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  1. January empties! Biore strips - I know they're bad for me. I know that they're "sebaceous filaments," not blackheads. And yet I still use these things occasionally. Repurchase? To my shame. Kiehl's Superbly Smoothing Argan Conditioner - I like the scent and effect but I go through it awful quick. Repurchase? Probably. Sweet Almond Oil - It took me years to get through this. I think I prefer maracuja oil. Repurchase? No. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths - Gentle and effective and great, just great. Repurchase? Always. Sensodyne fresh mint toothpaste - Weird taste but pretty effective. Repurchase? Possibly. Virgin Atlantic toothpaste - I've had this for a while. It was exactly one tooth brushing worth. Why do I hang onto these things Protopic - Prescription thing for face things. Repurchase - Yes Dr Dennis Gross Clinical Concentrate Booster - This tiny bottle was only 1/4 full and the dropper didn't work to actually get the concentrate out. Purchase? No. Hanyul White Crysanthemum sunscreen (x2) - These have a lovely smell but it leaves me a little too shiny. I'm using it on my body instead. Repurchase? Maybe. Living Proof no frizz conditioner - Love this, it's a pity its so pricey. Repurchase? Already have. Marge's Miracle Blend massage oil - A blend of black pepper, helichrysum and lavender essential oils in st johns wort oil for pain relief. I liked this but it took years to use up because it's not often you can commit to being oily for a few hours. Repurchase? Maybe. Alterna Caviar Repair retexturizing protein cream - Really enhanced my waves! Unfortunately I dont know what to do with my waves. Repurchase? No. Urban Decay Anti-Aging primer - Did everything it was supposed to. I have at least one more of these somewhere. Purchase? Maybe once I run out. Aquafresh multi-action + whitening toothpaste - Did you know you're not supposed to use whitening toothpastes everyday? Nor did I, until my dentist told me it could wear away my enamel. Repurchase? No. Skin79 Purple Super BB Cream - The best skintone match so far of the Skin79 BB creams. I have another sample foil left. Purchase? Maybe. Skin79 VIP Gold Collection Super BB Cream - A little too dewy for me. Purchase? No. Bumble and Bumble Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner - I don't think this is intense enough for my wild hair. Purchase? No. Jurlique Purely Bright Radiance Serum - Smells like roses and parsnips. I liked the scent and that it wasnt greasy, but alcohol was a bit high on the ingredient list. Purchase? Maybe. Cat's Paw - hi! Tony Moly Floria Brightening Peeling Gel - THE CLUMPS THESE PRODUCTS CREATE ON YOUR FACE ARE NOT SKIN. They are ingredients in the gel reacting with the oil on your face. I repeat, THE CLUMPS ARE NOT SKIN. Purchase? Maybe. Lioele Intensive Time Reversing Snail Cream - I love me some snail cream, but I think I'll stick with Mizon. Purchase? Probably not. Skinfood Black Pomegranate Emulsion - I think this was the skin tightening one. If so, I have a bottle stashed somewhere for after I use up my current emulsion and I'll pass judgement then. Purchase? TBD. Hanyul White Crystanthemum Sunscreen - again. Avaha Dead Sea Osmoter Serum - Pilled. Smelled gross. Purchase? No. Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight - Pilled. Did nothing. Purchase? No. AC Clinic Intense Mask Sheet - Nice enough, toned down some of my oil. Repurchase? Maybe. Tatcha Luminous mask - A thin hydrogel. I liked this but it wasn't great enough to justify the high price. Also the tingly feeling the packaging bragged about was probably irritation. Repurchase? No. Holika Holika Prime Youth Snail mask - This hydrogel was all crumbly and slid off my face. There wasn't much essence in the package and the eye holes were tiny. Reurchase? No. Etude House Collagen sheet mask - I liked this, but collagen as a surface treatment cannot penetrate your skin to have any effect so it's mostly just marketing buzzwords. Repurchase? Maybe. Skin Note Collagen and Royal Jelly Lifting UP! hydrogel mask - I think hydrogel masks just aren't for me, they generally don't fit very well when compared with sheet masks. Repurchase? Probably not. Etude house collagen moistfull sheet mask - See earlier collagen comment. Repurchase? Maybe. Bio Jelly Coconut Gel mask in Firming - This was OK. Repurchase? Probably not. Darling Snail hydrogel mask - Also ok. Repurchase? Probably not. Holika Holika Premium EGF hydrogel mask - Another that was OK. Repurchase? Probably not. Bio Jelly Coconut Gel mask in Moisture - I've quit buying hydrogel masks, they're usually just "ok" and they cost more than the regular sheet masks I buy. Repurchase? Probably not. Not Pictured: Verso Super Facial Serum - Wow, this stuff is thick. It also burned a little. The 'interesting' foil design meant I had to use it all at once so I have no idea if it did any good. Purchase? No, but I might sample again if I can get multiple days worth. My respect for the owners of this site. Jeesh. Repurchase? They're not making it any more.
  2. the love of money is the root of all evil

    1. Dashery


      Preach it, sister!

