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    In the beauty world. I'm really into Project Panning,Project Use it Ups and Contouring. I like trying new things and branching out of my comfort zones.


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    Hello there. I'm Alyssa, I'm currently nineteen years old. I am a semi-cat lady. I have three cats of my own. I love makeup but it's also a problem so I'm currently in the middle of a project pan. I'm also going to be going to Cosmetology school in the Spring!
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    I'm a film fanatic,television shows are included. I love reading and finding new books to put myself into their world. Makeup lover (duh!) I also am slowly getting into D.I.Y's and I love learning new things.
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    I'm a cashier at the moment. It's a hard job at times,I deal with all different kinds of people but some make it worth it!
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    Too Faced Cat Eyes and Natural at Night Palettes.
    Lorac pro 2 palette
    I'll update this later.
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    My blog~http://simpledesiresoflife.blogspot.com/
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    United States
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    A Nightmare on Elm Street,The Lost Valentine,A Walk to Remember,IT
  • Favorite Music
    Taylor Swift,Eminem,Nicki Minaj, Drake,Ed Sheeran,Demi Lovato and many more.
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Maybelline is probably my favorite drugstore brand. I love Urban Decay,Lorac,Mac is good,Sleek is a great one as well as Covergirl.
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    I have 4 tattoos and my next will be the start of my horror movie leg sleeve.
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  1. My goal since this is my first full year focusing on reselling as I work my normal job is to make 400$ each month. As well as stick with my budget each month. Also, I want to focus more on experiences this year and using up my older skincare items and hair care.
  2. I don't know if this is allowed but I loved the people you listed and checked them out. Made me want to participate for 2019 doing the use up 1000$ challenge as well as make 1,000$ extra for 2019. I figure that would be idea because I do resell things within the past year and would like to use up some products and make money! so, if allowed would love to make a post for that closer to the time. I also, want to get a credit card again next year. I used to have 3 but when I was 18 I did okay until the following year and used up all my cards and went into collections. However, last year when I was 22 I paid it all off. Now have good credit but because of my issues, no place will give me a credit card. I finally am using one of the sites like QVC but called Montgomery and that helps by making payments on time or ahead and my credit scores slowly going up I am planning for January to apply for a new credit card since I'll have a credit history with this account.
  3. I was able to get 2 lipsticks the day it was online.
  4. Has there been any news on the official date the MAC Selena collections coming out next month. I feel like there should have been more promo and a release date but I haven't seen or heard anything new.
  5. I'm so excited about this. I've been since it was announced about this collection. I'm glad it doesn't come out until October because I'll have money saved to the side for this collection. I know the day it comes out I will have to be ready to go. LOL
  6. I feel a bit better now, I have at least 30-50 right now. This past year I've really gotten into lip balm bought so many plus after christmas sales had sets for 1-3 dollars a piece! It's bad lol
  7. How many does everyone have out of curiosity?
  8. I'm buying this haven't bought a palette right away in awhile. This one would be my second Too Faced palette. I love the colors too.
  9. I got into the jingle voxbox so excited as I haven't gotten a traditional voxbox in 2 years now.
  10. sadly I did not. I did get two surveys one I didn't qualify. Can't figure out why I try all different beauty products. Another I did and opted in so hopefully I hear back. I almost never get anything from influenster anymore. Years ago I got the full boxes with different stuff my first thing I got in a year or two was the curel box that was out a month or two ago.
  11. Has anyone gotten an email about the primer yet? I did the survey and haven't heard back sucks. Did anyone get it?
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