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  1. Ugh, I just got a package today with that exact mystery pack. I'm going to contact CS too and hope they agree to send out a replacement.
  2. @ Do you spray the Ouai stuff on your hair before or after using the iron? I love the look of big iron curls, but they fall out on me pretty easily. So far Elnett has worked best, but I'll have to give this stuff a try! I have a small bottle from Sephora play.
  3. I cancelled my ipsy for this month, and looking at the spoilers has validated that decision. There's nothing that particularly stands out to me. I hope everyone gets at least a few of the items they really want!!
  4. Here are a couple more possible spoilers for September's box: -Modellaucher brow pencil (advertised as "in every box" - which in GB's lexicon translates to "in some boxes") -Vince Camuto fragrance -Sally Hershberger dry shampoo -Borghese mascara (man, GB has been all up in this brand's sh*t lately) source: http://www.beautyconsultantmagazine.com/home/2016/08/29/glossybox-partners-with-artist-antonio-soares-for-the-fashion-edition-this-september/ also, this Instagram post: (I can't tell what the two little vials are between the dry shampoo and the fragrance.)
  5. @@Bizgirlva that looks like a solid box! Nice! I'm curious - how long have you been subscribing to Glossybox?
  6. My September box is already loaded! -Beautiful Nutrition Lemon Rinse -Bioderma Sébium H2O -Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek (PYS) -Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara -R+Co ANALOG Cleansing Foam Conditioner This is a mostly good box for me. The only thing in it I've tried before is the lemon rinse, which was in a Glossybox and I loved it - happy to get another. I'm eager to try to cleansing conditioner and the milk cheek tint. I was initially stoked to see Bioderma in there - but then I realized it's the variant for oily and blemish prone skin, and my skin is dry/very dry (and is indicated as such on my profile). Bioderma makes a variant of this product for dry skin too. Maybe if I bring this to their attention after I get my box they'll send out the dry skin one? (Eh, probably not.) The unfortunately named mascara will go in a box with the 900 or so mascara samples I already have.
  7. To be honest, none of these are really doing anything for me, but the video says all subscribers will get one of the three Milk items. In that case, I'm going for the blush/lip tint, primarily to avoid the other two. I hardly ever use cream highlighter, plus I already have several. Between the 900 unopened mascaras currently in my possession and the mediocre reviews the Ubame mascara has received, I'll pass on that. The curated box seems a bit boring. Some of those are great products, like the Dr. Jart+ and the Vasanti, but like @@bliss10977 , I've seen 'em and tried 'em all before (4/5 of them).
  8. Noooooooo! I hope they send a replacement!
  9. There's (finally!) what looks to be an August full box post on Instagram: Looks like: -TooFaced mascara melt off -trifle cosmetics lippie -Fango body polish -Wella hair oil -some type of after sun lotion -invisibobble hair ties I would be decently happy to get this box - there are at least 3 things I would definitely have immediate use for (lippie, body polish, and hair ties), and the hair oil and after sun would get used eventually. The only item I'm iffy about is the mascara remover (which is of course the one "guaranteed" item). I have pretty sensitive/allergic eyes, and I've read a couple reviews that this stings or otherwise doesn't work so well for sensitive eyes. I will say that those are my favorite hair bands. They really don't leave ponytail indentations, even if used on damp hair - and I have fine, textureless, stick straight hair that typically dents like nobody's business.
  10. Glossybox has released a second spoiler: Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait Buttery Lip Cream http://experience.glossybox.com/us-2016-august-sneak-peek/ The TooFaced mascara remover is allegedly "in every box," but they said that about the Nuxe oil last month, and we all know how that went down.... There's no similar promise made re: the lipstick, but I would be happy to receive one for the packaging alone - I mean, seriously, that's a PUG on one of them! But based on my experiences with Grouchybox (oops, er, Glossybox) the last couple months, my box variation will probably consist of 3 Sinful Colors polishes, self tanner, and a dead spider.
  11. Well, I'm interested in trying more products from this brand....I just hope that the sample sizes are a bit more generous than those ludicrously tiny lip samples they've put out in the past...
  12. I'm getting: ThisWorks (moisturizer that does 27 other things) Winky Lux Complexion Powder Peter Lamas Supreme Radiance Complexion Booster IT-Cosmetics gel liner (snooze) Beau Gachis sponge This bag is just ok for me. It’s not super exciting, but everything will get used eventually, except maybe the radiance complexion booster. I like that it has retinol, but it looks really dark on ipsy’s page....
  13. Box twins! Don't lose hope on the Accure wipes - they were in the curated box this month, and I think I saw somewhere that it was a pack of 12 wipes of something. (I really hope I'm not making that up.)
  14. The bags are interesting. I think I like the one with the green hair better.

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