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  1. Sounds like what you are looking for are indie cosmetics and mineral foundation (which there is also a whole forum section for). Reputable indie companies keep their ingredients very open and honest. I can't give you much personal insight into indie mineral foundations, but I'm sure one of our incredibly knowledgeable other members will be able to help you out. I use Larenim for my mineral makeup, and if and when I ever run out I will be trying indies first thing. I didn't like Bare Minerals, but that is just me.
  2. Hmm...I'll be moving into a much smaller space late this summer. I had no idea capsule wardrobes existed but I'll seriously consider making seasonal ones later this year. Currently I am still participating in a personal experiment where I am working out the value of my clothes/shoes/accessories via cost per wear.
  3. I have thrown out two ancient lip glosses, and one balm which I have been keeping in my pencil case and trying to use for over a year. It smells like very intense smarties and its not very moisturizing and I just hate it. I also recently threw out my Studio Beauty Sponge because it was just not applying makeup as well as it used to.
  4. - Larenim Foundation - Embroylisse Sample (will it never end?) - Maybelline 24 hour color tattoo gold and brown (I have used these to make a base to which I only need to add one shadow to. Thus I can use another shadow, preferably indie, to create a different look so that I don't get bored) - Model Co Cheek and Lip Stain- it's beautiful but ever since I learned to apply my cream to powder lotus blush I just never use it. - Urban Decay Sample- I've made a really good dent, but haven't finished it yet. - BH Cosmetics concealer and correcting palette- these are terrible quality but they did open my eyes to the world of concealer and I like the light red corrector. I make them work by putting another concealer over top - Great Lash Clear mascara
  5. I used up my Pacifica Coconut Cleansing Wipes, my Fekkai hair mask sample, and a thing of body glitter ETA: Almost forgot my Veet Hair Removal Cream!
  6. Well, I think I was doing pretty good on my goals. I'll list out the ones I remember. I have some semblance of an excuse this week, my whole family has been very sick so I ended up taking my little sister cookie selling for a good portion of my Saturday. 1) Do Laundry- I didn't technically fold it all, but it has been washed, dried, and I have folded some of it 2) Use the nail biting deterrent- ah yes, this is absolutely awful and I am horrifyingly aware of how often my fingers touch my mouth, even when I'm not biting my nails. (DONE) 3) Pick out jewelry and perfume to go with at least three of my outfits- DONE 4) Tidy my room 5) Make significant progress on at least two of my art projects- I've made some progress on this but not quite as much as I would like to. 6) Pick out my outfits for the week- DONE I need to make updates in certain threads (empties, what hit the trash can, and Monday Club), and I am currently being seriously tempted by perfumes. Indies have ruined my life. I never wanted perfumes because they always smelled terrible, and now I just want all the delicious smells. Plus, I can't tell myself that I have a lot of similar products already because I don't have any dupes or similar scents.
  7. @@eastofthesun So I tried the Nyx Butter Glosses and I hate lip gloss too, if you hate the sticky feeling then you probably won't like it, they are gorgeous and smell and feel very decadent, but they are nonetheless a lip gloss. What I can say that I have discovered that makes my lips look really glossy without feeling sticky is those new Luxe Lip Treatments from Julep, but of course those are no where near the same price and not intended to be pigmented (and they have the weird cooling tip which I am kind of dreading since it is winter, but I'm excited to use it this summer) Or, if you are a-okay with not lip gloss shine, the Nyx Xtreme Shine Lip Creams are a little bit better
  8. Also Organic Skin Shop on Etsy, I have only tried their teeth whitening mask and it is black in the tub and the most terrifying thing ever when you first use it but I really like it, it doesn't taste bad at all (this coming from a girl who hates 99% of veggies), and my mouth genuinely feels cleaner than when I use toothpaste.
  9. If I perchance decided I want to smell like cake what perfumes would you recommend? Also, any really good fruit scented perfumes?
  10. Well, back to the usual grind tomorrow . I picked out all my outfits and chose perfume samples and jewelry to go with them. My room is surprisingly clean, I tried to paint my nails twice (I am spectacularly bad at it), and came up with three different looks to create with the same three eyeshadows for this week. Today was a good day, though I discovered that there will be an X-files collection coming out soon which is very bad for my not-buying intentions.
  11. Today has probably been the best day for me all week no-buy wise. I attempted to paint my nails again, tidied my room some, and even did some craft work! I wasn't tempted to buy anything at all, and I got to plan out my new look for the Monday Club.
  12. 1. Larenim Mineral Foundation 2. Embroillyse sample- I've decided I won't stop using it until it is finished off 3. Liar UD Lipstick sample- ditto 4. Larenim Porcelain Glow- I swear I have never ever used this, my mother passed it down to me and I just never touched it so it's going to be my highlight this week 5. Larenim Ethereal- There is so little of it that I transferred it to a clamshell and I'm just trying to finish it off so I can reuse the jar. 6. Gold shade from Revealed 2 Sampler- I never ever reach for this little quad, but one shade is shattered so I don't feel comfortable trading it 7. Stay Don't Stray Sample- it needs to be gone, I already have the full size. 8. Maybelline Clear Mascara- lately my eyebrows have been struggling and I need to put conscious effort into taming them. It's getting a little old for my lashes anyway, but I want to use up some more of it before I toss it. 9. Tarte Breathless Blush- I have 6 tarte blushes now and I have barely touched any of them. 10. Pacifica eyeliner- it's getting pretty stubby now so I'm hoping using it consistently will help me get it gone and help me get better with eyeliner 11. Yaby Concealer Sample- If I finish it off I've decided to let myself repurchase the full size for my travel palette when my no-buy is over
  13. Anybody tried out Brown Sugar Shop? They mostly do sugaring paste, but I ended up getting a mask from them in a subscription box.
  14. It sounds like warmer colors work for you better than cool ones, this might be due to your skin tone and not just your eye color. Things with hints of green in them (anything with a green duochrome type of effect, or teal which is a green/blue color) might work for you, and I would try out things with grey and orange in them as well and see how you like those on your eyes. For me, what eyeshadow colors I like is really a lot of trial and error because you have to work with your eye color and your skin tone. Sometimes I like a color but only as a certain part of a look. I would get some gentle eye makeup remover and a cheap palette with a billion colors in it (eyes lips face does good ones, and if you can find crown brush on hautelook it gets cheap) and just try out ALL the colors.
  15. Doing good today, no purchases in 17 days. I've got to learn to stay away from the indie threads though. They will be my downfall. The only goal I've not done well with is using the hand products everyday, so that goal is going to have to carry on into the next segment.

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