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  1. pH refers to how acidic or basic a substance is ( 0 - 14, 7 is neutral, 0 being most acidic, 14 being most basic). Oils are generally neutral or slightly basic. The pH of pure water will always be 7, as the pH scale is made in reference to pure H2O. Water is a natural solvent, thus the pH of water changes depending on what other substances are dissolved in it. Different skin types also has different pH values. Dry skins tend to be more acidic (4.5- 5.0) while oily skins more basic (5.6 - 6.6). Makes sense if you think about it. While I'm not entirely sure about the relation between pH and absorption rate, a rule of thumb is that all substances will try to achieve equilibrium. So absorption rate is not only a matter of pH, but also include other factors making it a very complex matter.
  2. @@andre (In response to post #6) I do not think any oil that you apply onto the skin can reach the brain. To reiterate what I stated above, the oils that are absorbed into the skin remain in the epidermal and dermal layers. They rarely go into the bloodstream and will not be metabolized. The best places to apply oil are places that most require it -- dry places, this is why i recommend lotions and essences, because they also contribute to dermal hydration.
  3. @@andre I'm impressed with the depth of research you've gone into. (In response to post #5) However, there are a few things we should clear up. First of all, excessive amounts of oil absorption into the skin may not necessarily be a good thing. Even if they are absorbed, they will not be broken down metabolically as the only way to achieve that is to have it go through your digestive system. Now, your are right about grapeseed (910-922 kg/m3) being less dense than castor oil (961 kg/m3), and therefore probably has a faster absorption rate. Do you have really dry skin? If not, you should not be using too much oils. If you are thinking about hydration and anti aging, I recommend lotions and serum/essence.
  4. @@iPretty949 Hey, I tried the link and I don't see the instructions.
  5. @@aurak what sort of information are you interested in. There are products out there that claim to help fight against aging. But this also depends very much on your lifestyle. Exercise, healthy diet, and good sleeping habits also contribute to delaying the aging process.
  6. I would agree with candes on sun protection + time. To add to that, hydration is the key to healthy and brighter looking skin. Make sure that you remain well hydrated at all times. I recommend you use products that contain Aloe Vera extract, Hylauronic Acid, or Sclerotium Rolfsii as they are all very good hydration agents.
  7. As a professional beauty advisor, this is the routine I recommend my clients practice: Day time: Cleanser – Toner- Lotions - Eye Regions - Essence /Serum- Emulsion/Gel - Cream - Cover Up - UV Protection - BB Cream - Foundation Night time: Make Up Remover - Cleanser - Wash - Essence/Serum - Emulsion - Cream
  8. The key here is hydration. In general, I do not think oils are better than lotion for dry skin, but there are exceptions. For instance rosehip seed oil has a very high absorption rate, however I am unsure as to how well it hydrates the skin. Thus, from a hydration stand point, I recommend lotions.
  9. Good question andre, but it really depends on your skin type and the type of carrier oil you decide to use. For oily skins I recommend Grapeseed solvent extraction, for combination skin try cold pressed Apricot Kernel. For dry skin maybe try Jojoba cold pressed. The higher the viscosity, the less likely for it to be absorbed by our skin.
  10. I would agree with ychungelle on Korean products being good, to add to that though, most asian products (Korean, Japanese, Chinese) are pretty good. I am a professional beauty advisor working in Canada, and we come across many good asian products all the time.
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