  3. For Sulwhasoo, definitely try the Ginseng renewing cream unless you're allergic to ginseng. I also like the Activating Serum and the Goa Ampoule. Whoo items I especially like are the Bichup Soon Hwan and the Qi and Jin essences. I adore the scent of the Whoo Spa Essence Rinse but I'm not sure if it's doing much for my hair. (I'm in an essence phase right now since Ive got most everything else in my routine pinned down.)
  4. I'd say splurge on some Sulwhasoo or History of Whoo samples. I haven't gone wrong with any of their products yet.
  5. Keratosis pilaris - a.k.a. "KP" or "chicken skin" - is a genetic condition. That means if you have KP, you will always have it; you can treat it but as soon as you stop treating it it will come back. For that reason, if you have KP I don't think it was caused by the waxing or anything else you did. It may have made the KP more obvious or irritated it, but you definitely didn't cause it. If you have KP, it was caused right at the moment you came into being! You say the bumps appeared 2 weeks after your waxing? That fits with my understanding of KP. KP causes your follicles to become "plugged" with keratin which will trap any hair in the follicle. In the case of your arm, that would mean new hair began growing after the waxing, got trapped by the plugs, and got irritated. The best treatment for KP is exfoliation (chemical or physical) to remove the "plugs," and moisturizing to reduce the dry appearance. If you see your dermatologist regularly, ask if they can prescribe a "keratolytic" to reduce or soften the excess keratin that your KP has given you. If you don't see your dermatologist regularly, check out some of the threads here for product recommendations. I would advise against aggressive physical exfoliation because that will make everything redder and angrier. Overall, my suggestions - whether you have KP or not - are to let your skin rest for a couple of days then try gentle exfoliation, moisturizing, and general pampering. I would advise against waxing until you feel sure you know whether or not you've got KP and - if you have it - you have it under control. I have dark arm hair myself so I can empathize with how nice it feels to get it removed, and I'm sorry that you may have to pause that for a while. I am not a dermatologist, so if my post disagrees with anything they have told you, please defer to them.
  6. What's an easy way to know if a foundation or other base is oil-, silicone- or water-based? Are there certain ingredients that are flags for one or the other?
  7. For chronic acne? You should see a dermatologist.
  8. When do you wear your sunglasses? Is it just on the way to/from somewhere you'll be spending a long time - like school or work - or are you constantly wearing them for little periods all through the day? If the former, try not putting makeup on the spots where your sunglasses rest, then touching up those areas once you get to your destination. Hint to anyone who wears glasses full-time: you don't need to apply foundation/makeup to the area where your glasses rest. no-one will see those areas and your glasses will just smoosh the makeup off anyway. Took me forever to work this out.
  9. Yup! Innisfree has a range of "EXTREME POWER MILITARY MASK" - 4 or 5 different varieties all in camo packaging.
  10. Please don't be so easily discouraged. The pH is valuable information.
  11. I gave one of those to an internet secret santa as the joke part of his gift, and he paid more attention to that than he did the other (expensive) bits. I should order him a pack of 10 ding-dong masks with anonymous shipping.
  12. You can get maracuja (passion fruit) oil from other sellers, e.g. https://www.fromnaturewithlove.com/soap/product.asp?product_id=OILMARACUJAEXPBR243
  13. December 2014 empties! Gilchrist and Soames body lotion. Tacky feel, weird scent. Purchase: No SK-II Signs eye mask. I like the sheet mask ecosystem but this was not spectacular enough to justify the price. Repurchase: No Irish Spring. A shower staple for my husband. Repurchase: Yes. Eslor firming day cream. Liked the way this made my skin feel. No SPF and didn't play well with my sunscreen. Very pricey. Repurchase: No Skin Inc anti-aging serum. Contained hyaluronate and collagen, but I've acquired better serums since. The bottle's ben repurposed. Repurchase: No L'Oreal brow pencil. Dried out. I much prefer brow powder. Repurchase: No Topricin. A homeopathic handwavey flim-flam woo-woo cream for muscle pain. Any effect this had was placebo. Purchase: No. Phyto Phytobaume Hydration conditioner. Good, but not good enough for the price differential between it and my usual conditioner. Repurchase: Probably not. Aqua Universalis. Did not like the smell of this. Purchase: No. The Body Shop Ginger scalp care shampoo. The smell of this evokes happy memories. I wish they'd reformulate it so it can be sold in CA. Repurchase: yes even if it's illegal. Ayres body butter. Liked the scent, a little similar to Lush's Jungle. I'm overstocked on butters and lotions. Purchase: Maybe later. Mizon Snail Recovery Gel cream. I have 5 or 6 tubes of this in my stash. Repurchase: Yes. Philip B pH Restorative detangling mist. Detangled all right but I'm not a fan of the apple cider vinegar scent. Worked quite well on "I've been sick in bed for 48 hours" hair knots. Purchase: Possibly. Lush The Strokes hair moisturizer. I had been hoarding it ever since Lush discontinued it. For, um... ... 8 years or so. Dove clinical protection antiperspirant. Works best if you apply it before bed. Good at what it does but it's time for a change. Repurchase: In a while. Living Proof Restore shampoo. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I didn't notice a difference. Purchase: No. Neutrogena Triple Moisture conditioner. My go-to conditioner, I have at least 3 tubes in storage. Repurchase: Always. Not pictured: 3-4 sheet masks and some foil samples.
  14. The best tactic is probably to remain ignorant of the sales and deals, but that would mean avoiding places like MUT. :/
  15. I fall afoul of that one often myself. For me, it's the feeling that I've found a super awesome deal and I can't let it get away. Samples, gifts with purchase, % off. It's really hard to resist that, and I end up buying things I don't need just so I can get a GWP or a % off. In the end, even with the % off or the GWP, I have spent money I don't need to spend, buying things I don't need - and in some cases end up not even liking after the thrill of the chase wears off. I keep reminding myself that there will always be another sale. If i miss this one, well, I can catch the next one. This doesn't always help.

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