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  1. Nope. I think the window I have it in filters out UV light so maybe that has something to do with it? I'm going to put it on the patio once it's a little more consistently warm here and see if that helps.
  2. Mine came yesterday - way better than the over a month it took last time! I will use everything but the necklace and am in love with the herb garden (my older son is going to help me plant them and remind me to water them) and the bath bombs. I also really like that the "fit" item is something I will actually use instead of saying I'll use it. . . and then feeling guilty that I'm not using it often.
  3. beastiegirl

    Julep March 2016

    My box arrived yesterday - so fast! I picked up both of the holo-jellies and am a little obsessed with them. I'm wearing Yiyi (the pinky purple one) and can't stop looking at my nails. It really gorgeous although did take a solid 3-4 coats to get to the depth of colour I wanted. . . which is, I know, about standard for a jelly. . . but before that, I didn't find the purple tone to be coming through much. The holos really come through the layers of jelly though so there's a lot of depth. Haven't tried the other one yet. I also picked up another "It's Balm" in a lighter shade. Although I didn't originally like them much, working in a school in the winter has changed my tune!
  4. I would be excited if the boxes were labelled "light", "medium" and "dark" instead of "light/medium" and "medium/dark". . . if they send me anything that would also be appropriate for a medium-toned person, it will be too dark. Period. And I wonder about the range of colour for, you know, people of colour? Or are they all supposed to fit into the same "dark" category? Maybe it will be more of a cc cream? Fingers crossed!
  5. Unfortunately they don't have a "casper" option for skin tone. . . lol. I picked "inspire" for my necklace but I'm not really excited about it. And only one choice for VIPs this month?
  6. I have to say, I wasn't excited at all about Meghan (even though it's my namesake) and although the colour isn't terribly unique, the formula is rockin' - it could be a one-coater Rosie, on the other hand, is a little more finicky but soooo beautiful.
  7. I picked up a decorative vase for our mantel. From a Canadian seller so less shipping
  8. So what are we all picking? I was going to skip. . . but then a polish with my name came up this month! Spelled correctly! So, of course, I picked up Meghan! I also went with Rosie because it looks gorgeous and another eyeshadow duo - I loved the one I got last month - so soft and pigmented
  9. Update: They're sending me the earbuds - hopefully in the colour selection I had picked! No dice on replacing the body creme or Dermalogica set as they are sealed. That's fine. I had to ask, right?
  10. So my box arrived on Christmas Eve. It was pretty banged up and someone had written "mis-shipped to Pakistan" on it in Sharpie. Not kidding. Somehow a box destined to travel from the US to Canada made its way to Pakistan! At some point on that journey, it had also been opened and resealed with packing tape (so not likely that it was Customs since they usually put a sticker on it indicating that they opened it) and my ear buds are MIA. Not happy. I have an email in to FFF Customer Service with pics so I'm hoping they make it right - not really their fault but still. . . I'm hoping they'll send the ear buds and also requested new body creme and a new Dermalogica set (they appear to be sealed but I'm pretty skeeved out by the whole thing to be honest - I'll probably wash the mitts before I wear them). Not expecting a response until next week with the holiday and all but, well, this was the complete opposite of my Fall experience! I couldn't say enough good things in the Fall and this box was already less exciting and now it's exciting for all the wrong reasons.
  11. I was going to skip. . . really. . . but then when I logged in, my box (Bombshell) had both Shay and Joss in it. It was like a sign! I did swap out the It's Balm (they're not my fave - I'd prefer their lipstick or lip mousse) for a "Feels Like Velvet" eyeshadow duo in "Dark and Stormy". I purged a lot of my old makeup (like. . . too old, really) and have been missing my greys!
  12. Just wow. I assume you've sent off an email / phone call at this point? Do let us know how that goes. If they can't fulfill the order you placed, they need to make it right! BP resent my order and it arrived here quickly (in time for Christmas gifting). . . and they still gave me a $15 credit for future use to make up for the inconvenience. That's what should happen here at the least. As for me. . . still waiting Anyone in Canada actually receive a box at this point?
  13. Wow! I just got my first order from Bisou Beauty Bar and I am super impressed! The pricing isn't the cheapest but it is in Canadian funds (which means a lot with our dollar at the moment) and they offer free shipping on orders over $65. They have lots of sales too. But the most impressive thing is what came in the box besides my order: a handwritten note with a 10% coupon code for my next purchase and the most free samples I have ever received! Check it out: Seriously! 10/10 will shop again!
  14. I didn't have any add-ons, received notice of shipping (label created) on December 1 and. . . nothing since then Come on!! FWIW I received an email from Bespoke Post last week that a bunch of their boxes had gone missing somehow with their Canadian carrier and that they'd be reshipping mine - I'm really hoping that didn't happen here. Although a plus to BP's customer service that I didn't have to wait around and contact them I suppose.
  15. Wow. I got my shipping notice a few days ago. And according to the link, it's still in pre-shipping mode

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