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  1. Oh man, life intervenes for a few months and it all kicks off...


    Thank you to both moderators on here. I would never have known about the in-fighting if it hadn't been mentioned which is a credit to the work you have put in.


    Memebox...oh Memebox. I feel like this is a case study to how not to run a business. I don't think there's a way to come back. By the time that they re-introduce shipping to the UK I bet there will be something in its place people would have moved on to. Nature abhors a vacuum and all that.

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  2. Lol hence why they will be there when my grandchildren want a memebox


    Worse, it'll be like the Memebox equivalent of the Atari video game burial.  They'll leave them for so long it'll become myth and legend and then be unearthed 30 years later and sell on ebay for thousands.


    I think the idea was there, I just think they really misjudged what people wanted.  

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  3. I'm thinking a 1000% rise in sales is a little ambitious for most companies.  It can't just be a finger fudge moment, someone would have stopped it before it got that far.

    Maybe they thought CPM2 was going to be their great leap forward and it just went catastrophically wrong?

  4. Maybe they're saving new boxes until the new year? It's a bit too late to do a Christmas box when it probably won't ship until afterwards?



    On a sidenote, I'm loving standard shipping being super quick between Korea and France (all of my orders seem to go on the same Air France flight to CDG) and practically crawls at snail pace between Paris and the UK. Move faster, damn you...

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  5. I'm thinking they accidentally sent them to some people, which is why they recently sent e-mails out to people who bought WTF on Black Friday and said it was "backordered."

    I'm not sure what to do in a situation like this, but any other company on the planet would basically deem this an error in our favor. The customer shouldn't be responsible for something like this, considering they made the mistake.

    Now you've said that, that does make sense but if pretty much all of it is in stock in the memeshop it does seem a bit cheeky to refund and cancel without warning. Why couldn't they have emailed explaining the error and delaying ours while they picked and packed from consignment stock?

  6. Yea, it's so weird. I bought it the same day the restocks happened, and it were 'in stock' quite a few days after I bought it.. And it didn't cancel cause out of stock, but because Gwen canceled it when she said she didnt!!!

    I did think it was in stock for an unusually long time considering how popular it seemed to be. Tinkerbell and all about brows were too

  7. I like the Apple Mojito (even with the Appletox which I think will start haunting my dreams if another one turns up). Quite surprised the Mizon Mojito Punch Pore Toner from Step by Step wasn't in there. Would have thought that would be a no-brainer. And the lip balm I think I got in café box? (Or at least one from the same range)


    Petit Treasures though, that's put a spanner in the works - that's meant to be my sister's Christmas present!

  8. Good news - I got my Apple Mojito and Petit Treasures tracking through this morning! It's on the slow shipping though, but oh well.


    Bad news - still no W&C tracking. Any longer I'll have aged like fine wine.


    Very bad news - They cancelled and refunded my WTF box I got on Black Friday as it has been 'back ordered' If it wasn't in stock Memebox, don't let people buy it!


    Check your emails people, Memebox might have screwed up Black Friday too...

  9. I've got some Palmers Cocoa Butter on my desk I'm trying to get through at work so I bring that in to add to my little Korean work survival kit (the Hiaromax vitamin stick and the Prori lavender mist being the main 2 things to stop me from going insane drying out like a parchment under the air con

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  10. There's definitely an emotional pull with the boxes which skews it.  If they were a subscription type service like BB5 or what have you I think people would just be more willing to chalk it up to 'a dodgy month'.  You choose your box, spend months waiting for them to despatch and then weeks to ship and you do want to feel your money and time is firstly not wasted, and secondly valued by the company.  It's an investment, and you do want it to be a good one.  

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  11. I was thinking 'I'm sure snails don't produce venom'...  


    I would like an anti-redness box, which I reckon must have been suggested before but I'm running with it.  I'm pale as milk most of the time but I have really bad flushing on my cheeks and it's really embarrassing.  So green tinted concealers, anti-redness skin care.  


    Alternatively, I would love a jewel - themed box.  Ruby, emerald, sapphires and so on.  

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