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  1. I don't think it makes any sense either. I know I am not going to fill out reviews when there is no incentive to do so. Nothing about this makes sense or seems right to me. I'm wondering what next months box will be like, but then again I don't feel like anything will change. I don't see how they can tailor it to our interests without reviews unless they start using the profile quiz.
  2. I just chatted with a birchbox CS rep as I have heard so many different stories as to whether we are only getting 5 reviews per year or 5 reviews period. I spoke with Catia and she said that it is for sure only 5 reviews period after July 11th (she made it clear that it would not be 5 reviews per year). She explained to me that they are trying to focus more on the reviews in order to help us get boxes that would appeal more to us. She said they want to use our reviews to help decide what products to put in our boxes basically. She also said after the 5 reviews are used up we will only be able to gain points by referrals and buying things in the shop. I personally don't understand only giving us 5 more reviews period. Why even bother with that? It just seems silly to me. Also, the points system is the main reason why I have stayed subbed to BB for so long. If the boxes don't improve in the next couple of months I am canceling.
  3. I really want to try this! I picked it up as an ipsy perk recently.
  4. I want the primer or the brow products.
  5. The whole thing is a mess. I'm just waiting to get an email saying that BB will longer be offering a monthly sub box. I am really disappointed about the new points system. I guess I'm going to go ahead and cash some points in.
  6. I got the Marcelle as well because that's the only mascara I hadn't tried yet and the curated box didn't really appeal to me.
  7. The second spoiler is an Ofra pro magnetic palette
  8. Overall, I really liked this box! The bite beauty lippie is a wild color, but I actually liked that it pushed me out of my nude/red comfort zone. I love the formula and I definitely want to pick up some more colors. The tarte lip liner was small, but it was so cute and I really liked it as well. I always like getting masks and I am in love with the rose smell of the Korres one! I liked the origins sample masks as well.
  9. I absolutely love champagne pop and I have two other Becca highlighters that I adore as well. Becca's blushes are very pigmented so I have to use a light hand when applying, but I love them! I will definitely be looking into getting this palette. They are also releasing an eyeshadow palette too.
  10. I'm not thrilled about my bag this month. I'm getting: Smashbox mascara (excited to try this) Hanalei Lip treatment (ok) Jelly Pong Pong Bronzer duo (meh) Aurora Gel Effect nail polish ( I continuously rate nail polish bad and still get it) Avene Micellar lotion cleanser and makeup remover (Ok)
  11. I have also tried the foundation and I love it! I keep meaning to try the blush, but then I never pick it up for some reason. I think it's because I'm stuck on the Too Faced blushes lol
  12. I will second the Kat Von D. I always reach for it when I need something full coverage. I suggest applying it with a beauty blender and use a light hand though because a very small amount goes a long way. I work 12 hour shifts as a nurse and that holds up through the whole shift.
  13. I am loving that snap bag!! I hope I get those face masks and a lippie
  14. I think I'll stay unsubbed for now. Nothing in this box excites me enough to resub.

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