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    Nail polish! I mainly joined this website to participate in the Julep discussions, and to learn about good polishes/products in general.
  1. Yeah, this is disturbing to me too, since I'm not on the customization program. It's like they're throwing out not-so-subtle hints to us that we should move over to My Maven...or else! Putting Sienna in the CWT box last month was just the beginning, it seems. Guess it's It Girl for me this month!
  2. Yeah, not sure how they're "bringing back this favorite" if it was never gone in the first place...they promise a whole new collection every month, and this really isn't doing it.
  3. The window is open! I picked out the default Bombshell box for now. In the add-on section, they've got some early Black Friday deals on the holiday collection items, which makes me regret purchasing the holiday stuff before when it was more expensive. Oh well...
  4. They reinstated skips?!?! Wow, I didn't think they would. Hooray! http://www.julep.com/blog/maven-update/
  5. Yeah, I'm pretty miffed about that as well. I was never considering going with the CWT box in the first place, but this pretty much cements my decision.
  6. ...and the secret store is up! Finally... I took some snips of the holiday collection stuff if anyone is interested. The first shows the beauty products (including lipsticks) and nail minis, and the second shows the polish duos and trios for the holiday collection. Only some of the duos feature polishes in the holiday collection - others have polishes that have already been released a while ago. There's also the birthstone polish for November (citrine) named Joni and three $9.99 surprises that I don't have in the snips.
  7. redglassfire


  8. I got a notification today (about 5 hours ago) that my Maven box shipped out. I opted for It Girl with no modifications or add ons, so my order was fairly uncomplicated and didn't have any mascara in it. It's definitely the Maven box because I don't have any outstanding Julep orders. Supposedly, it left the Grove City, OH facility and will reach my apartment in California by November 5th.
  9. Thanks for the bottle pics. I was hoping Marzia would be a duochrome, but I guess not. Is Bonnie the featured add-on then? What about the other three (Chantel, Sky, and Beth)?
  10. My bottle of Shailene was exactly like how you described, by which I am very disappointed. I hope I can rescuscitate it with thinner - I think it will work. On the plus side, I checked Julep's FB and, to one person who had this same complaint about Shailene, they asked her to send a DM to them. They may have recognized that they have a formulation problem with it, and maybe they'll rectify the situation on an individual basis. I personally plan on emailing CS about it with a photo. So perhaps all hope is not lost!
  11. I've used the mask once, and it's too early to tell how well it works for me, but I'll describe it as best as I can. The consistency is nice and creamy. It's very easy to apply, and a little goes a long way; the tube probably contains 20-30 uses. When I put it on, it did feel like it was suffocating my skin a bit, but it wasn't terrible like some oily sunscreens. The one thing I don't like about it is the smell. It's mild enough to ignore, though, so it's not a deal-breaker. In my one use, I didn't notice any brightening, smoothing, or firming effects. But, interestingly enough, I did notice that all the pores on my cheeks were cleaned out once I washed the mask off, which I would say was the masks's doing. My non-sensitive skin did not experience any irritation effects, so I can't say if it is irritating to people with sensitive skin or not. I'm definitely going to continue using it to see what other magic this mask can work, especially if I can get some pore-cleansing effect out of it.
  12. I really hope I like the It Girl box or Polish Lovers, because otherwise I will be skipping for sure. Mascara is the one beauty product I will never, ever, ever, ever purchase because I don't like it, and don't feel like I need it. And none of my friends and family would use mascara, so I wouldn't pass it off to them if I received it. I'm holding out against converting to My Maven, so I won't be customizing my box to get rid of the mascara. I must say: the fact that they had two additional polish/product boxes to choose from in October (Mommy's Little Monster and Dark Arts) was a great idea. Maybe if they do that again in November, I'll pick one of those instead. It would be great if they did that every month so that more options are available. At least the sneak preview of the November colors makes them look appealing. Maybe all of them will be just as nice! Fingers crossed!
  13. It seems like the names of the polishes/product in the boxes is now on the Julep website (under Order History). The product is, indeed, what everyone on here thinks it is. The polishes in my CWT box are named DeAnn and Logan. I'm new to Makeup Talk, and I always look forward to the Julep spoilers from you all over here. I joined to participate in the discussions, since they are so fascinating. See you around!

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