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  1. bookgirl320

    MUT Care Package Giveaway

    My current favorite is Be A Bombshell single shadow in Tempted. I would have never chosen the lovely orange/coral shade for myself, but BoxyCharm knew just what I needed to make my blue eyes pop!
  2. KoreaDepart still has the LJH Tea Tree Essence at $18.80 a bottle. And, I'm pretty sure the cream is in the $28 range. If you're like me, and need backups of your HGs, the shipping is worth it. Honestly, I just got my KoreaDepart haul, and for what I got, everything was incredibly reasonable.
  3. bookgirl320


    My First AB Haul from RRS! Benton High Skin Benton High Lotion Benton Honest Cleansing Foam Holikaholika Honey Acerola Sleeping pack 4 TonyMoly Eye Shadows Etude House Play 101 liner case 27 Sheet Masks from Etude House and Innisfree It's Skin Purple Cream Shadow Stick Tons of Samples and some nice freebies Such a rush...that first haul...can't wait to do it again!
  4. bookgirl320

    Memebox: Korean Beauty Box Service

    TBH, I've been seeing a few companies on the side...but it still smarts a little to be dumped unawares. Knowing me, I'll still take Memebox back...When it comes to matters of the heart and fabulous skin, I can't let go cold turkey...lol...
  5. bookgirl320

    Memebox: Korean Beauty Box Service

    Well, I just picked up a few staples from the Memeshop, and will probably do so a few more times before its farewell. After a whirl-wind romance, I sorta feel like I've been dumped on my ass and given the "It's-Not-You-It's-Me" speech.
  6. bookgirl320

    Korean /Asian Beauty and Skincare Talk!

    Ok...so my skin is going wonky because of all these changes in temperature (gotta love the Midwest). Normally it is Combo/oily, but lately, it's not necessarily dry, but it's super red and sensitive. Can anyone recommend a good serum or ampuole to use? I have my Soy Boi one, or whatever it's called, but it's almost gone. Even though I know the popular comebacks for this, I'm going to say it anyway...My Face Hurts! Help!
  7. bookgirl320

    Memebox: Korean Beauty Box Service

    Ahahahahahahaha... They probably expect a Pavlovian response when they flash the chance of LJH in front of us.....lol
  8. bookgirl320

    Memebox: Korean Beauty Box Service

    I wish I could stay awake to catch at least some of the restocks. Granted, there was only one I really wanted (Hair Salon), but, man, I'm too old to be pulling allnighters just for a Meme-fix!
  9. bookgirl320

    Memebox: Korean Beauty Box Service

    Bedtime for this Beautygeek. If Luckybox #5, #7 or Maskbox #4 make an apperance, send them my love...*sob*...*sniff*...*snort*...
  10. bookgirl320

    Memebox: Korean Beauty Box Service

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner! You might be right, but I can't locate the Brows box to make doubly sure.
  11. bookgirl320

    Memebox: Korean Beauty Box Service

    Ding Dang! This is gonna get crazy, y'all.
  12. bookgirl320

    Memebox: Korean Beauty Box Service

    I am alst the site, but there's nothing in the boxes section. Am I missing something?
  13. bookgirl320

    Memebox: Korean Beauty Box Service

    I'll be up with homework, distracting myself with TesterKorea, and bemoaning my sad state of finances...lol. Actually, I have my Golden Ticket winnings coming to me I(Gwen helped fix the invalid code debacle) so I may do a little more than windowshop. Come on, Lucky number 5!
  14. bookgirl320

    Hello Hello Hello!

    I'm Mimi and I recently became obsessed with Korean skincare and makeup. Since I started my routine, my skin has never looked better and people guess my age a good 10 years below its real number. I love keeping my eyes on swaps and other sub boxes ( I am also a diehard Birchboxer and a bit of a meh Ipsy girl) and once I finish school, I'll finally get to posting all my Memebox reviews on my sad, empty blog. Greetings and see you on the boards!
  15. bookgirl320

    Boxycharm Swaps

    I'm trying to get my hands on the Be a Bombshell eyeshadow in Tempted from the October box. I could just buy it from the site, but where's the fun in that?
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