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  1. Updates! The foundation is gone. It got a really nasty consistency at the end and what I used had to be washed off because it was peeling. I'm still using the mascara when I just want a *very* light coat, it's basically gone so I'll toss it soon. I just dropped the palette on my tile floor...oops! It was already no good for travel, but now the mirrored top broke off and won't stay on. Lost some of the Kitten eyeshadow but the rest look fine. It's just going to continue living on my counter for a while; I love the colors but won't feel bad tossing it in a month or two now that it's completely un-tote-able. I've been using the lip glaze a lot, but also the other two that came in the set - I love how they smell and I plan to use them all up by the end of the fall The pressed powder may have dried out a bit? I'm not sure it's doing as much as it should be--I have to really push with the brush to get it out, but I'm slowly seeing more pan.
  2. Yesterday I was at my sister's for dinner and I asked her if she had any lip liners I could have/borrow, since I'm on a no-buy and that's one thing I don't have at all. She gave me two lip liners, two lip primers, a plumper, and a liner/lipstick to keep, and another liner to borrow. As she went through her collection I remembered how extensive it is and that she's such a great resource anytime there's something I really want to experiment with - she probably has it and can teach me how to use it! (She's about to hit VIB Rouge with Sephora and wants to be a pro makeup artist, so she has a lot and knows a lot.) Anyway, I'm glad I asked and I can't wait to give her her birthday present this week. It won't be homemade skincare stuff after all, but some mineral makeup from my last couple of hauls that's similar enough to things I already have that I decided I don't need it and think she'll like it a lot.
  3. It's so important to love everything we buy! I've gotten much better at that with clothes over time, but I'm so new to makeup that I want everything for no good reason at all. I'm constantly coming close to breaking my no-buy by window-shopping online...and filling my cart...and having to tell myself the reasons that I'm *not* pushing that Buy button. And nearly every time, the reason I want to buy it is that it's on sale, not that I'm so in love with the product itself! The things that *aren't* on sale, I'm more likely to tell myself I have to wait and buy later, even though I might really love to have them now. So I'm slowly adding to the list of things I actually need and going to take my time in choosing and buying them. And for now, I don't *need* any makeup at all! Ten days in, this is getting a lot easier, and I know it'll keep getting better =) Y'all are the best.
  4. I think sometimes minimalism is about living in the moment and coming to terms with what is. It's about letting go of desire and being willing to let go of things that aren't serving you in your life - starting with physical objects and moving into other areas of your life. When it comes to minimalist curation, I'm always blown away by Into-Mind. This post about her fall makeup bag, which is down to just 10 pieces, really impressed me: http://into-mind.com/2014/09/21/my-10-piece-make-up-kit-for-fall-current-go-to-looks. I think because she does seasonal reboots she always can reevaluate a few months down the road, but the commits to just a few things in the meantime, and I love that - she does it with capsule wardrobes also. I'm not anywhere near her level of organization, but it still inspires me!
  5. Placed an Ulta order that was allowed according to my no-buy. I had to clarify the rules a bit, since I hadn't quite: 1) No makeup. If I think I need a replacement, see if I can get creative with what I have. This includes no makeup as gifts - I can give gifts from unopened things I have. 2) For skincare and haircare, I can replace things I run out of. Otherwise, I can only buy supplies to make my own. 3) Tools are more flexible. No makeup brushes, but hair/brow/skin tools are OK, especially if I need to replace something. 4) No subscriptions - I canceled all of them. I needed to make it at least a *bit* flexible since I'm on this no-buy for three months! So I bought: Now, here's my dilemma - I would love to get ULTAmate Platinum status, and if I spend $110 more before the year is up, I'll reach it! There's a hair tool I have my eye on that costs $100, so I'm going to see if it goes on sale before the end of the year and/or what else I run out of and need to replace. I won't be spending or breaking my no-buy JUST to reach Platinum as I know it'll only encourage me to spend more next year! Edit: haven't decided my rule about nails. I'm thinking no polish, but other things are okay - I'm not sure on this one yet though.
  6. Passing up yesterday's Smashbox lunchtime deal was HARD. I really want that brush set! But I'm so proud of myself....it's going well! I know many of the holiday sets won't be available in January, but those that are will (hopefully) be on great sales and I'll be able to pick up something that I love =)
  7. Ooh, very exciting! I'm looking forward to it! I posted about my brushes in the "What brushes do you have?" thread, and I don't really have a lot of specific tips beyond that (although I've now tried the Bare Escentuals kit I got and I really like it overall). But I will throw in the types of things I'd love to see in a brush guide! - A list of what brushes one would need for various tasks: face, eyes, contouring, etc. - Suggestions for each of those sets of brushes at 3 different price points (at least) - Best brushes/brands by skin and makeup type - Shortcuts to multitask with brushes (using them in other ways than their intended purpose) - A minimalist "perfect brush kit" if you're trying to get away with using as few as possible - General reviews of every major brand of brushes Really, there's a million things you can do with this - the sky's the limit! Those are just a few of the things I know I'd find interesting.
  8. Thanks, @@annatomical! I've decided to cancel for now and when/if my income goes up in a few months, I'll resubscribe. Goodebox does an every-other-month subscription and is half the cost anyway, so that's a better option for me if I really want a subscription in the meantime. However, I'm on a no-buy til the end of December so I'll hold off til at least then. In other news, applied for another job today! It'd be great to supplement my income and get my debt paid off quickly. Wish me luck!
