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  1. Hope I can help with either pathway either skin absorption or bloodstream absorption, I will post news on either if it helps.
  2. @ Im basically just trying to absorb these oils for the therapeutic effects like how peppermint oil can provide headache relief. I know some transdermal methods only provide local relief like some cannabis oil patches but also they have some patches that go into your bloodstream bypassing the stomach and liver for more absorbed product. For example a nicotine patch is absorbed into your bloodstream to provide nicotine without smoking. Im sure theres a way to provide maximum topical absorption into your bloodstream which is what I'm working on and mostly concerned with right now. Finding out more about this will help for if youd like the oil to stay in your skin for more skin care purposes or to help absorb into the bloodstream for effects, im sure there are carrier oils more fitted for one of the two methods.
  3. @ clinical studies have been conducted to prove the absorption of essential oils into the body via the skin. The essential oil of lavender was diluted in peanut oil and massaged over the stomach. After 20 minutes linalol and linyl acetate were detected in the blood.
  4. Or would a deeper penetrating oil be more effective for essential oil absorption than a fast absorbing oil? Also where is the best place to rub this in to get to the brain and ensure maximal absorption? Hands, wrists, forhead, etc.? Also some new stuff ice read is that ph of water at 6.5 is optimal for absorption, yet ive heard oils themselves dont have ph? I have a ph tester and will test out the oils, maybe they would have a ph because of compounds in the oils like how vegetable glycerin has a ph of 7.
  5. Since ive joined ive been reading more on carrier oils and i see the viscosity of mct oil is low but its pure saturated fat which according to some info would be a slow absorbing oil compared to polyunsaturated fat based oils which absorb very fast. Examples of polyunsaturated fatty oils would be castor oil, flaxseed oil and grapeseed oil. Ive read castor oil absorbs very quickly but its supposedly a viscous oil , so would grapeseed being less viscous be a better choice to enhance essential oil absorption at full speed?
  6. do you mean the MCT oil? Are you using fractionated coconut oil for lower viscosity to help absorption or are there other benefits that help more besides the viscosity?
  7. Which carrier oils are best to enhance essential oil absorption?

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