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  1. I have curly, frizzy hair and need to find good quality products that work for curly hair that are also Fragrance Free. I tried a shampoo and conditioner I found in the baby care aisle, but they did my hair no favors. By the end of the weekend I looked like a giant q-tip with a rats nest accent. Any line of products you prefer? I am looking for Shampoo, Conditioner and Gel. Thanks!
  2. Old crone, party of 1 here. Once again not a single make up sample. I won't repost pictures, mine is the same as what's already been posted. Its not just the foils and coupons that gets me. Its the underlying message. Apparently, at my advancing age I am a wrinkled old woman with grey hair falling out who is also going blind. ROC "visibly reduce DEEP wrinkles after just 12 weeks", assuming you last that long. To help you out a couple of Centrum Vitamints, old people have bad breath and poor nutrition you know. A coupon for Rogaine, because clearly the hair isn't what it used to be. A set of cards from Clairol so you can figure out what color your hair used to be, if not for those darn greys. L'Oreal also thinks you can't see color as they sent stickers to put on your face to help you figure out what color foundation to buy. Oh, and should you want to hold together the couple of grey strands of hair you might have left, some hair spray. I'll use the shave cream and body butter, but it sure would have been nice to have a sample of actual makeup instead of a coupon for Star Wars inspired eye shadow from Cover Girl. Here's hoping the sweet young thing box is better.
  3. Thank you for the tips, my heals look terrible, so I want to try it now to see if it works and if it's successful, maybe again before summer sandal season.
  4. I am looking for advice on a good foot exfoliator. I vaguely recall someone on the Subscription Boards talking about a peel that removes the outer layer of skin over a couple of weeks, but I can't remember the brand. I looked on Amazon and there are a lot to choose from. Any recommendations good or bad? I have one on my Amazon Shopping List from Mariposa Aestheics, but I'm not ready to take the plunge until I hear from someone with experience with these things. Thanks!
  5. Even if you factor out the totally overpriced moisturizers, this is a really good deal! Like a dork, I sat and waited for the countdown clock to run out and ordered immediately.
  6. Consistent: Ipsy - Love the bags and they usually send at least two things I actually want and like. Mindful - It's a niche market, but I am that niche. It reinforces my practice every month. Improved: Believe it or not, Beauty Box 5 is most improved for me, for a while I thought I would cancel after my year was up, but then they started sending me fun things that I really liked, so they are here to stay. Worse: Birchbox. I finally cancelled, I just wasn't getting anything that interested me. I have found two products I love with them, but that was early on. Worst: French Box. I loved the first couple of boxes, now I just dread the disappointment. I keep hoping the next box will be better but it never is. I haven't asked for a refund because I keep hoping. I think that might be the definition of insanity.
  7. After a year of old crone boxes I caved and ordered a second box for my alter ego, Shmercury, who just happens to be 30 years younger. Hopefully they're both good boxes.
  8. The Bic Pen was ridiculous to include in a French Box. The poster was a joke. The notebook wasn't much better. I haven't tried the cookies yet, so in total, the only things that were ok about this box were the ones they let us choose, and even that they got wrong, they sent me Poppy when I requested Fig. I get that they were trying to carry out a theme, but this was a fail for me. I wish there was something in the shop that I wanted enough to spend the balance of my annual sub on, but I just keep waiting it out, hoping it'll get better. I do still like the actual box it's packaged in, not $36 worth of like, but it's a nice box.
  9. If you're looking to totally get away from beauty products, I highly recommend Mindfulness Box. The monetary value is about what you pay for the box, but the monthly reminder to stop and be mindful is invaluable to me. I've used everything in each box. Calmbox looks interesting but they are brand new, so I'm waiting to see how well they handle their first 6 months. I've gotten a couple of Yogi Surprise special boxes, not the monthly, and those have also been very good, and very good values. I've never heard of Cosmic and I think Saphire is way overpriced for what I've seen on review blogs. Hope that helps.
  10. My favorite thing in this one, besides the actual box itself, was the bookmark, which wasn't even French. Unfortunately I'm stuck with them for a while longer because I signed up for the year. I definitely would not be paying $36 for this if I hadn't paid in advance. The lesson here is sometimes a discount isn't really worth it in the long run.
  11. There should be an option to not get any of the PYS choices. I have curly frizzy hair, not one of the PYS appeal to me in any way.
  12. I just sent them an e-mail to cancel my subscription. I don't know who that blush was supposed to look good on, but I cannot imagine a high percentage of the population could or would want to pull off that color. I liked the hand cream this month and that's it, which actually was a good month for Petit Vour for me, thus the cancellation. I'm glad that my French Box arrived the same day, because I loved everything in that box.
  13. Apparently if you're old, the only thing that you should be worrying about are wrinkles and shiny hair. I got my old lady box and not a make up item in sight, which is sad because I like make up, even though I am so very old. 8 samples is a great number for $5, but half were foils. I don't mind a couple of foils, but I really would have liked to have seen more variety in this box. I get it, I'm old, I might have wrinkles, but that seriously is not my only interest. I tried the only sample that was a good size this morning, the Ponds anti-wrinkly cream, ok consistency, but does it have to smell like grandma? I'd have to be really desperate to use it again, so it will sit in the drawer with all my other wrinkle cream samples until I finally decide to throw it out. For $5, I'll stick with it for a few more rounds, but maybe I should start lying about my age.
  14. I found this yesterday and have to share. If you Google kloverbox review several bloggers have 25% off coupon codes. That brings the cost done to under $17 per box on a 6 month sub. I haven't pulled the trigger yet, but it seems like a great deal.
  15. My main problem with Petit Vour is that I just don't use the products they've been sending. This was one of the first sub boxes I every signed up for and I don't think I did enough research before I signed up. I've been really lucky with my other subs, this is the only one I really regret. Thanks biancardi for the kloverbox suggestion, I just looked at the reviews for September, October and December and there is only a couple items I wouldn't use in all three months. If I sign up it will be my most expensive sub, but based on what they've sent in the past it looks like it would be worth the money. As soon as I'm done with Petit Vour I will be signing up for it.
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