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  1. My box arrived in Omaha (where I live) three days ago. Over the last three days it took a three hour detour to the west to a town called Grand Island for an unknown reason. Allegedly it has decided to return home to Omaha today and is out for delivery. I sent BB CS an email asking why it would have left Onaha only to return three days later and her response didn't even acknowledge my question. She just said sorry you're having trouble tracking you box, here's your tracking link. I love BB CS and normally they are so helpful, but sometimes it bugs me when it doesn't even feel like they read the email. Normally I'm really patient but I bought my mom one of the watches as a gift and have been getting impatient. (Rant over).
  2. Since there isn't a swap thread for LE boxes, figured I would ask here in case anyone was wanting to trade the bag and eye shadow from the Fun in the Sun box. I got the striped bag (and head hoping for the elephants) and the dark chocolate eye shadow (and was hoping for the light color). Let me know
  3. I know this isn't technically May box items, but did anyone get the fun in the sun box and get the elephant bag and want to trade for the striped bag? Or get the lighter eye shadow and want to trade for the darker shadow? I was disappointed when it arrived today to discover that I didn't get either of the options i wanted. Let me know!
  4. I was one of the people who got "scolded" in December for using the email from the previous month. Originally they said they would send the sample separately and then when they did more "investigating" - seriously they used that word, they discovered I had used an old email link and wouldn't honor my choice. I was bummed at the time because I really wanted the rose gold eye liner but interestingly enough I just received that exact liner in a sample pack so it only took four extra months but I finally got my rose gold liner
  5. The way I understand it is that the samples they showed were just a few of the ones that she was selecting to go out this month. There isn't truly "one" cupcakes and cashmere box because she's curating all of the items that everyone is getting. So there's no guarantee that you're going to get the four items she showed, it's just like when they do other sneak peak videos. At least that's how I interpret it, anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong
  6. Just FYI, in case I'm the only one who didn't originally read the fine print. It's only 70 extra points, not 100. I was planning on using that code yesterday but changed my mind when I realized the 100 points comes from the 30 points you would automatically get from a $30 order.
  7. I scrolled to the bottom of the email to read the fine print and sure enough it says that you will get 70 extra points with your order. Looks like I'll be leaving this order in my cart for now. ETA: just used takeoff10 for $10 off my "$55" purchase (really $45 plus the sample pack). With the $20 in points brought it down to $15
  8. Has anyone used the 100forme code? I was about to today and then discovered that it's not actually 100 extra points, its 70 extra points. Trying to decide if I want to email birchbox and point out that the wording definitely makes it sound like you get 100 extra points or if I should just use a different code. Decisions decisions. I have a $45 order in my cart right now and $20 in points begging to be spent
  9. This might be a stupid question, but I can't seem to figure out where the skip box option is. Is that another thing that you have to call them for? Thanks!
  10. Looks like I should have just tested it first. Just tweeted out the link and instantly received the ten points. Now I'm only 32 points from 400 on an account I was planning on canceling this month. Or do I get one more month to get above 400? Decisions, decisions...
  11. Has anyone noticed that it looks like you no longer get points for sharing your box on Facebook or Twitter? The links are still there but it doesn't say anything about getting points, so I'm assuming that was a short-lived perk?
  12. If they're going to call it different samples of its a different scent then you should definitely at least still get to review it and get points. I would email them because I know if it was me that would really annoy me.
  13. Every time I've used the cheat it has been the exact products I ultimately have received in my box. So if that's the case, I'm receiving the following: WEI Manuka bee venom mask Cynthia Rowley Beauty brightening illuminator Fekkai pre soleil hair mist Temple spa peace be still calming face and body balm Jane iredale just kissed lip and cheek stain (pys) I'm curious about these products since I've never tried any of them so as long as it stays the same I think this will be a pretty good month. My other account is getting the NY box.
  14. I have two accounts, one is ace, and both shared and so far I have only received the email on my non-aces account. But honestly don't carr because I got my NY box I do think it's a bit strange that the ace account wouldn't get precedence.
  15. A watched pot never boils and a watched email account never delivers a sample choice email.
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