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  1. I got laid off today and realized I hadn't cancelled my black friday deal. So I've been charged full price for a terrible box. Would anyone like to buy a March box? I don't know where I will be living the next few months. I have no need for a photo album or purse.
  2. They really need to stop with the SeaRx. That hasn't been featured in boxes since last year and I don't think they even carry it in the shop.
  3. I'm not sure what I was trying to do the first time I used the Ouai stuff. I just sprayed it on freshly ironed straight hair and nothing happened. Maybe I was expecting it to make my hair wavy. Anyone remember wash and curl shampoo? "This morning my hair was straight. Then Bill called..." Anyway, my hair felt sticky so I grabbed my Kiss Instawave. It was like magic. I did finish with some regular hairspray.
  4. I couldn't use the ouai spray stuff to create beach waves, but it does wonders at holding a curl with an iron. It's seriously better than Elnett.
  5. My Subscription Addiction has the full spoilers. There's nothing I absolutely have to have or don't want.
  6. My box arrived. Manna Kadar - I'm one of the few whose sample was not smashed. It's a rather cute bronzer/highlighter that I could pop in my purse. Badlands dry shampoo- it seemed to work. I was afraid that it might not work with my hair type. Benefit Brow pencil- meh. Getting really sick of the tiny Barbie sized samples. Acure wipes- I hope these won't cause breakouts. BP oil- I don't really need oil but love the smell of BP so I will try to make this work somehow.
  7. Everything I sent arrived damaged. I used an Ipsy mailer that was marked fragile. Supposedly the cap of something wasn't screwed on tightly. I offered this person to pick different items from my list as replacements. Am I on the hook to either track down replacement items or pay for the item I swapped for? It might just be easier to just swap for the item I received and send it to her. She has tons of good reviews, so I don't think it's a scam. I feel like I have the worst luck in life. It's like nothing good ever happens to me. This probably won't even post in the right spot.
  8. Winky Lux Powder- It has a cute container and I was looking for a new face powder Pacifica Bronzer- also cute container- features a unicorn Ciate- I like getting these tiny nail polishes Tarte Mascara- wanted this from the spoiler It 12 in one hair stuff- this is the only thing I don't think I will like
  9. Mine just says "Can't stop, won't stop." but no items. Based on the comments over at MSA it looks like there is a glitch. Only Liz can see her box which is a curated. Reddit is silent on the topic, which is weird. Normally they know everything first.
  10. I was rather disappointed in my sample pack. It was an OCC Lip tar that appeared to have been opened and an Avene moisture serum. Then I tried to OCC expecting it to be like that Jcat disaster Ipsy sent us months ago. It's a pretty metallic purple shade. And it wasn't mine that was broken/open but one in the bin. Still I would have preferred nail polish or that split end thingy, but this wasn't that awful.
  11. This is turning out to be my all time favorite sub. I must be in their target marketing group or something.
  12. I noticed a thread on reddit that some kits have gone up in price. I bought the IPKN Twinkle set for $18. At some point it was only $15. Now it's up to $25. Someone said their favorite face wash went up about $6. What's even more depressing is that most subscribers will lose ACE status since without points you would need to spend about $700 in the shop.
  13. Originally I picked the curated but got annoyed with all the dupes. All I really wanted was the stila. So I actually had my sample switched to the dry shampoo. I'm hoping they throw in the stila. Otherwise I will buy the curated separately or possibly grab that stila set.
  14. In the spring I started a diet of mostly fruit with eggs and jerky for protein. It was sort of working but temptation was everywhere. Each time I'd make progress I'd want to cheat on my diet or skip exercising for a few days. Honestly the only thing that has helped was downloading pokemon on my phone. I hate treadmills. My kettle bell bores me to tears. But since I downloaded this app, all I want to do is walk around until the battery dies. During lunch I walk around outside the office. As soon as I get home I put on my sneakers and walk around my neighborhood. All weekend long I'm walking around the park. It's only been 3 weeks but all my clothes fit better.
  15. I saw this on Popsugar. I hope they don't do the same thing they did with the shadow palette- make only enough for bloggers and crooked ebay vendors.

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