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  1. For me: Recipe Spray Essence Water Heartface Ultra Pore Care Sleeping Pack Vedacell Hairich shampoo (cannot easily replace this AFAIK ) Pure Smile Snail Lip Treatment Dr. G Bling Bling BB Beauty People Eyeliners
  2. To be honest those Lassie'el packs aren't amazing - I've only used the pearl so far, mind- but I didn't have any adverse reactions to the one I tried. I like them because I travel a lot; they are the perfect size to take away rather than decanting and having little pots full of half-used product when I get back. Haven't tried the avocado one yet but once I have tried them all I will do a detailed review. It's true, I'm being swung by the adorable packaging, but as a product for occasional use and convenience I really like them. I think they do have alcohol in them - they do evaporate/dry quickly in the same way that other products I've tried with alcohol do (originalraw first essence, holika red wine sleeping pack, the hologram serum). My skin doesn't mind that, though.
  3. Finally! thanks so much for spotting these. They are quite pricey as usual for request items but you can get 2 uses out of each mask so for 4 uses it's not too bad. I have lots of the pearl one so am mainly buying egg and avocado.
  4. Oh are you getting some strange Swedish traffic from meme somehow? Yeah, any big city would work really. Trend aside there is a moderately big expat and Asian community in most, esp with big international student community. And kbeauty keeps making headlines...
  5. I agree. I CBA to review any of mine for points now but I've found it quite amusing reading all the catch up reviews people have been putting out, esp international bloggers.
  6. Interesting re Karl Loo and the UK. They would be mad to step totally away from this market, it is just starting to heat up and I'm sure even brick and mortar kbeauty stores would do well in London (surprised there isn't one devoted to kbeauty yet outside the small ones in Chinatown) I am not that impressed by the us box that was launched today so wouldn't be falling over myself to get similar if it were launched in the UK. That said, I might buy the odd box if it had a couple of hard to source products I wanted to try (not Tony Moly, Baviphat, Etude House etc... can order those direct!) I dont think meme will ever go back to being the addictive pleasure it once was (I've seriously never had anything make me shop so compulsively before) but given I want to try and use my stash before it expires that is probably a good thing.
  7. Lassie'el Night Miracle? (to UK) - I did request this on TK along with others but seems they have difficulty sourcing it.
  8. I am really disappointed by meme's decision but I can see why international shipping poses a lot of risks for a big company - they routinely flout customs laws by misdeclaring value (I know TK etc also do this but I don't think they have the same size customer base) and the bigger you get, the more attention you get. Then all the issues with damaged/missing/delayed shipments, and the fact that it is quite expensive to ship from Korea (much more than $6.99 for say 1.6kg) - I think the margin on the international stuff is quite low, and the customs issues present risks, and it just isn't attractive enough considering these factors. Of course this does beg the question why you would bother selling boxes with minimal margins to attract a large international customer base, then unceremoniously dump them - and why you would routinely run dodgy/illegal competitions and break trademark law. Meme makes some terrible business decisions at times, perhaps because they grew too fast and didn't know how successful international would be when they thought of positioning it along those lines. Really they should be hiring a commercial lawyer as well as all these brand/guru people. Intrigued by 'lucky' clearout box 14, which will be my last box, I will be amused by the surprise factor at least! I have a Smaug-sized hoard of K-beauty now so looking forward to just working through it and reviewing as I go.
  9. The guidelines don't really make any sense tbh - unless they specified you must have used the product you're not getting much more than first impressions. It's why it takes me so long to review things at the mo (too many products on the go to open new versions without being wasteful).
  10. I'm ignoring this shady review contest... I already have all the boxes I want and if meme isn't going to ship to me I don't see why I should give them publicity.
  11. Another one here with the remainder of the luckybox bundle due... my 13 hasnt shipped either as far as I can tell. If they cancel the rest of the order I will be hugely pissed! Other than that, strangely not bothered about the end of international meme...I haven't bought any new boxes this year and have only bought restocks/value sets. Ive also made 2 tk/koreadepart orders instead. I've been leaving them for a while, I think. Gonna rebrand my blog as reviews of individual k-beauty products, no meme focus. That's OK, I have some great things on the way from mask genie and TK :-)
  12. Lorna will you PM me about the YET stuff too? I have a few masks from meme (and some from koreadepart)...

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