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  1. I used the Your Box > All Samples > December box + change url date trick to check out my box. I'm surprised all 5 were loaded. If this is indeed the box I get I'm pretty happy with it.
  2. I just emailed them today about my Tea Tree box. Here's the response I got a few hours ago: "HI Sheena, Thanks for reaching out to us! We apologize for the wait, but due to the busy holiday season we've noticed that shipping takes a few days longer. Please allow one more week for your package to arrive Regards, Memebox Global Team" So yeah, they're not really doing anything as far as I can tell, since as of today I got the response you got a week ago lol. Uggghhhh, gonna have to dispute this too.
  3. I'm feeling a little done with Memebox right now. I totally understand that the boxes are surprises as far as the content goes, but I'm really disappointed that the images, themes, and descriptions are stretches at best. The price of the Aromawiz bath bomb is insane, and I just read about the 1st place winner getting jacked for her points as well as the newest vlogger collaboration. It's all such a bummer. I really do hope Memebox can find a way to cancel any orders using whatever code the winner got. Sorry that was so negative. I have been plenty happy in the past; just feeling a little over it I suppose. At the end of the day it's just a business and there are plenty of other companies to give my money to, lol.
  4. I'm a little bummed about the Cleopatra box, but this is because I make bath bombs, soap, and have a huge BPAL perfume collection. I'm just glad the included perfume isn't for my ladybits or something, lol. I would've preferred the Empress or Wonder Woman box. Oh well!
  5. Huh, I only got 3 points today for my broken eyebrow powder from my Skinfood box ($29 with 5 items, I think). However, I do realize the brow powder is probably a pretty low-ticket item.
  6. I just had my first shipping casualty. The eyebrow powder from my Skinfood box arrived broken. I sent customer service an email with pic, and was totally surprised to get an email back within a half hour. The reply said that they applied 3 points to my account to make up with it, but I'm kind of bummed because I was hoping for a replacement. I guess I'm satisfied? Haha, either way it was just an eyebrow product so I'm not too bummed out over it.
  7. Oh, I totally forgot about the Chocolate Mania and From Jeju boxes! Those will definitely be ones I try to grab if they come up again.
  8. So whatcha guys waiting for, sad that you missed, and glad you avoided? I've got the Skinfood, My Lovely Boutique, Cleanse & Tone, Cleopatra and Tea Tree Cosmetics ordered. Skinfood should be here soonish. I'm bummed that I didn't get the Wine & Cheese or the Innisfree box, but glad that I didn't do the Etude or Face Shop.
  9. Memespies! I'd love to see a collaboration with Biohazardous Beauty! She's got over 2 million Facebook likes and is how I found out about Memebox. I'm dying just thinking about the kinds of awesome boxes she would make.
  10. Oooh, I would love milk or snake items. I wouldn't be too bothered by an eyeliner; I think I'd rather have that than like a cuticle oil for example. Thanks for your input! I think I'll go Tea Tree and Cleopatra then.
  11. Off the bat I was thinking Tea Tree and Cleopatra, but I liked the Oil Therapy spoiler and that it's a golden ticket thingy... whatever that really means lol. I am trying to avoid hair and body though, and that Oil description sounds like it probably has those in it.
  12. I can't decide... Of Tea Tree Cosmetics, Cleopatra, and Oil Therapy, which two would you all get? ETA: Going to buy before the $2 credit expires.
  13. Oh, I totally didn't even know they'd done The Face Shop before! Skinfood it is.
  14. I'm waffling between The Face Shop and Skinfood boxes. What do you guys think? I'm leaning towards Skinfood because of the two I know that brand the best and fingers crossed there will be Royal Honey products in it. I'm happy I missed the Etude box since I've tried most the products in it. However, I'm totally kicking myself for missing the Holika Holika box.
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