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  1. So I got my looksbook today and I have to say that I really like it. I think it's a cute way of packaging things but I'm not really sure how much I'll use some of the products. I did cancel my subscription, which lead to some really bad customer service so I'm not goi o resubscribe but I might buy some looksbooks after they come out if the price isn't too high and I like the look o the products.
  2. I ended up canceling my subscription to te looksbook stuff and I decided not to resubscribe to the custom boxes. Most of the time I only like one or two of the makeup options, and I don't like the gift card thing. The problem with the Starlooks giftcard is that you can't use them on certain products or in conjunction with coupon codes. I tried to use a gift card to prepay for the looksbook subscription to try it out and then go an email that said I couldn't use a gift card on that item. I emailed back and forth with them for a bit, but basically I got nowhere and decided to just cancel my subscription.
  3. I finally received my June box today, and I have to say I'm seriously considering canceling my subscription. For what feels like the third month in a row they seem to be using starbox subscribers as a dumping ground for the wear house products they need to clear out. While I get that not every box is going to be a hit, I feel like I shouldn't be getting items I've already received or items in colors no one wanted in the first place.
  4. So I decided to try out the custom box since I could prepay and get one box free, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I have to say that I am 100% against the downgrade in the size of the products in favor of gift cards. For the most part the gift cards were for brands I wouldn't shop at and they were not enough to cover the cost of a single item. I also found out that starlooks "gift cards" are the same as discount codes, which meats I cannot use star points with the giftcards I recieve, which definitely sucks. I'm hopeful that the next box will be better, but I'm not super optimistic.
  5. So I just got all the mystery items I ordered in and I got a few repeats from past starboxes. I know that Starlooks says to contact them if you recieved any items you've ordered before, but do they do anything if its something from a past starbox? I ended up with the precision eyeliner we got a few months back and then the mascara we got last month. I don't care as much about the eyeliner, but I wasn't loving the mascara to begin with and I have a brand new tube already.
  6. So the lipgloss I got is called midriff and I hated it on sight, but I put it over a tipsy pencil and I actually really like it. I;m still not a fan of my lip liner at all. I also ended up cashing in on some rewards points and ordering 8 of the mystery items, so I'm hoping for some good stuff in there
  7. So I got my box today and I have to say I'm not thrilled in the least. There are mystery items this month and the colors are not for me at all. I may actually have to re-purpose the lip liner they sent me as an eyelner and I got a super frosty lipgloss, which I don't hate but it reminds me of being a kid in the 90s and getting shimmery lip balm at bath and body works. The "new item" is actually the only thing that I like and will definitely use. I won't post about it unless asked so I don't spoil things for others
  8. That sounds like a brush to me... not a fan if it is. I'm pretty well set on that front.
  9. I'm so much happier with this box than last months, the lip color is very vampy, and I've been loving golden eyes and berry lips lately so this is awesome. Not sure how much use I have for the glitter, but who knows, maybe a theme party will come up.
  10. Ugh, mine hasn't even shipped out yet, but I dint order it until Friday night so it's not all that surprising
  11. @@zadidoll That's incredibly impressive
  12. I did the same thing and used my birthday coupon on an old box. I am absolutely in love with the blush palette and use it a;most everyday.
  13. Just wondering if anyone else out there is getting the diamond mystery box, apparently there are two new diamond glitter polishes included. I used the code BG74L8U for $5 off and it worked, so I got the box for 20 instead of 25. I figure if nothing else, I can divy it up for Christmas presents.
  14. So I just got mine in the mail today, it's Book 2 for those of you who are curious, and it's very dark, which given my skin tone and hair color looks ridiculous on me. The brush is entirely useless as are the stencils, although others may be able to use those, I just don't pluck my brows a ton because I'm fairly happy with my natural shape. I do like the tweezers and the cream highlight shade, although the card says its supposed to be a powder. I feel like saying the powders can double as eyeshadows is a cop out, because they realized that not all of their subscribers would have a use for this kit. I almost cancelled my subscription and now I'm kind of wishing I did. I just keep telling myself to hold out for December because I want that giant palette.
  15. I emailed Starlooks about this, and I got the expected sorry but try to enjoy it response. Whoever emailed me back was very pleasant. The thing that really turns me off about this box is the lack of variety, which is one of my favorite things about Starboxes. I very rarely get a box that I'll use all the things for, but I'll usually use the majority of it. This box is basically either something you like or something you have no use for, and while I'm sure that many will love this box, a lot of us will have difficulty finding things to like about it.

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