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  1. Hmmmm.... interesting box showing right now: 1. Vera Bradley Vanilla Sea Salt Body Lotion 2. Vera Bradley Vanilla Sea Salt Perfume 3. Beauty Protector Blonde Toning Shampoo 4. Oribe body wash 5. Briogeo deep conditioning hair mask 6. MILK lip and cheek tint 7. Balance Me Radiance Face Mask Seven items, but three of them are hair products?! and two are vera bradley?! And it doesn't even matter that it's a seven item box because there are no more points to redeem
  2. Here's the link to the featured box: https://www.birchbox.com/shop/top-rated-time-savers-featured-box
  3. September spoiler.... I went to cancel and this popped up. Looks like we will be choosing a MILK product.
  4. Box spoilers are live! Both of my boxes are showing the curated box, but I chose the dry shampoo paste as my sample on one of them. Hoping this is just a glitch!
  5. alright.... I am actually pretty excited about the dry shampoo paste and the featured box. Darn you, birchbox sucking me right back in. Although I do think this will be my last month with 2 boxes.
  6. In regards to the "new annual subscriptions get 200 points" - I think they are desperate for some cash flow with so many people leaving and want that year of $$ up front. If they were struggling before I can't imagine they are doing any better now.
  7. Got my boxes today. The Oribe shampoo and conditioner are foil packets ugh.
  8. Just FYI I was able to review my boxes this morning. One curated, one not. Get those points before 7/11!
  9. Just FYI I was able to review my boxes this morning. One curated, one not. Get those points before 7/11!
  10. Excited about my seven item box! Wish I would've gotten the dr. jart water drop moisturizer. Also, I am typically able to review my boxes before the 10th of the month, so I would say to review your samples before you get your box so that august can be your last month!
  11. I picked curated on one and smashbox on the other. This is my last month with birchbox.
  12. I did!! Thought it was interesting that one of the questions asked how likely you were going to stay subscribed to birchbox.
  13. Did anyone see the video that Katia posted on Facebook? I wasn't able to watch it (on a cruise right now and I couldn't get it to load with the wifi we have), but I'm curious what everyone else thought. The comments on the video were pretty mixed. Like most of you I am SUPER bummed about the points, but I sorta of figured something like this was going to happen when one of the founders left. I'll be canceling my main box after July and cashing in my points and then I'll end my gift sub in December when it runs out. Honestly though I will feel very bad for them if they end of closing shop.
  14. That's pretty frustrating. A lot of people base their PYS on having the curated box available for sale. They should make this sort of info know at the sample choice time.
  15. Box 1: Curated Box Box 2: -Real Chemistry Body Peel - This is okay I guess. Not very excited about it bc the sample will probably be small. It sort of bothers me when other PYS choices are in boxes bc I specifically did not choose this for a reason! -Model Co. lipgloss - already getting this in the curated box -Coola face sunscreen - my PYS although I am regretting this a little bc I bought the sephora sun safety kit and now I have a bazillion face sunscreens. - Coastal scents stylEYES eyeshadow - this stuff sucks. Small sample and crappy quality. - amika dry shampoo - pretty sure I have received this before? But probably the item I am most excited about. All in all I would be happy if my box changed!

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