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  1. @Mahsa Look at it this way - Every box I've received I've got within 10 days, or 3 days for express. The only issue I had before Wine & Cheese-gate was solved promptly and courteously with a very gracious apology their side I've recommended them to other people I've got only a couple of duplicates (and only one of those CPM2) and both of those I gave to my sister as I like the products and thought she would too In fact, I've even bought a box as her Christmas present, because for some reason 4 turned up at once and we just sat there and opened box after box like we were 6 year olds with a sugar rush on the strength of what I'd received from them I've liked or at least not actively hated anything in any of the boxes (apart from the item I've mentioned in spoilers). No breakouts, nothing Now though, I wouldn't be recommending them and I wouldn't be so quick to hand over my money after recent experiences. Or so trusting. That's the problem - if customers, particularly early adopters feel under-valued, it damages their image long term. Their customer base is finite, and it's going to shrink if bad things keep happening and other people hear about the bad things. They can't alienate customers and expect others to appear. That's foolish and frankly, short-sighted.
  2. The blue one looks like the nicest one of the bunch
  3. If you look at the CN22 labels on the padded envelopes, every one I can find states it's cosmetics and the goods value is $16 so it would fall under the thresholds in the UK. Can't imagine it's much different for any other postal service
  4. @@Leinith I really like the dewy skin look but I can never get it to work on me - it's either Edward Cullen levels of sparkle or bust.
  5. The expiry date on mine says 2.7.16, so I'm guessing it was made February or July of this year? (I have no idea if it's English dates or American) - so it's only a few months old? I don't blame anyone for feeling squeamish if it goes brown faster than bananas do.
  6. At this point I feel I should hush up in case I tempt fate.
  7. I wouldn't be at all surprised at that - or even one of the Black Friday boxes 'accidentally' being CPM2 with a re-printed card. At this point they might as well unbox the leftover CPM2's and put it to shop stock. It's not going to sell, even with a lower price.
  8. I have emailed but I haven't heard anything back yet. But really, if make up isn't going to stand up to travel they just shouldn't send it. If this was the middle of summer I'd be more understanding but it's not. It's been poorly stored and handled. And it does make you wonder if Memebox do much quality checking as every blog post I've read bar one has had an issue with them. Surely someone must have spotted it? It has turned, in hindsight a nice dark nude shade which I might try and colour match before I bin it. And the swatch on my hand did look lovely. Not shocking pink like the BarryM one, but a sweet candy pink. I'm not risking it on my mouth though. Not if I can't be sure what's made it turn - it could be bacterial contamination rather than a temperature problem, for example. Bad idea to be smearing potentially germy stuff over my face.
  9. I just counted, I've got 7 of those too. CPM2 still hasn't sold out even though it's Black Friday weekend, keeps randomly appearing with people and has been lowered in price. That's a pretty damning indictment there. And confirmation this bingo card is going to get a lot of use.
  10. @@Mahsa Amen to that - this last month has put me off so much. I ordered WTF and Foot Care on Black Friday because those 'the ones that got away' (also, I wanted to get rid the Memepoints I'd accumulated from the various issues) but that's it unless something amazing I think it's the final two I'll order. I've got plenty of stuff to work through anyway, my drawer is nearly full!
  11. It doesn't smell bad or anything, and I swatched it on my hand and it does turn the pop pink fine. All the same, it's not going on my face. I'm guessing a duff batch perhaps, or that it was stored badly or something. It is in date, expiry isn't until March 2016 I think...rather gross though, definitely. I cut the top off the bullet with a sterile knife and you can see a little hint of green on the inside but it's clearly damaged all the way through (sorry about the dodgy camera phone picture, I was trying to rush and failed) I've got a BarryM green to pink lippy (not TMLP, the newer one, Genie?) and it is still as electric green as the day I bought it. So it can be done, just clearly not that well by Shara Shara!
  12. Gah, I'm so annoyed - my OMG4 box turned up and the Shara Shara lipstick has turned brown in the tube. It's in date but it's most definitely turned. I know they're cheap lipsticks but really guys? Really?
  13. I'm really hoping Green Food, Pumpkin Pie and Empress Secrets are good otherwise they'll be my last. I've for the most part really enjoyed what I've had on the whole and before Wine & Cheese-gate I've only one issue with Memebox (leaking pot from the Miracle Masks box, I think it was?). They've got big very quick but haven't caught up with themselves. I wouldn't mind a free mask or two, bit cheap as it may be. If they daft enough to send out half with a $2 item and half with a $10 item it'll inflame the situation further.
  14. I got something similar - so I'm guessing they'll be ransacking in the warehouse until they find 300 of something...
  15. As cute as the Tony Moly Appletox jars are I really don't need a third one...
  16. @@biancardi - in hindsight, I probably should have just ordered the cheese cream rather than fall under the Memebox haze and buy the box on a whim. Ah well, lesson learnt.
  17. I'm still waiting on the Wine and Cheese box, but I've had an email today confirming the Innisfree peeling gel won't be in mine. They've offered a choice of either - a) box despatched without the Innisfree and 12 Memepoints. full refund It also says despatch will now be the 1st of December. As no one else is screaming, I'm guessing some people got intact boxes? The email does suggest a supply problem so maybe I just happened to be the unlucky ones who were due to be boxed/despatch last. Actually a little disappointed, as this is the box I've been looking forward to the most and it just seems to have gone terribly wrong from the start.

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