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    I'm a full-time project management assistant by day and a beauty and nail designer by night. I've danced since I was 2 years old and have lived in four countries. I am from South Africa but currently live in the Netherlands. I have a South African and British passport and can speak four languages. I am a true believer that everyone is beautiful, and that makeup is only an enhancement of the beauty you already hold, not a replacement or creator of beauty that does not exist. Creativity is a gift, and I think everyone is capable of being creative in one way or another. In my world, being who you are, your true self, is the most beautiful and creative thing that you can achieve.
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    Project Management Assistant and Legal Assistant
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    South Africa
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    Acoustic, Singer Songwriter
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    Maybelline, Rimmel, Catrice Cosmetics, Nyx Cosmetics, M.A.C Cosmetics, No.7, Coastal Scents, Urban Decay
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  1. Hey There I agree with MakeupbyOmar who posted above in regards to using multiple products when you could just use one. The problem is, some foundations don't have a lot of coverage, and if you want to keep it a light application of makeup, then some "colour correcting" can be very useful! I use green colour correctors quite a lot to help tone some really funky colours on my skin. Mostly under the eyes (with an orangy-toned cocnealer) and around my nose and mouth for the redness (green concealer). if you want to use it on your cheeks, then I suggest a thinner consistency of green colour correcting concealer (such as Catrice cosmetics colour correcting concealer pallete, or Nyx Cosmetics colour correcting concealer palette). These two are my favourites. Because you want to cover a larger area (your cheeks), I would suggest staying away from thicker concealers. Especially if you have larger pores on your cheeks, thicker concealers can tend to look cakey. Apply a THIN layer - this being the most important tip I can give you, because it will do the colour correcting without it being a very thick layer. Avoid the packing on of product when the colour can do all the work for you. Then just layer your foundation over the top and blend well. It will definitely make a difference. However, like Makeupbyomar said - if you are going to use a foundation that has high coverage, then you don't need to use a colour corrector. I hope this helps you out a little - if you have any questions, just let me know! Good luck! xx
  2. Personally I would buy a cheaper eye-liner (not really for 80 bucks). But if 80 bucks is what you want to spend, then I suggest buying something like a Make-Up Eyeshadow Palette. Urban Decay Cosmetics sells some great ones around that price range and they even come with eyeliners! Good luck!
  3. Stunning use of the colours, and the shimmer!! Congratulations on your birthday, and also: love the smoothness of your skintone with that foundation! What do you use? x
  4. I love the colours you used on in this look! They really compliment your skin tone! Thank you for sharing
  5. I completely understand where you are coming from! I work a full-time job, so I don't have the tim to create weekly videos/posts. I rely on my boyfriends camera equipment which means it's only available when he's not using it. And in terms of products - I live in the netherlands, so I can't review drugstore brands from the States - instead I review and use drugstore brands from here. My "audience" is very small, but there is one non-the-less. I just love talking about my expeirence, and making my own looks and designs from it. it's the reason I fell in love with makeup in the first place, and blogging just allows me to go that extra step further. If you enjoy what you do, and if you have the makeup you like to work with, then there is no reason you should stop! Unless you don't like doing it anymore. I am so glad this helped you, and if you share with me your link to your blog, I'll go check it out (if it's not disabled!). If you'd like, we can always do some kind of collab together sometime I think it would be awesome!! Much love and success to you, and I really hope you continue to share your love of makeup and beauty, and your love of blogging of course , with the world (no matter how big or how small it may be!).. xxxxoxoxoxoxo
  6. Hi! I understand your worries, but I can tell you now that there are HUNDREDS of girls/boys/women/men out there that are "late bloomers" to makeup and beauty. The fact you were willing to start the blog in the first place shows you want to share some tips you found very helpful in your own experience (Whatever that experience may be). So don't be too discouraged by it; if giving tips on your experience is what you love to do, then you have every right to do it! There will be people out there thinking "man, thanks so much for sharing that with me! I didn't know that!" Then there is the other side of it - you might learn something yourself. Someone might see your work and say "Hey, I tried that once, but due to (for example) my super oily skin, I couldn't use that mask you mentioned. I used this one instead *insert name here*" . You can then share from this experience "This face mask is amazing, but I've heard that it doesn't really work on those with super oily skin, but I have had recommendations for *insert product here*". This is equally amazing information to be sharing. You learn as you go along, and in turn you share what you learnt on your blog for others to learn from you. That's really all blogging is! If this is what you enjoy, then you can take that as your primary motivation and keep doing what you love! I hope this helps you? xox
  7. Laura makes a very good point! When it's your own work, you can lean more towards a critical view of your work. It's the only way you can improve your work right? Critisize it, find the weak spots, and fix them. From my experience of editing videos - the more I work on them, the more I find the things that's wrong with them. The problem is, you start looking for the faults. Then it's no fun anymore... So ask Laura put so smoothly; "please carry on, write what you love"!!
  8. Hi There! I think the thing you need to focus on, and my first and only question for now is: What did you love about blogging - why did you start it in the first place? xx
  9. I used to use a Canon 5D Mark II with a 85mm lens, but now I use the Canon 70D with Sigma 18-35mm F1.8.
  10. It depends on the brushes really: I try to clean my face-brushes at least once a week. I would prefer twice-3 times a week, but I don't always have time for this. The more I clean my face brushes the less break-outs I have. For eyeshadow brushes, I clean once every two weeks - I have A LOT of brushes, so it's such a chore to wash them all at the same time
  11. Welcome to the blogging world! And welcome to Makeuptalk! How's the blogging going so far? Good start to your blog, I liked it so I'll be able to follow you now What made you start blogging? What do you enjoy most? Much love to you and good luck with your blogging! Take care Keegs x
  12. Hiii Laura! Thanks for sending the link! Your blog looks really lovely!! How long have you been blogging? What has been the best/worst thing about blogging? What do you enjoy most? And what has been the hardest thing you've come across for blogging? Have a good day and stay well! Loves, Keegs x P.S. My links are follows: http://sweetfacecreation.weebly.com/ https://twitter.com/SweetFaceCreate http://instagram.com/sweetfacecreation/ https://www.facebook.com/SweetFaceCreation https://www.pinterest.com/sweetfacecreate/ http://www.whatsblog.com/blogger/sweetfacecreation/
  13. Hi There! I have a new Youtube blog. i only just recently started, so I don't have that much to add...but as a beginner I can say to start with what you love! Find a camera and just film yourself doing what you love - giving reviews on your favourite products, putting makeup on showing your favourite looks, giving some tips you've found helpful in your experience with makeup. Don't look for followers - just do what you love! Have fun editing and filming and creating your looks! Think outside of the box, and be creative! Use cool music/background designs. For followers point of view - just start with your friends and family. And if you don't know what you can do for a video, just ask your friends/family/or forums what kind of videos they'd like to see! Good luck and I hope it helps!! :DD xxxx
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