love to hear your thoughts
  4. we're planning on trying this at our blog too. We're writing articles now, but hopefully going to turn them into some vids in the future, and push them on a few different platforms. would love to hear how you get on a what works Chris
  5. Hey guys, Just wondering which blogs you actually follow? And why? Who's providing the best advice or articles, or is just genuinely interesting? Chris
  6. This is great advice @@Deareux - have you been blogging long? My key bit of advice would be make sure you have an e-mail list that people can sign up to - this is far and a way the best way to drive traffic back to your blog when you have new posts or announcements
  7. Hi @@Paulak - one thing you could do to stimulate comments is finish with a question or call to action. Such as: "Have you ever tried out a Glossybox? What did you think of it? What was your favorite product?"
  8. Hello - a friend and I are just about to launch a blog. It would be great to build some connections in the MUA blogging community! Our blog is more focussed on setting up and running an MUA business, and so hearing stories and tips from as many MUAs as possible, be it through guests posts or interviews is really important. Will definitely join your FB group Martisa if that's okay?
  9. After a bit of research I opted for WP. The next challenge was to pick the theme to use with it. The two main choices seem to be Thesis and Genesis. I ultimately went for Genesis as it's a bit less requiring technical expertise. I would say however that I'd be tempted to use something like Weebly.com in the future...
  10. Hey guys, Just thought I'd share this article I came across last week on the importance of building relationships with other bloggers for the success of your own blog. http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/how-to-grow-your-blog-audience/ What do people think - have friendships with other MUA bloggers helped you to grow your blog? Chris
  11. My MUA friend and I are just starting a blog focussed on the business side of being a makeup artist. We're currently working up articles on everything from registering your business and getting your taxes right to how to manage your email and calendar effectively. We plan to launch properly in October with those kinds of articles, plus interviews with MUAs on how they run their business, and established professionals working in different areas for guidance on specific topics (setting up a website for example) The site will cover the whole journey, to how to run your business effectively, to how to take your brand to the next level. Chris
  12. Hello all, My name is Chris and I'm from Cambridge in the UK. My MUA friend and I have recently started a blog focussing on the business side of being a makeup artist - things like marketing, finances, websites, social media and dealing with huge amounts of admin (i.e. the non-Makeup side of being an MUA) I thought I'd join MakeupTalk therefore, and see what I can learn! Look forward to chatting to you Chris

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