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  1. 7 weeks in and I finally hit pan on my first shadow, Naked2. Foxy, WOS and Faint have more even use since I use larger brushes for these colors so it's going to take a while before I hit pan on them. I was SO happy to see pan this morning! It's strange how the 3 lightest shades are very firmly packed while the 3 darker shades are super powdery.
  2. Here's my starting point for the Naked Basics palette. There's the tiniest dip in Naked2. Everything else is barely touched.
  3. Thanks for the encouragement! Unfortunately, I have to put this palette to rest. This morning I spied a tiny bug walking around in it. Eww! So here's my final progress on it. I'm about 70% done with the matte cream, 60% done with the matte taupe and 25% done with the shimmery taupe after almost 7 months of use. I'm going to replace this with the UD Naked Basics.
  4. That being said I'm on a no buy until the mascara madness at Nordies in October when I buy my mascara for the year and the Sephora VIB sale in November when I'll replace my daily basics for the year. But no more eyeshadow for a very long time!
  5. I've been trying to not buy during sales too. I've come to realize that 1. My tastes will change over time before I get to use the items in the stash and 2. There will be another sale next year or whenever I'm ready to make a necessary purchase. I still have so much to get through in my existing stash that I can't afford to add to it right now, no matter how awesome the sale is. And I realized that having something in the stash makes me discontented with the products I'm using. I'm much less fickle if I only have one of something. I can happily use it because I'm not distracted by lustful feelings for other things waiting in the wings.
  6. Kinda lonely here but here's my progress after 5 months. Exciting! I have never hit pan on 3 eyeshadows in the same palette. It's sad that I'm not using the other shadows but they are too cool toned and the cream shadow has a lot of glitter fallout. The matte cream shadow is about 60% used, the matte taupe about 50% used and the shimmery taupe is 25% used. I think that I have learned my lesson and will not be buying large palettes. I really should buy quads, trios or duos, nothing larger. In any case I'm still on an eyeshadow no buy for a loooong time.
  7. Yay, I hit pan on another shadow! Its the shimmery taupe one in the top row.
  8. So I was doing my face and hit pan on my second eyeshadow!
  9. It has been awhile. Here's where I am on the Power Neutrals palette after 4 months.
  10. Oops, I mean the shadows on the right side are the ones I use. Hit pan on the 2nd from the right shadow.
  11. 3 months in and I finally hit pan on my first shadow! It's the cream shadow in the front row, 2nd from the left. I cleared out the back of the pan and finally hit the bottom of the pan. I use this everyday from my crease to my brow. I really only use the 4 shadows on the left side so I don't have high expectations of hitting pan on all the shadows. But it's so good to see progress!
  12. For me, I get that antsy, bored with what I have, wanna try something new feeling when I know I have something waiting in the wings. That's why I'm project panning. I want to clear out my stash so that I only have one of everything. I find that when I only have one of something, I'm totally happy & satisfied using it. After all, that's my only option so I can't long for something else. But knowing that I have 10 other lippies, blushes and eyeshadow palettes makes my very dissatisfied. Ironic isn't it? Sometimes I can't stand it and I toss whatever I'm currently using if it's very near to the end. So I would encourage you to stick it out. Stop the inflow and use up what you have until you're at your ideal capsule collection.
  13. Updated my progress. Finished a bunch of stuff. Here's a picture of the WNW lipstick. Makeup shelf Life is too short to dig out the rest. Added in the Sephora bday gift from last year to replace this (MUF Rogue Artist Natural).
  14. @ love your profile picture. My dog has the same glasses! Poor guy, he has to put up with my daughter. I bought those same UD nail polishes from Nordstrom Rack when they were $5 each. I love the red one, Mrs. Mia Wallace!
  15. I know it looks really pretty but some of the colors are really chalky, which could be my fault for not using it when it was fresh. The shimmery bronze shade is my favorite and goes on real smooth so I do enjoy that color. I am determined to hit pan on a few shades in this palette. I'm not going to try to finish it completely. I want to see how long it will take me to hit pan on an eyeshadow. Like the rest of you can relate, I just HAD to have it then proceeded to squirrel it away for a special occasion. I'm on an eyeshadow no buy for the rest of the year! Ridiculous! The nice thing is that I don't have to think about my eyeshadow in the mornings. I pretty much have it down using this palette. Saving myself from brain fatigue.
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