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  1. Didn't they just have the keds shoes on one of the Add on options only a few months ago? Those were half off the price on the Birchbox site, if I remember correctly. So now it looks like offering those type of add ons have gone by the wayside too even though I don't think I've ever done one (wanted to once but already sold out). Boy BB really is taking away all the perks!
  2. So are they no longer doing the add-ons that actually ARE discounted if you do the add on and instead just listing a bunch of regular priced stuff from their website?
  3. I am so glad I did not sign up for the past two boxes (june and july) as there aren't any boxes I've seen posted online that I covet.
  4. LOL the excuse of using the reviews to customize our boxes better is a joke. I've used their beta version of the profile for a long time now and the extra questions and limits really hones in better on what you would like or not like in your boxes but my boxes STILL sucked and were worse than ever. I got better boxes without the beta, which makes no sense. So I don't believe them at all- I think they are saying that to try to get people to continue leaving reviews even though there is no longer points for doing so. They KNOW that people will forgo the reviews without an incentive so acting like there is one (better boxes) is how they are going to try to get people to continue to do so. Lies. Just like the beta version was promised to give me better boxes with more makeup when, in fact, the opposite happened -several boxes straight with not a single makeup item!
  5. No but I recently quit both boxes so they probably only send it to some subscribers.
  6. Oh great, another change I'm not happy about. Looks like I will no longer be an Ace for the first time since the conception of the ACE program, unless they start doling out the 20% codes again which is very UNLIKELY to happen. Bye bye birchbox.
  7. H_D

    No anniversary code?

    My 2 year anniversary on one of my boxes was in February but I didn't get the code until April! So they are still giving them out but perhaps later than normal?
  8. well I LOVED their point system and often found myself buying products I normally bought elsewhere from them when they offered a discount code because of the points. And sometimes I only re-subbed in order to get one of the PYS I wanted and more points since I haven't been wowed by their samples lately. I spent ALOT of money in their shop. This will completely stop me from re-subbing ever again unless they have a curated box I HAVE to have (hasn't happened so far) but if we still get points for buying things, I may still buy from them but only if I get a discount code too, which those too have really are far and few between these days! I saw this coming awhile back. Too bad. It was fun while it lasted....
  9. That is funny because I was one of the first subscribers too and NEVER got foil packets unless it was a little side addition to my 6-7 items (so I'd actually get 8 items) but never in place of a regular product, like they do now. My boxes used to average 6-7 items every time and they actually were matched to my profile- 2-3 of them would be makeup, just like I wanted. And I almost always got a full sized product in a box and the sample sizes were always deluxe, not the puny ones they are now. I DO get foil packets now and the samples are so very tiny now, they pale in comparison to how the boxes used to be. I can't remember the last time I got a full sized product and the products rarely match my profile. I am inundated with skincare and haircare and nailpolish, none of which I want and most that are NOT okay for sensitive skin, which I stated on my profile. I went 3-4 months at times without a single makeup item which is all I really want, and I even have the Beta profile questions which is suppose to be more precise and accurate than the regular profile questions most people have. That BETA has been a big FAIL for me. Anyway, BB is not what it used to be. I really miss the first few years!
  10. I personally like Elta MD products that are physical sunscreen only- Pure spf 47 (10.0% Zinc oxide, 5.5% Titanium dioxide) and if you like tinted, their UV Physical SPF 41 (9.0% Zinc oxide, 7.0% Titanium dioxide) is nice. I also like Paula's Choice sunscreens. Paula's Choice tinted one- the Resist Super light SPF 30 is nice with 13% zinc oxide. I heard good things about the one you mentioned @@pearldrop - La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Mineral Tinted Ultra-Light Sunscreen Fluid. Do you think it would work for someone who is fair? Many of the tinted ones are too dark/yellow/orangish on my fair skin (neutral/pink undertone).
  11. I use sunscreen every single day, rain or shine, but the sunscreens all have chemical spf in it and I don't use chemical SPF, only physical.
  12. PYS choices are terrible. Not interested in anything this month so will not be doing a box.
  13. Thank you @@AshJs3 and @@Reija! Kind of pricey for a basic tenny!

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