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  1. I'm sure this has been mentioned but why is global 17 $29.99 plus shipping now? I'm sure I got it for $23.99....
  2. Are there restocked going on? I want moisture surge desperately I loved it!!!!
  3. Lots of new people on here need to catch up - hi everyone
  4. @@WillowCat I would use one at home and see if it works well for you before you take it to the festivals
  5. @@crazysweet Im just out of the shower and I found that it's very serumy and heavy, most Korean hair care I've used is like that - my hair is medium curly I'll see how it turns out when it's dried
  6. Not to be a Debbie downer but I recieved my secret key value box and I think the meme box and I will be parting ways at least for a long time, when my stuff runs out or very low I might come back and see how the boxes are doing but the way they just changed with no kind of explanation really stopped my obsession. I'll still be on the board updating on stuff I've used or if anything tempts me but for now it's bye bye membox. I'm just about to use the black shampoo from the blackout box and the perfect repair conditioner together for the first time I hope it's a great combination
  7. @@Alidolly my skin is looking good although I can't say it because of this product because I'm currently pretty happy with my routine but it's so so weird I agree - the only saving grace is that it foams a little when you mix it with water but the product itself it a total dupe for that Lolll
  8. Please don't read if you are in anyway offended by or grossed out about sex or anything like that:
  9. Ladies this is amazing too small and expensive but amazing!!!
  10. @@Saffyra bella looks beautiful but the photo doesn't show it properly and it looks a little patchy on her lips that's ehy I really want YouTube swatches or swatches like the ones you did
  11. Oh @@Saffyra thank you for the swatches, they are so beautiful and so pigmented! Based on quality I definatly am interested I just hope to find some more good swatches to see the colour choices, oh I wish there was a purples set in their lip colour range I would devour that!
  12. The I'm crayon set is calling me but I'm not sure about the colours, sometimes it looks like three orange peachy shades and sometimes it doesn't depending on the photos
  13. It's a shame I cant find any memebox makeup reviews on YouTube, would love to see swatches before I cave
  14. @@cfisher omg that made me laugh! Next time I use a sheet mask I'm going to imagine a slimy jelly fish on my face or octopus tenticles wrapped around my head

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