  9. Does it make you look pale to the point of being sickly? Is the undertone too blue or something? It seems like you should be able to keep using the foundation as you have been, but you need to add back warmth and glow after you apply it. You should definitely keep using bronzer in addition to a rich, warm blush. You can also add a finisher with a warm glow, like The Body Shop's Brush-On Radiance. Try a lot of combinations of blush and bronzer and see what helps!
  10. Officially canceled!! And it's the easiest thing EVER - you just hit "skip" or "unsubscribe"; when you do the latter the button changes to "resubscribe." There's no quiz or trying to convince you to change your mind, or anything. I'll definitely be coming back to Wantable in the future!
  11. The Body Shop's Brush On Radiance gives a nice glow (very subtle). My sister has the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette as well as the blush version and she absolutely raves about how they give you a glow from within. Are you going for a shimmer look? Dewy kind of glow? Generally I'd suggest bronzers to create a glow but I'm not sure whether that's what you mean or more of an allover look.
  12. Halp - Wantable subscription is TOO GOOD! Last month, in a frenzy of makeup-buying, I signed up for several subscription boxes I can't afford. Within days, I'd canceled all but Wantable, though I will still be getting the first month of Goodebox and Untoxicating Beauty in the next few weeks. Anyway, when I canceled Goodebox they asked a lot of questions about how I liked it so I figured I'd wait to cancel Wantable until I had the box in hand. Now I don't want to let it go. I got four items: a Tarina Tarantino Jasper/Agate Eye Dream Highlight Duo ($19), a Vincent Longo Volume Plus Mascara ($25), a Liberty Republic Spellbound Nail Lacquer in Aura ($14), and a Mica Beauty Cosmetics lipstick in Coral ($25) - a total value of $83 for just $36! And they're a total surprise, and while I haven't tried them yet, they all look like things I'll love. I'm keeping this box for sure, but how do I make myself cancel the subscription? Other than reminding myself that I'm on a no-buy, and I don't have money for it right now, and...yeah. I've been going strong, but HALP ME PLEASE!
  13. The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation Brush Eyeshadow Brush Smudger Brush Stila [Pro Artist Brush Set] - #5 All-over Shadow Brush - #7 Crease Brush - #13 Eyeliner Brush - #21 Contour/Blush Brush - #33B Concealer Brush Real Techniques [starter Kit] - Base Shadow Brush - Deluxe Crease Brush - Accent Brush - Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush - Brow Brush [Duo-Fiber Contour Collection] - Face Brush - Contour Brush - Eye Brush Bare Escentuals 2-in-1 Heavenly Face & Eye Brush [Problem-Solving Brush Collection] - Multi-tasking Kabuki Brush - Flawless Buffing Brush - Dual-sided Concealer Brush - Contour & Blend Fan Brush - Flawless Finish Brush Others Smashbox Contour Brush EcoTools Eyebrow Brush & Lash Comb Too Faced Lip Brush Beautyblender My favorite brushes are my Real Techniques and my foundation brush from The Body Shop. Once I got them, I tossed my old EcoTools set, which was absolutely useless in comparison. They've probably improved over the years and I took terrible care of those brushes, but I wouldn't try them again - I think there are plenty of cost-effective options that I vastly prefer. With Real Techniques, I use the starter kit for my eyes (although I use the Stila brush for eyeliner), and the duo-fiber kit is best for final touches: setting powder with the face brush, blush/highlighter application and/or blending with the contour brush, and I use the eye brush either for setting concealer or for applying eyeshadow. The duo-fiber set is an incredibly light touch, which makes it PERFECT for setting and very gentle blending. I'm totally in love with it. The Stila set was incredibly disappointing. It was a free gift, but the main reason I made the order was to get the brushes; I rarely buy full-price Stila makeup. Anyway, I love the bag and eyeliner brush, and have also been using one of the shadow brushes for concealer - I like it better for that than the concealer brush. They all lose bristles, though (except for the eyeliner brush), so it's not that great for concealer, which I don't want to have to pick at to get bristles out. The brush I've set aside that I'm sure I'll never have a purpose for is the contour/blush brush - it's just too itchy and awful. The Bare Escentuals brushes look great, but are new and I haven't used them yet - I can't wait to try them! As for the others, the Smashbox contour brush is excellent, and I like the Too Faced lip brush; the EcoTools brow/lash brush seems fine and it's the only one of that very old set that I didn't throw out. I couldn't bring myself to buy another when this one seems perfectly okay. I also have two Beautyblenders (one new, one old for traveling) and the Solid cleanser for them. My wishlist of brands I want to try: It Cosmetics for Ulta - pretty much everything but especially Velvet Luxe Qosmedix - anyone tried their brushes? I'm so curious! Crown Brush Sigma
  14. My sister has the NARS one and absolutely loves it. She uses it both to apply and to blend. Personally, I don't do sufficiently detailed contouring to need such a specific application. I did get the Benefit Cabana Glama box and it comes with a tiny, flat, straight contour brush, so I'll be trying that out - @@Queennie mentioned that it's good (although she might have been talking about a bigger one) so that's good to know!
  15. Because my no-spend categories for this season are makeup, books, and alcohol, I'm letting myself spend a little more on some things that I've told myself for a long time that I just can't afford. These include some pricey health supplements and a slew of herbs, essential oils, and other ingredients for making some things (some gifts, some for me). All of this stuff will benefit my health far more than more makeup would. I may have a spending problem, but I'm glad I'm redirecting it to something I can truly feel good about!

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