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  1. New Vegas mini collection out today - not many items in the collection but includes bombs for the toilet! Missed the pumpkin collection as released when I was in my bed (UK time) and most had sold out by the time I logged on. At least the zombie collection will ship out next week.
  2. thanks @@biancardi think I'll give that one a miss then. Thought it might be like the Oogie boogie soap which has a fantastic scent of cinnamon (plus the fun bugs lol!).
  3. They had a few issues when it was released with the free shipping code not working or only partially working (I'm still owed a couple of dollars after being overcharged). Just wish they'd give more details about the scents used as being in the uk its a gamble (expensive one as well) if its not great.
  4. For those that haven't already seen it, there is a Halloween box been released. Its NOT part of the subscription but a stand alone box with a "Zombie" theme. No details as to scents (though hope its not rotting flesh!). Boxes vary from $19.99 to $34 depending on location. They messed up on the free shipping but will refund seemingly so free shipping.
  5. Finally received the fall box and its ok..I like the perfume oil in the little atomiser and te whipped cream but that's about it. The shampoo bar is the one item I'm really disappointed with as really wanted to try one of those but dislike the scent and not sure I could walk around all day with it wafting near my nose / ditto the pomade. Oh well, one less spending spree when the collection is released at the end of the month! Am looking forward to seeing the Pumpkin items though will likely have sold out by the time I manage to log on. I really hope the winter box is a good one with some real Christmas scents in there. I'll post as soon as I see what it'll be (or if someone beats me to it lol!)
  6. Thanks - though only had the Peter Pan themed box so far so not sure about previous box smells. Love cinnamon (their Oogie Boogie soaps are so much fun). See they've re-released the Sally whipped cream again - what Scents are in that one as the description is somewhat lacking in the top, middle and base note. Its expensive to ship to the UK so I don't want to chance buy if I end up hating it. TIA
  7. What's the scents like in the new box? Is there a stand out product as my box has only just departed from US soil so will be at least another week. Wish they'd sent out the international orders a bit earlier so everyone received their box about the same time.
  8. Probably wont get my box until the 20th as takes longer to reach the uk but glad its a good one. Also waiting on and order from their Christmas in July sale but that'll have duty to pay so add an extra 2 wks for the letter and processing time lol!
  9. @@littlemissnurse it depends where you live. If in the US the. Its a great sub. If overseas then no, its not as great. The box has samples sizes of the products but they also send out a $10 voucher for the new collection when its released. The releases as US time (so middle of the night UK time). If in the UK and want to redeem the voucher the shipping charges are extortionate (minimum $17 and the fast rate starts at well over $50 for anything!). Also usually charged import duty as they put actual costs on the package so anything >£15 will attract duty of at least £15 so makes it very, very expensive to buy products from them, even with the voucher! Autumn box will include bath powder, hair pomade, hair shampoo and atomiser (refillable) plus the cookie and a few other items. Vanilla, wine and cinnamon main scents. Ship this week
  10. Autumn box ships next week and the theme is Old Holywood. Will include a small atomiser as well as pomade, OCD, whipped cream and cookie (with mulled wine scent). Other scents include cinnamon so defo autumnal. (posting as no one else has updated for autumn box and thought new members might like to know theme).
  11. And before the request for me to be banned from the site are submitted, I'll save you the bother and won't be posting any time soon. If Lorna wants to provide an update of her involvement then that will be up to her. I just hate to see companies treating customers like mushrooms or worse and while you may well have had excellent relations with this company, other people have had the complete opposite.
  12. @@MissJexie sorry you feel that people should not be informed of what this company has been doing to one of their customers and that it should be swept under the carpet. Unlike yourself, I am however VERY aware of what has happened here as I've been in personal contact with the Lorna about it. I realise they are a small company which rely on blogger endorsement but I'd never want to be associated with a company that continually seem to lie to their customers and even presented with the evidence try to maintain it had nothing to do with them. If they have interns then these people so pass any concerns directly to the CEO / managing director to deal with immediately. That's what GOOD businesses would do - not apportion blame on the individual customer when they attempt to take a large amount of money from from their account. It was Lorna's bank that contacted her as they were so concerned by the amount (my bank would do exactly the same and immediately cancel the card). Instead of trying to work WITH lorna to get to the bottom of this and resolve quickly, they have ignored her (and @@theori3 emails). For THAT reason I wanted to warn others to take care with this company. I will not post on any of your beauteque photos again and hope you are never affected by this shitty little company.
  13. They are going for plausible denial - wasn't us your honour - a big boy did it and ran away!! Typical response...
  14. Didn't mean to post then run, my dog had an op today so he's currently crying (he's to wear a cone all week) so head pounding from the Shiba scream. Just hope Beauteque notify everyone affected and make a public apology..though I doubt it given the lies they've told about shipping in the past. Barge and pole spring to mind.
  15. Beauteque seem to have had a major security breach or something as they attempted to take vast sums of money from some people's accts (to the tune of $5000!!). If anyone has purchased or has a subscription, I'd immediately check your acct and see if there has been any attempt to remove money. [i was notified by another member about this and is quite rightly fuming as she's had to cancel the card]. Hopefully its a one off and no one else has had the same thing happen but better to do a quick check online / by phone with your bank / CC just in case. [and no, I'm not trying to scaremonger, the person involved may post about it but with it being raised about emails sent I thought it worth mentioning in case there are others affected as would hate people to be charged twice or extra money and not notice - especially if its not a big amount like this one was). Edit - on mobile so spelling mistake with tiny screen!

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