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  1. I use a balm type product which is i guess similar to the coconut oil. It develops into an oil. I love it for when I'm not rushing out the door or rushing to bed. It's a Moringa type balm to liquid/oil product. There are lots of alternatives to it ,but I really like it. Emma Hardie has a version as do Boots and even Eve Lom. Thought I'm almost sure eve lom uses lanolin and eucalyptus rather than moringa! I don't find it causes breakouts for me. I have heard reports of it causing break outs for others, these people have more oily than dry skin though, is that a factor for you? I mean do you suffer from oily skin? I use it in my morning care routine sometimes so it's not essentially a make up prep ,but it kind of is as i'm prepping my skin for makeup ,i do use a primer as my main prep a silicone based one ..not sure if i'm replying properly like understanding entirely, but are u using your coconut oil as your primer?
  2. Heya! Before buying def see if you can get a sample of this ,maybe two samples. They tend to send out samples via their website lil sachets that give u one to two gos depending on how much you need. I too was given the opportunity to give this ago prior to it's launch over here in Ireland ,however unfortunately for me this product didn't work. My skin had a massive reaction and ended up being overly overly sensitive for up to a month. I was so sickened and very annoyed at vichey themselves told me they brought this brand out with the intention of targeting women who suffer from sensitive to near severe sensitive skin, but not to banish everyone, it was going to be a product for all but it leaned more towards those of us who suffer with sensitive skin. They told me it was alcohol free etc ,when I had the product and my face examined by my derma I was informed it had a high level of alcohol more so than the avg I was so upset. I did inform vichy and told them they need to change the wording on their packaging over here before releasing the product otherwise theyll end up with many lawsuits. I've never had many issues with vichy products in the past, I actually raved about them but this one just didn't cut it. They did change the packaging and the wording prior to the release in Ireland not much but just in a way that they cant be sued if anyone else has a reaction like me. I honestly think you should opt for a sample size either via their website ,your local chemist/pharmacy or some drugstore that will offer it. Don't splurge til youre sure it's for you, don't waste your money!
  3. Oh damn I just realised this 2006 ,how did this end up being a popular thread in the main section? Anyhow if you still use this forum, or if anyone else is suffering the same issue. You need to do an extraction facial ,it will help get rid of all that gunk from your face. You could do this yourself with some boiling water (steam) a towel and a blackhead/white head extractor ,buy them online from amazon, ebay etc or in stores like sally beauty or salon services (or even sephora). Once you've steamed your face for 5-10mins your pores will be open and start gently on your areas with the extractor and glide it along. You'll notice very quickly how much gunk is removes ,don't forget never go over the same area twice before cleaning the tool. basically clean the tool every time you catch some débris from your face. finish it by closing the pores with your toner. It's said the best time to do this is when youre having your pamper day ,or you know youre doing a mask - do it after your mask. Depending on how many black heads you suffer from , depends on how often you should do it. At least once a week is good ,I wouldn't necessarily exceed that. Always be gentle when using the tool ,you don't want to damage your skin in the process. It's a both disgusting yet fascinating 'task'!
  4. It looks like a skin reaction. Is there a certain product you use here that since using you've noticed these bumps? Are they just under the skin and not coming through , or do you find one or two rises to the surface and then fills with puss? If it's the latter I suggest upping your skincare regime and taking on not only an exfoliator specified for your skin type but also a scrub version like a deep pore version ,double exfoliate if you're not seeing any difference ,I would then make an app to visit your derma and see if it's a health issue.
  5. I know it can be genetic ,if so i'm sorry there is little you can do but def invest in a full coverage concealer it'll be your best mate on crappy days. If it's underlining health issues ,perhaps you need to speak to a derma or your local gp they can help with that? In terms of lessening the under eye circles the lotions and potions out there are a many. I've been told time and time again that avocado creamy eye treatment from kiehls is meant to be excellent, i have yet to try this. I've used an eye brightening cream from boots' no7 that worked for a while ,it def helped to brighten the area and lessen the circles. I've also tried balance me's wonder eye cream ,whilst it helped it brighten the area it didn't help in the circling s lessening and I actually ended up with the lovely white bumps underneath my skin (silly me didnt notice this whilst i kept using it for a few months gah! allergies!) At the moment I'm using a night eye cream from Oriflame ,a brand much like Avon but much better. It's a swedish cosmetics/skincare company ,i'm sure you can order online via a sales person in your area (I'm not sure where youre from?). Theyre skincare lines are amazing i've been using their products since I was a tot and continued to. You could google them and see if you can get their products , if not i'd suggest a trip to a dermatologist as they def know best and could help you better than any of us (unless the ladies here are derma s ?). I know exactly how you feel about the dark circles , they make me self conscious , sometimes they end up looking like i'm a junkie I cannot wait to get my hands on that kiehls cream ,really hoping it's as great as people say it is.
