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  1. Just a general comment on liquid bronzers - they are actually really useful as a one-shot eye shade. I can't use bronzers for their intended purpose (oompa loompa effect), but they are great to take on vacation for just a touch of eye color without the risk of an eye shadow palette being destroyed in a suitcase. I've been using the Bare Minerals one from last month this way since I just can't with summer heat + makeup. It's great!
  2. I got mine today. I received the normal/dry box, which does correspond to my current profile settings. When I signed up, I recall picking the "normal" option as I have had a lot of bad experiences with Birchbox when I used "oily" as a profile setting. I do wonder if they will start utilizing shades/skin tones using this model. I'd be thrilled to actually get, well, anything usable for my extremely light skin tone. This is my third play box, and I'm still very happy with the subscription. All of the samples are good sizes, the brands are quality, and the three boxes I've had did not feel like they were full of filler items. I never had a run of three good months in a row with Birchbox (over 36 women's boxes and 12 men's boxes). Even the items I'm not 100% enthralled with are actually decent stuff.
  3. I was considering holding my points until Black Friday, but I went ahead and cashed them all out. For their sake, I hope they don't fold; however, the risk of losing those points or being forced to buy the scraps of a close-out type situation didn't sit well with me. I got a few things that I rarely find discounted anywhere, and that's that for me. I was also concerned that they may devalue the points. They've already shown that they are willing to make sweeping changes with a significant financial impact to the consumer. I don't feel that they can be trusted to be upfront right now.
  4. I had five boxes left. It's worth a shot if you want to try.
  5. I contacted them about a refund on my last few annual subscription boxes since they won't benefit from the points program that was in place when I bought the sub (essentially a "loss" to me of at least $20). They gave me a full pro-rated refund. FYI if anyone else with an annual wants out now. It's already taken effect on my account, and the refund is already showing up.
  6. I've opted out of auto-renew for my annual. I have a handful of boxes left. I feel like this is a bit of a bait-and-switch for annual subscribers, since that purchase was made with the understanding that the points system was a part of the program. Oh, well, this is just one more issue in a long list of problems I've had with their service over the past year...including some truly atrocious CS. I was very happy to get into Sephora Play, which I'll stick with for now. Between Play, the random Target/Amazon boxes and Memebox, I'm set.
  7. I totally agree with your comment. I've had Birchbox for nearly three years. I can count on one hand the number of boxes that had the same diversity and quality of products compared to Sephora Play. In addition, Birchbox is typically five samples, which often includes a tiny perfume vial as one of those five. Sephora Play is always six samples, with the perfume considered a bonus. The larger samples that I've received in my Birchboxes are typically dry shampoo, shampoo/conditioner or black eyeliners. All of these are things I like, but they are also the cause for a LOT of complaints on MSA. The "frequent repeat" brands from Sephora Play are broadly a higher quality than the "frequent repeat" brands from Birchbox. I think this is a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. That, and people seem to love to complain. The value for Sephora Play is great. It's a $10 box, so expecting the type of items you get in a $20 box is very confusing to me.
  8. Mine is almost completely empty. I still have some of the mango spf from last year, and it is completely full. I remember that the cucumber one was also full. Both the cucumber and the mango tubes are also significantly bigger as well.
  9. Yessss. I'm very hopeful about this subscription. If they maintain the quality level and product variety, I'll stick with them. I know I may be in the minority on this, but I love the tiny lip product samples as I lose interest in colors and finishes very quickly.
  10. My hair is slightly darker than yours, and when I use a light brow product, I feel like Lady Gaga (in a bad way). I agree with your sentiments about the color options from Benefit; they both work well depending on the overall makeup look.
  11. I have a Men's box loading on my Women's subscription page. Hmm.
  12. I am assuming that the Coola will still allow for points since it is a new scent. If that's the case, I'll just go with the Coola. I'm not enamored with the idea of the SPF oil, have no interest in another gommage product, and do not self tan. I'm a great match for Missha's #13 bb to give some context to my paleness. Self tanners make me look like a carrot cosplayer. I received all of the Coola samples during last year's sunscreen palooza. My sunscreens of choice tend to be AB, so these minis just go in my "arbitrary outdoor activity pile" that I use for my arms and legs on trail runs, etc.
