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  1. I cancelled my sub in April, and I was secretly May and June would wow me enough to come back, but so far ... nothing. I wish they would have followed up on the holographic polish promises instead of adding more and more makeup items
  2. I ended up with the lip liner in Bare and the gloss in Satin. I like them both, but I was hoping for items with more pizzaz. Starlooks was really the best makeup sub around. I joined So Susan Lip Love and even though you get more items, the quality isn't the same!
  3. My skin has finally recovered from it's winter freak out. I need to replenish my k-beauty ampoule/essence/serum stash. I was looking at The Saem Power Ampoule Hydra. Has anyone heard of it or had any experience with it? I'm looking for something that will work well for retaining moisture in dehydrated skin.
  4. The phrasing in my email made it sound like it was starting in May, but maybe I'm misunderstanding it!
  5. Shouldn't the April look book be up by now? Do you guys think they'll even do one considering it's the last month before the format change? This was confirmed to me by Starlooks CS in my cancellation email. Unfortunately, I had to cancel because the Canadian/US exchange rate was getting too out of hand to keep my US sub boxes going.
  6. I wish I would have saved my rewards for these. I cashed them out last week for some Tender Glosses.
  7. I believe you have to spend $15 and then add a full priced polish to your cart and you can use the code.
  8. I find this happens a lot to my Julep top coats and base coats. They work well the first few times and then end up a gummy mess.
  9. I was so underwhelmed with this month's box. I gave it to my niece as play makeup. I really hope April is something spectacular since it's the last box before the format change.
  10. Did anyone buy anything from the Secret Store? I really only did so I could use the GETCOLOR promo and pick up some of the glitter polishes I was missing. Apparently you can use the promo code twice, and Ebates is now 5% on Julep orders so it was a great deal all around.
  11. This is my last paid month and I'm pretty sure I'm going to cancel because I'm drowning in polish, so I decided to use my Jules to get as much as I could. Turns out, it's not that much lol.
  12. I just wrote them an email explaining how disappointed I was in the change. I initially joined because Starbox was one of the few remaining all-makeup subscription boxes, and having some of the value of the box going towards gift cards I can't use and have no interest in is a real issue for me. I am so tempted to join Wantable Makeup now, even though with exchange and shipping to Canada, it will probably cost me about $70 a month.
  13. Anyone get the email yet about the sub change? I don't think I will be participating since I'm not a fan of paying to receive coupons in sub boxes. Most of them don't work for me anyways since I'm international.
  14. Yep, it was on Jane's Instagram. I'm really hoping for more than just Silver, since they already have one with Tin Man.
  15. Has anyone gotten their shipment notification yet? I've always received mine by the 12th, so I'm getting impatient!

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