  6. I personally love the nude pro-genius oil. I've never had any issues with it thus far. I've only been using it for 7.5 months but already a firm favourite. Before using this though I was never one to jump on the oil train, i didn't see the benefits being as good as my moisturiser. Now I'll switch out my moisturiser now for this oil. Full size bottle is in my opinion pricey but so far it's a winner. I am by no means an expert on facial oils but I recommend this one. Oh i've got sensitive combo (more on the dry side than oily) skin. Hope this helps
  7. I started using the epilator at 13 (i unfortunately suffer from a condition that produces more hair growth than the avg person - i wont get into it but i'm well used to it now in my later 20s!!) I haven't used it entirely through out my life but on and off. The brand I continually go back to and buy from is Braun. A very popular brand ,as I'm sure you're aware. I know this much it hurts like a witch the first time and a few times after that and sometime on the crimson wave!! but you do eventually get used to it. It's def a cheaper alternative to waxing, if I can't afford to get waxed that month or whenever I'll whip out that bad boy and away I go. My legs end up smooth just like i've been waxed and I do follow up the following day with a lotion to I guess close the pores and leaves it less stubbly ,i dont suffer from the stubble as much as some ladies do but I guess to give myself a post epilator lotion thingy, the same you'd use with a post wax lotion. Some people just cannot stand the pain and it doesn't matter how much or how little hair growth they have. I'd say give it a few more tries and if it's not working and you're still wincing just give up. I know I tell myself 'no pain, no gain', but it's not worth it if your eyes are crying out for you to stop!! What brand/version are you using? It could be as simple as the blades are just too harsh for you. If you're really wanting to get into it, I'd advise you stay away from the cheaper brands and invest in one, because the cheaper ones are more likely to cause you problems and in the long run with the higher end prices you'll get more bang for your buck. I will never not epilate now! These days my waxing habits are purely down to my laziness for not wanting to waste time epilating hahah that's really it! Oh and I forgot to mention your knees and your calves will always be the sorest points, but just use some lotion the following day or use aloe vera a few minutes after and you should be grand. If you have any other questions , feel free to ask edit: I read the other posts ,I've never actually heard of emoji for epilating. Is that brand exclusive to one country? I must check them out. I will say this though , please don't epilate after you've had a shower it will hurt more! Give a day after the shower and go for it ,but that day I don't know anyone i've spoken to keeps complaining how painful it is. I've not bothered after the shower as I don't treat epilating the same way as shaving. It's the only tip I can give you.
  8. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Intensive Facial Daily Moisturiser sunscreen pa+++ I swear by and cannot recommend it enough. I've been using it for a few years now ,I use it all year round, but find it works best in winter. It's for all skin types, as far as i'm aware it's not under the traditional 'anti-aging' brands but seeing as it has an spf (of 15) in it i would think it still falls under it. At the moment I'm really looking for an alternative as all of my back ups of this are nearly gone, i'm onto my last bottle and money isn't as easy to cash out on this as it was (it's €40 a bottle - sometimes i'll find it for €37 at the least!). I know it says intensive but it isn't really. it's rather thin ,i much prefer thin moisturisers. I've got sensitive and combo skin, with the combo in only coming in the last 2-3 years before that my skin was very very sensitive and i found this moisturiser to work the best ,out of all the others i've tried. I think we can recommend creams ,but it will come down to your skin type. However as I said above this cream is marketed for all skin types ,and I've had mates with oily skin and dry skin and even combo come back and tell me it's worked for them. What cream do you currently use?
  9. IA with this. I've used concealers that were far too dark for me (gifted to me) as a crease colour on the lid for a smokey look. I gave up on using it after a month ,and ended up passing it onto a mate who moved to a hotter climate, her skin changed in colour so it came in use. You could try it for contouring purposes ,i've not tried that but have heard of other ladies doing this. I'd love to see the set you got ,so if u can post a link and/or picture, please do
  10. I've used my concealer and blemish powder the quickest ,not sure how I think because on days when I can't be bothered to do a full face ,and if i've issues to conceal or that i'll use the above to tackle that. I've just gotten through a browny shade first ever eyeshadow to finish up and that was purely 'cause I used it the most. Did this the eyeshadow in around 7-8months, the concealer/blemish powder was in around 6 months. I am nowhere near finishing my foundation or other products. I always wonder if mineral products have a shelf life? Like I know most say powders don't have issues for years,but is it considered the same with minerals? I've not had any reactions yet, to the ones I own that are over a year old,but I am worried. Anyone know?
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