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  1. Female Fashion shoot model wanted for online and print summer campaign .. We are young fashion brand that sells online and in store .. We are looking for the face of summer 2015 ... we are shooting on 23rd or in Manchester – Some studio and Some out doors .. You must have fashion photographic experience .. This shoot will be mainly fashion garments .. We are looking for someone aged between 25 and 30, medium height with a size 8 frame,, average bust .. Payment details: £125 per day (10am/6pm) Applications to this casting call require: A phone number A profile photo
  2. Maintaining eyelash extensions isn’t very difficult. Just remember the extensions are there and try not to rub your eyes or pull on your eyelashes. Even though they won’t last as long, you can use approved mascara on lash extensions. Talk to the stylist who applied your lashes for tips on which ones. Also, when washing your face or applying face cream, be sure to use cream that does not contain oil. Oil will separate the glue and they will fall out. Professional extensions will shed if you don’t get them touched up in time and there is risk of having to pay big bucks to get them completely redone. With cheaper extensions, you can do touch-ups on your own time with ease, though they may fall out sooner than professionally-done extensions. Keeping up on mascara may sound easy, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. If you want to go the lazy route, you can simply buy the mascara and use it for years and years until the tube is practically empty. In the process, you’ll probably lose that fresh, doe-eyed look and many eyelashes. But if you want to really maintain the mascara, you need to take care of the mascara. On average, you should switch out your mascara once every three months. This keeps the mascara fresh. You’ll also want to clean your brush every week. You can either wipe it with a tissue or clean it with soap and water. It also helps to curl your eyelashes before an application to help open up your eyes. It makes the mascara look that much better. If you don’t keep up on these tasks, eyelashes can become brittle, clumped and caked and will fall out, thinning out the natural lashes. Harming the health of your eyelashes just doesn’t happen with extensions, especially when they are professionally-done. If you are itching for the perfect set of professional lashes, there are a couple salons you should narrow your sights on. Lash Perfect Nouveau Unfortunately, high-end also comes with high prices. But the reward is oh-so-stimulating. In the end, it all comes down to the fact that eyelash extensions trump mascara in style, wear, lash health and overall satisfaction. They put a sparkle in your flutter and a new sense of confidence in your step.
  3. Why Eyelash Extensions Are In, and Mascara Is Out Raccoon eyes. Damaged, brittle lashes. The same results despite different brands and applicators. There are so many reasons why mascara is on its way out and lash extensions are finding their way onto many more eyelids. Firstly, what are eyelash extensions? There are three different styles of lash extensions: silk, mink and synthetic. Synthetic is the cheapest you will be able to find. You can get lashes in different sizes depending on preference or the size of your eye, ranging from 6mm to 17mm. Extensions are typically done at a salon by a professional because every lash is applied one at a time with special glue. The lashes take about two hours to apply and then you can keep them if you get them touched up every three to four weeks. Cheaper lashes, like the ones you can find at the local drug store, can be applied by the wearer and usually don’t last as long. But on a tight budget, it gets you pretty close to the desired result. Now most importantly, let’s talk numbers. Depending on the quality that is expected of the mascara and the function, prices can range anywhere from £0.99 to £20 on average. And don’t even get us started on the £9 million H. Couture Beauty Mascara. Needless to say, if you don’t want your eyelashes to fall out, you’re spending a good amount of money on something that can destroy your lashes and doesn’t stay good for very long. On the other hand, lash extensions weave a different story. The average price of a full set of professional eyelash extensions can cost anywhere from £99 to £199. The touch-up process thereafter can be about £30 to £43 GBP. And this is all dependent on what type of style you are trying to achieve. The price is steep, but the outcome may be more rewarding. But with the cheaper eyelash extensions you find at the drug store, prices can be as low as £2.65. Watch out for Part 2: Maintaining eyelash extensions
  4. When the short skirts and bright colors of the 60s hit the scene, the glamorous makeup of the previous decade just didn’t cut it anymore. For the youth around town, their makeup needed to be as fun, free-spirited and expressive as their Carnaby Street ensemble. Chucking the red lipstick and feminine rouge of their mums and aunties out the window, they made way on the dressing table for a bold and youthful look that would really catch eyes. What are the views of others on it?
  5. It is a great pleasure joining such a nice forum. Fashion Rider is a leading network of fashion designers, photographers, make-up artists and music professionals. However big or small, Fashion Rider has the contacts in the creative industries to bring your project to life. We know how hard it can be. We know how great it can be. We know how we can help you to make it happen. So, here we would like to read others valuable tips on make-up and share ours. Thanks,
  6. Brush away the summer dust and get ready to apply the hottest trends of the coming season. By day, flutter along in soft and girly pastel hues for a wind kissed touch. Then by night, drop the act and embrace the twilight with a bold and fearless finish. Then there’s the fabulous splash of retro that can be teemed with any ensemble any time of day, every day of the week.

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