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  1. I can't see the photos but I know how she feels. I also have alot of trouble with self esteem.
  2. Thank you everyone for your replies. They have helped me tons and I have read them all although haven't had a chance to reply due to college work. But I already am making alot of progress. As far as the curls go, my hair is naturally wavy and I just recently bought a new straightener and am learning to make curls with it. I don't think I will even have to use hairspray unless for really long days because my curls held up for a good 5+ hours. Plus I wouldn't mind pulling them up if the curls fall. I'm really happy for this because I have pet birds that perch on my shoulder all day and I really didnt want the being exposed to extra chemicals from my hair. As far as the makeup goes, the reason I am always wearing nude lips is because my eye makeup is so heavy. I feel like if I used brighter colors on my lips, with that eye makeup I would look overdone. I experimented with a more natural eye look and red lips for a halloween look however and loved the result and felt so pretty in red lips haha. So I will definitely be working on more natural eyes so it gives me more room to enjoy different lip colors. Only problem is I'm gonna need some practice with eyeshadow because I have never used it before oops. I just use my elf cream eyeliner in black (which I am in love with, its just 3$!!!) and add a bit eyeshadow on the lower lid for color. I have been experimenting with a thiner eyeliner on the top lid and less on the bottom and love it. Also gave my brows a softer makeover the other day and loving that too. Lastly I do want to get some highlights in. I love the platinum blonde idea but I think I'll stick to highlits first and see how I like it. Ever since I was 5 I wished I had platinum blonde hair so I can definitely see that comming up.
  3. Well thank you for the nice words. I agree with you, it is not really an everyday look. I actually have really low self esteem so the hair in the face always made me feel more "covered up". You inspired me to start a new post since this got a little out of subject. http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/topic/138316-makeover-help-me-out-d/ Would love to hear from everyone.
  4. Hello, well as you can tell from the title I have been thinking of a makeover for quite some time now. I have been meaning to change styles quite a bit as I feel my current makeup isn't really an everyday look and feel like I have grown out of that stage when you just start using makeup that you pack on the layers haha. I had never thought to make a post here asking you guys for ideas and suggestions until it came up on another topic I posted. So here it is! Here is my current look (the one photo which is different from the rest is a look I made with less makeup on just so you guys have an idea how that would look, haha): http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/gallery/album/54181-me/ So far I have been thinking to go for a hairstyle like this: Because I am obsessed with everything Victoria's Secret (their hair and makeup is just ). Of course this isn't set to stone and I would love to hear what hair/makeup you guys think would best complement my features. You can suggest anything from cutting hair short to dying them and makeup as crazy as you want I would love to hear your opinions Cheers.
  5. I agree I do wear quite a bit of makeup and although I like it I plan on cutting it down. I have matured since I started applying my makeup this way but feel like my makeup hasn't matured haha. Do you guys like it or think I should change it? Some people love it in real life, some despise it haha. Since were on the topic, what do you guys think?
  6. Wow this is really different from the comments I get in person haha. Everyone thinks I'm 17ish and even when I sign papers they ask for my parents signature. I am really only 22. It is interesting how different you guys' view was from those I know in person.
  7. I am 22. I don't worry about it, it's just interesting how everyone thinks I still go to high school lol. Everyone tells me in person that they thought I was 17 before they got to know me. Even when I have to sign papers they ask for my moms signature until I show them my ID haha. Complete opposite of what I got here though, everyone thought I was 25+, even 30!
  8. StrawberryGloss


    Ha. This picture IS a model. She is Barbara Palvin and one of my fave models. It's not me that's why it's in the "Makeup Looks I Adore" Album. I did put a picture of me by accident in this album that I can't seem to remove lol. But it is a makeup look I want to try as I have matured a bit and now find the way I do my makeup a bit too heavy.
  9. Here is more pictures of me in different angles and different lighting all taken within the last year. http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/gallery/album/54181-me/
  10. Everyone usually gets my age wrong so I wanted to know what you all think. http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/uploads/gallery/album_54181/med_gallery_117778_54181_324970.jpg
  11. Yay for all us seasonal makeup people! I'm glad you two share a similar opinion. Summer and spring makes the brighter colors beautiful in my opinion and then fall and winter its all about the deep colors.
  12. Hello everyone, I've always applied my makeup differently depending on the season. For example, in the warmer months I go more natural whereas in the colder months my (eye) makeup is a lot darker and edgy. Kinda like the two pictures I attached. Is this weird to do? Does it make me seem bipolar? lol Anyone else do this?
  13. Anyone know any good but not too expensive cruelty free refills? I want to make my own palette for my everyday look, (i find it useles to buy a palette and only use 1 or 2 shades in it before I need to buy the new one). I'd be looking for blush, highlight, powder, contour as well as eyeshadow refills. Any ideas? o.o

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