  13. I did as well, but on my other email. Interesting.
  14. OMG! I was able to sign up too! I'm going to give it several months for sure. Thank you, @@pearldrop!
  15. I hate perfume, and this really resonated with me. It's also hilarious.
  16. Birchbox English Laundry Notting Hill Trestique Mini Shadow Crayon in Aspen Pine Benefit High Beam Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate x 3 Laqa and Co Cheeky Lip Crayon in Cray Cray Knot and Bow Party Confetti Bag Tocca Emelia Naobay Oxygenating Moisturizer Bee Kind Shampoo Bee Kind Conditioner Real Chemistry 3 Minute Peel Roloxin Lift Facial Treatment V76 Well Groomed Ultralight Cream River Studios Virtual Reality Viewer Harvey Prince Bailando English Laundry Riviera Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris Parlor Touchable Curl Cream x 2 Temple Spa Shampoo Temple Spa Conditioner Other Boxes Tony and Guy Sea Salt Texturizing Spray Skin79 Pomegranate Girl Sheet Mask (full size) Garnier Ultra Life Eye Cream (full size) Kenneth Cole Signature for Men Eau de Toilette (full size) Leaders Brightening Recovery Coconut Gel Mask (full size) x 3 IPKN Wrinkle Care Snail-8 Sheet Mask (full size) IPKN Goat Milk Mask (full size) Benton Honest Cleansing Foam The Face Shop The Therapy Tonic Skinfood Glacier Water Gel Mask (full size) Holika Holika Juicy Aloe Sheet Mask (full size) Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Water-Full Sheet Mask (full size) Holika Holika Juicy Blueberry Sheet Mask (full size) Leaders Lifting Recovery Coconut Gel Mask (full size) x2 Cosrx Planner + Stickers Looking For Dry Shampoo Select K-Beauty Japanese Sunscreens RawSpiceBar
  17. On that note, we just got a Men's MSP with a shop order. It contained the Parlor curl cream and V76 Hydrating Shampoo.
  18. Yah, agreed. They stopped doing points for sharing and they stopped giving points for the month-to-month sub. There are fewer discount codes as well. For me, I'm just really tired of dealing with impressively rude CS reps any time I have to email them.
  19. I feel like I may be done with BB after my annual sub ends. The sample size and the CS issues are pretty big problems for me, personally.
  20. I just got a tracking number yesterday evening, and it is also non-existent.
  21. Haha, true. Sometimes I think it is an algorithm that weighs likelihood of cancelling versus matching your profile. So a newer profile would be more likely to walk away if the first few boxes are too random; an older profile is lower risk of loss, so they just send whatever.
  22. Getting: Trestique Color and Smudge Eyeshadow crayon (not a product type that I use, curious if it will be the full size or a small sample) Juara Radiance Enzyme Scrub (got this in a guest editor box a while back, found it average) Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Fresh Cut (have not been enthralled with any Living Proof products, but I'll try this) Amika Dry Shampoo (PYS, going in the gym bag) Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum (umm...ok, I will try it) I'm feeling very meh about the box. It is fine. I'm very happy there is no perfume, since that is always useless for me. I'm in my 3rd year of subscription on this account (2012ish, then two in a row), and I wonder if I'm just at that point where Birchbox can't send me things that have anything to do with my profile. I've been trying to use more samples instead of just swapping them, but I could honestly swap four items in this box and not even care. At least the points are nice every month.
  23. I shared the box today to check, and I did not receive any points. I emailed, and the fairly stock reply was that they discontinued the 10 points for shares on social media program.
  24. Reminds me of a survey they* sent a few months ago. I don't remember the particulars, but some of the questions implied they were considering a Popsugar style of box - lifestyle boxes that include beauty + other items. *Birchbox

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