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  1. I like lippies so I hope to have another. I'd like an autumn color.
  2. Received mine a few days ago, I've already tried out everything in it. Love it all. I just wish the oil was a spray. Great first bag though (in my opinion).
  3. It looks like everybody (but those that received an e-mail) was waitlisted. I hope being in Cincinnati (one of the first 3 cities announced) makes it easier for me to get off the wait list. I receive 1-3 e-mails from Sephora a day, not one of them even elude to this box though.
  4. Received an e-mail that my bag is on the way. I'm out of town until the weekend, so it'll be a great gift (to myself lmao) when I return.
  5. Thanks so much for answering my previous question (sorry, I forget who it was). I have another question about points, I'm a bit confused. On the website it says Does this mean that you only get 15 points for all 5 items or 15 points per item in your bag? I understand you only get to review each bag one time (which makes sense).
  6. This is my first Ipsy bag, and I'm happy with the items in it =) Everything in it is something that I'd use and I love that they took my profile into account (as I've seen on here that they don't always do so).
  7. What is the ankle band? I actually like the watch, it looks much nicer than the spoiler made it look. Other than that, it doesn't seem like I missed too much (for my personal use anyway). Thanks for sharing.
  8. I can't wait to see everyone's boxes and see just how torn up I am about cancelling last minute lol
  9. Yep. I wish the put years on those spoilers. I happened to go to the 'past' bag thing and click on all the Aug ones available. They were in the 2013 bag.
  10. If I like the box, I may order a second box for myself. My other issue with that is if I get the same thing and it's stuff I didn't like )
  11. Hopefully everybody that stay subscribed gets their boxes soon. I also had to cancel and asked Bianca about possibly getting a box since they hadn't shipped yet. I was told they were shipping on Monday (yesterday).
  12. Do points expire? If so how long do you have until they do? I just joined so only have 100 points (for joining) and want to keep saving them for other rewards - if any intrige me lol
  13. This bag is the one that made me finally try Ipsy. I've been reading reviews and seeing everybody else's boxes since the end of 2013 (so a long time! lol). Shame I just signed up today (after seeing the reviews as I hadn't really been on much the last couple of days), so my first box is in Aug. Hopefully that's some good stuff as well!! I absolutely love the bag for this month though and the octivo (sp?) and coconut lip balm would've been awesome.
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